Friday, July 21, 2017

Raiding - Glad we managed to get this far...

I am sad to say that despite my best efforts on Fallen Avatar, what I was hoping to achieve with melee moving as a nice coordinated group not dropping their crap everywhere and keeping uptime on the boss... nup Not happening. People moving too fast, moving too slow, lag etc meant melee kept getting wiped out. So basically back to the old you stand wherever and run backwards.

Same with the arrow things to the sides. That wasn't working either. Still shooting melee. So just stand up the back with it and hope to god you don't shoot anyone if you're ranged, especially not the tank coz he will crack a wobbly being shot.

So after multiple attempts of trying to do it the tidy way, we went back to the old way and we killed it. Everyone is saying I told you so, and they're right. But, it was worth a shot!

Trying to do it with 3 of our main healers out of the pictures is also a bit of a doozy. Kinry had a family tragedy, Ram is busy working and Yeti was probably playing netball. That left me, Cosima as the main heals and Amelior switching over to help as well as Gravy helping too. In fact, on our kill attempt, Vorkrack was healing too! At least he wasn't in melee causing mischief, and hanging out at ranged.

The main big change this week was that I decided to master loot the tier bosses. After people said we were doing normal on Monday because people needed tier, I thought it's time to start sharing it around as we are throwing out a lot of tier with double ups. Consti had a whinge about it, which I listened to but it did not change my mind. Unfortunately I was so caught up with making sure I didn't stuff up loots that I forgot to check how much of an upgrade things were, or whether we were making 2 or 4 pieces. I don't really mind if people are upgrading from normal to heroic but those who had neither were getting upset about it, so I will make sure normal tier is also master looted so I can get some tier to people.

The other major hiccup on Wednesday was with Maiden, with people stepping in the pool on the ground and getting a bomb (that happened to me) and people on the wrong side, people not following the tank... just messy. Lots of wipes. Cosima had to leave to take her son to work, and I said hurry and come back and we might still be here. Sure enough, we were, but with her back, we got it down finally.

Kil'jaeden will take some doing, as it does way more damage than we're used to, and we have to stop clumping up and killing ourselves when he targets someone. I just need to pick up my game!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why I think the Mythic Plus invitational is great

There is a lot of slagging off about this Mythic Dungeon invitational in forums and comments, but personally, I think it's great.

Why? Because this is PvE content being made into some kind of esport, that I can watch and enjoy. Almost all the other esports are PvP. And don't get me wrong, I like to PvP, but I also like to PvE and at least I understand and can appreciate a Mythic Dungeon. And there may be other people who are not arena players who at least know the dungeons so they can watch and know what's going on.

Mythic raid races, like the one I watched at Blizzcon, are ok, but they take a LOT of setting up. Getting 20 people per side set up and then watching 20 different things to see where to comment on... well that's really busy. Arena tournament is good because you only have 6 people to watch trying to kill each other. And now we can watch people doing PvE content and seeing how they do it (and perhaps get some tips!)

The server rankings are now full of people with +22 mythic dungeons on the ladder. I can't even fathom that, considering I struggle on my own stuff sometimes. Those few times where my team has been the top on of the ladder because we torture ourselves with silly keys (like COEN 15 on a tyrannical grievous bolstering week), but now we'll see the real experts coming out, and then we can learn something for our own runs! Kjerstin (THERE I SPELT IT RIGHT FOR ONCE) is always enthsuiastic for M+ so at least I can find someone to drag around to do things with.

This week's affixes are not too bad and I've been playing with Spring Blossoms and double swiftmend to see how that goes with the 4 set T20 tier. I keep casting healing touch out of habit (BAD HABIT!) so I need to break myself out of that since I am no longer using abundance.

Anna and Gal have a guildie who is trying to get into the Mythic plus invitational and I wish him all the best (he's a holy priest). He is up there wiih +22 and +23 dungeons all the time, and I'm thinking OMG wow!

So what do you think? Excited to watch some Mythic dungeon races? I think it would be fun to watch them all at the same time so we can see compare them as time goes on, but is that practical for commentary? I'm not sure. But yes, I'm excited to watch it!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Prestige 14 - Fourteen for the team

I have no idea what that achievement even MEANS. What is it a play on?

No special rewards for this prestige. Apparently that title I picked up at Prestige 13, honour level 13 (the Unrelenting) is supposed to be the Prestige 14 reward. Anyway, I have it already (and I quite like the title) so now it's onto the next one. The BIG one.

