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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cheating on my WoW

Well, that's what it feels like.  Lush and Sev really wanted me to play SWTOR so after a few failed attempts at trying to get the damn trial to work, I gave in and just bought the damn thing.  And the only way for Sev and Lush to get me to stop talking about how excited I was for Roshii and Baha was to get me onto SWTOR and occupy my mind with other sights and scenes.

I know this sounds strange, but I had that GUILTY feeling when I was playing.  Like I was cheating on my World of Warcraft with another game - I must be crazy, talking about a game like it's a boyfriend or a relationship.  But it's funny, because I don't feel like that if I play other DIFFERENT games instead of WoW, like Plants vs Zombies, Words with Friends or that silly Draw Something game.  It must be an MMO thing.  Probably because the two games are similar enough for me to compare the differences and the similarities.

SWTOR though it is different and the story and animations are so nice, and the universe familiar through the movies and books, does have a nice feel to it.  But it's not my WoW.  It's not my Navi.  Maybe if I'd named my toon Navimie I might have felt more at home - I was stuck for a name so I named my Chiss agent Valanyr.

And that is the funny thing about my main as well, on World of Warcraft.  I actually don't like spending time on my other toons.  I feel like I'm being unfaithful to Navimie!  If that is not the most bizarre thing ever... because EVERYONE has lots of alts and stuff and play them, why do I have this bizarre feeling of being faithful... to an inanimate object?  OK, well Navimie herself is a character, so you can feel more attached to that avatar of yourself that you play all the time, but to a game?

Anyway, it's only natural I guess as the game winds down.  I read so much about people who have the end of Expac Blues.  I think of it a bit like Sylvanas: the game is weak now, so the pull is weaker, and you can break away from the addictive stranglehold, much like when the Lich King was weakened and Sylvanas managed to break free from his hold, regain her own will, and become the Banshee Queen.  I am not sick of WoW, but when all your friends are not there, then it can be a little hard to get that social interaction which I enjoy so much in the game.  I should say that I actually like the wind-down period, where people cut back on playing.  Means more time for me to do things like achievements, archaeology, fishing - all those things I don't have time for during raid times.  It would be nice to do some old raids too, and get some achievements.