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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Minipost: A warlock mount

Sev and Aza think that the Feldrake makes a really awesome Warlock mount.  I'm not sure why that is.  Is it the greenish tinge - it's not really that obvious to me?  I guess FEL has warlock all over it.  But here is Sev with his mount, and I do admit it does match his skin tone.  Maybe it is a warlock mount after all.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Midnight Mysteries - Who was accessing Sev's account after midnight?

Sev said his goodnights after PvP just before midnight, and I went off to do challenge modes.  At about 1-130am, his account logged on and off.  A few times. Aza was on, and I said that it was a bit odd because Sev doesn't usually get back online after he gets offline.  It was very suspicious - like hacker activity.

"I thought Sev went to bed already," I said to Aza.
"He did," said Aza.  "Maybe you should call him..."
"But it's 1am, I can't, his brother will kill me," I replied.

Instead, I demoted all of his toons to hibernating.  His account logged in again and I whispered him.

To my surprise a message popped up, saying a GM would like to speak to me. My first thought was "Wow, they want to notify the guild leader of suspicious activity on an account in their guild?  That's new!"

It turned out that the GM was accessing Sev's account to give him an achievement/title that he was missing. Of course, I knew exactly which one it was.

And so, the mystery of Sev's account was solved.  And now we all have our Vanquisher titles!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happiness is a warm felpuppy - a tribute to Bheetom

Amijade is telling me that the current Warlock pets will have newer, improved versions in Mists of Pandaria!  Normally I avoid beta posts like the plague, but I was dying of curiosity!

The new upgraded Felpuppy is called an Observer.  It's a giant Willy!  Ok ok, I admit, I was dying to say that.

Big Willy does all the things that Felpuppy does, but with some slight improvements
  • Clone Magic = Devour magic : except that eating the magic heals and gives Fel Energy in Big Willy
  • Tonguelashing = Shadowbite : so now your pet will lick the enemy instead of biting them.  What is with this oral fixation in these pets??
  • Optical blast = Spell lock: Big Willy's silence also makes him shoot LASERS!  I am loving the thought of pink lasers from the lock pet

So Bheetom, the enslaved Fel hunter of my good friend Sevros, is to be no more, come Mists of Pandaria.  He has been a good puppy.  His name, an inspiration to us in arena (Beat'em), could not have been better chosen, and he has been such a loyal minion, harrassing those priests and druids in arenas, silencing them every now and then when they were being annoying and casting spells.  He was always happy to be summoned, he is always eager to sup on gnomes and night elves, wagging his little backside.

Yes there have been times when I've neglected you, Bheetom, and I have been berated very loudly on Vent for that ("Nav, PET!") but you're such an active little thing, you're so busy chasing those enemies around poles and boxes that I can hardly keep up with you!

I won't miss you dying constantly to boss AoE.  That really seemed to be a Cataclysm thing.  I swear that never used to happen in WotLK or BC.

I hope you enjoy your remaining days in Demon-land.  I hope you think back to those days when your master dragged you out of your home to serve us, and of all the fun you had chasing those nasty stinking Alliance.  May the fel be with you always!

So, the next important thing is...

What will Big Willy's name be?  Only time will tell :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worst Warlock outfits - Sev in Karazhan

I was lying in bed last night, thinking about my levelling costume when I remembered I'd mentioned trying to dress Sev in druid cloth.  And then I remembered Sev in Karazhan.  In fact, he'll probably be very grouchy at me for even mentioning it.

The Curator was one of the bosses in Karazhan - the big robot librarian.  He would shoot arcane bolts (I think they were called Hateful bolts) at an "offtank" who was high on the agro list.  We had Sev in that role.  And as part of his "tank set" he had to wear the Arcanoweave Robe.  It's a pretty robe, but not on a male orc warlock.  We used to laugh, because we couldn't help it and he would make sadfaces because of his look and because it did also gimp his DPS a bit.

Sev might think he was lucky because I don't have any screenshots of him in those days - however I do have a Karazhan video (the low res version can be seen here on Youtube, and on the Frostwolves Gallery page) and in the time frame 1:15 to 1:29 you can see him standing to the left of the screen shooting shadowbolts.

In fact, I think it may have been during the time when there was a bug that made warlock shoulders REALLY small.  I can't even make out what he was wearing.  Maybe I'll ring him tonight and ask him what he was wearing back then.  He might even oblige me if he doesn't realise why I am asking.

But I'll have to ask Kamalia to see if she can recognise what he is wearing.

Update: Oooh I asked Sev and he told me what he was using!
Shoulders: Spaulders of Oblivion
Weapon: Terokk's Shadowstaff

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guildie Guest Spot - Sev's secret talent

Oops, better late than never right?  I forgot I DID have a guildie guest spot!!  I love songs and music and poems.  Sev impressed me in raid the other week with this baby (sing to Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer):

Voe the enhance shaman,
had some major dps woes,
and if you ever saw it,
you would even say it blows.

All of the other shaman,
used to laugh and call him names,
they never let poor Voe,
play in any raiding games.

Then one sunny Christmas eve,
Fuefue came to say,
Voe with your chain-heal so bright,
won't you heal my raid tonight?

Then all the raiders loved him,
and they shouted out with glee!
Voe the resto shaman,
You'll go down in history!