2v2 arena have been fun with Sev, but melee teams are still hurting a lot. What I am regretting now is all those stat sticks I threw out from PvP. I'm sure they would have been useful in boomkin!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Achievement - The Wish remover (and my research on it)

It is sheer craziness and only for WoW fishing enthusiasts (as well as achievement hunters) to do this Dalaran wishing fountain fishing again. I had been fishing it intermittently with various lures, but having some time on my hands this afternoon (anaesthetising for a bowel resection which takes a fair bit of time) I sat down and decided I will do some research with this fishing.

In the new version, The Wish remover, there are 56 coins to fish up.

To start with, I was only missing 5 coins. So that was a bit of a headstart. Looking at Marcia Chase's lures, I thought I would use Starfish on a String as the only lure that I would use.

There are 2 other guildies with this achievement - one was Coffee, who told me she used no lures (though she also told me she threw the gold coins back into the fountain but I couldn't seem to do that - I know you could do that in old Dalaran), and the other was Duggra, who got the achievement a week or two ago and after that I was inspired to give it a good go.

So, looking at this list, using just the one lure, I did 385 casts and managed to fish up 55 of the 56 coins. The only coin I didn't manage to fish up was Hemet Nesingwary's Bullet (which I had fished up before). Obviously, I could keep fishing for a lot longer and see how long it would take me to get Hemet's bullet, but once I got my last coin (which was Gallywix's Coin on a String), I finished off the lure and then said I'd had enough. I noted that many people did much more fishing (and if I knew how much I had already done, that would help me better with this research).

The most common coin I had was Boomboom Brullingsworth's coin, but overall, I know I fished up Koda's Sigil a lot because... well, because it reminded me of Koda! I think she's pretty chuffed there is an NPC with her name.

So, if you want to attempt this achievement, I can say that you probably don't need all the lures to try to fish up all the coins. There was an increase in the frequency of coin catching (I don't think I fished up any double coins without a lure) with a lure, so use it so you don't have to fish so much, but I can't see that any particular lure is better than another. Good luck with your fishing!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Raiding - The Avatar has Fallen

This week in raid we were working on Fallen Avatar and when we were up to it, we decided to use Vantus runes on it. The interesting thing is that people were not sure how to do that - and it turned out I figured it out by accident since I was told that you can select the boss you want to use the Vantus rune on. So target the boss, and click your rune. Done.

But some guildies were really funny. I had a few guildies who said they didn't know how to make it work, or that it wasn't working. One guildie gave it back to me and said he wanted another one because it wasn't working - and I laughed my ass off when I told him how to fix that.  Anyway, purple line to the boss for a second and boom, one week of increased versatility against that boss for the week. Yes yes, I know we only had a day or two on him but it couldn't hurt!

We had a lot of deaths to unbound chaos as people ran all over the place and even ran over people. We died lots of times because we weren't doing enough damage to the maiden to get the bubble off and it would explode and wipe the raid. Tanks died because we hadn't given them their own healer. People were shooting those... purple things through the tanks and other people.

As we went on we slowly figured out these things - Ram got to do tank healing and so he got to have fun whilst Koda and I were relegated to the sides to heal our little corners of raid and Kinry got to stand in the middle and heal everything with Ram. Made our healing look like crap but at least we had a small number to look after.  We started to move the purple things forward and to the sides to avoid hitting the tanks - well, we still have that problem but it's getting better. And I was despairing that my side would never stop killing one another with the unbound chaos and then Kjersten and Pancake started doing this like in the video of Future vs Fallen Avatar. It's hard because it's a mage POV but look at the melee at skull at timestamp 1:30ish

They pile up together on skull and move as one in front of the boss so they can all leave their unbound chaos behind them and still DPS the boss at the same time. However, all you need is one slow or one fast person and that screws the whole thing up. So I might make the right side melee do that and leave the left side to do whatever they feel like doing (ie running straight out)

Anyway we were slowly getting there and trying to get Avatar to 30% before we killed maiden. Once we went down, we weren't doing very well soaking those purple circles so we told people who had to them to run away and sacrifice yourselves whilst everyone hit the boss. I'm sure there is a better way to do that!

And then yay we did it! Now the unfortunate thing was Consti had disconnected and I told him to sit out for this one quick wipe but it turned out we killed it. He was dead in the raid though and I don't know if he could loot but he could roll on it so I'm sure he was there for the kill, even though he was a dead weight.

Yay Frostwolves! Bloody Spoon is standing right on top of me so you can't see me, but I assure you, I was there! Now... onto Kil'jaeden!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Transmog: I want that monk hat!

When Lushen and HK were showing off their Tier 20 helms, I was so envious! I wanted one! Lushen said that a lookalike drops from Kil'jaeden. Well, I wasn't going to see that anytime soon on heroic, BUT Ram managed to get one from normal raid the other day and kindly gave it to me!

Unfortunately, I don't have anything that goes with it, so I am wearing a whole bunch of monk lookalike tier 19 with the helm for the moment, at least until I find something better.

I love animal inspired helms! If anyone has some better suggestions - look forward to hearing them! (pst Kamalia!)

Monday, July 10, 2017

A brutal week in Mythic Plus for a resto druid

What a crappy week - bolstering, grievous and tyrannical!

Getting a 15 done was not easy for little ol' me. I feel happy that I have the legendary ring so that I have both soul of the forest AND tree form, which makes it better for affixes like grievous, and also with the 4 piece T20 set where Swiftmend increases efflorescence healing by 200% for 10 seconds - very handy for grievous but only when everyone is standing in the bloody circle!

The first 15 I did was Cathedral of Eternal Night, with HK, myself, Anna, Gal and poor Spoon. Well, that was bloody terrible, I can tell you now. Especially the 3rd and 4th bosses. I did learn something, however. With the second boss, you can actually take his charge with a cooldown, which is good because he doesn't hit the bookshelf. What I didn't realise that hitting the bookshelf is what made the books come, and they are the biggest pain in the ass things of that encounter, not the boss itself, which is quite easy. Once we did that, the fight was a breeze!

I thought the 3rd boss was going to be the bad one, with all those adds and being knocked around and the AoE. It was pretty bad, but when we got it done, I thought that was the it, homestretch.

No. Oh no no no. Not by a long shot!

The LAST boss was awful! Because 2 people have to move to the edge with Demonic Upheaval (and usually one of them is me), I can't heal the other person as I have to stay in range of the tank and melee, and the other has to stay in range of the boss on the FAR side of me. Also, after that, we can get debuffed with Dark Solitude, which does damage to anyone within 10 yards of you. So that makes stacking up in the Efflo downright impossible.

Then Mephistroth fades and the balls start flying. I usually stand on the side so I don't get hit by balls, but the DPS are all over the place kililng stuff so I have to venture out, which increases my risk of getting hit. I've heard that the healer can stand in the middle and protect Illidan (which Amelior does) but I am hopeless at that, so it's probably better that I don't do it. Creeping shadows is doing increasing damage as well so I'm busy trying to keep everyone up from that and mana was pretty darn terrible. I oom'd towards the end of the fight and ended up retalenting to take Omen of Clarity just so I would have more mana.

We must have attempted that boss more than 15 times. Or at least it felt like it. We even all hearthed out and respecced for better survivability and after a few times (and when lust was up) we managed to do it. Phew! I was super pleased that was over! And it felt longer than it was - it only took us just over an hour to do it.

I had my 15 Lower Kara left to do, and so on Sunday I decided to share my key with Sev, Eurie and Lushen. Kjersten, having a day off on Monday, offered to tank. Having done Lower Kara earlier in the week, screwing up my first 11, then 2 chesting my 2nd 11, I thought ok, I'm ready for this.

Some people having not done lower kara already were a bit sloppy with their positioning so we wiped a few times on the first boss when we lost the swirlies (it was Wicket as the opera event this week). Maiden wasn't too much of an issue though it wasn't a one shot, but then Moroes was bloody horrible. Kjersten asked me if I was ready for the double/triple garrotes and I said I was, but I clearly wasn't. And the fight really needed lust so when we died after using lust, there were some practice attempts in between tidying up our strat as we waited for lust to be up again. I made one mistake where I tab targetted and broke a cc which caused a wipe, but there were so many times where I was just stupid and got stunned whilst not in efflo and did from health ticking down with grievous.

So then onto Attumen. Even though we probably spent just as many attempt on Attumen as we did on Moroes, it felt less because we could reset after someone died rather than run forever trying to get back like we did on Moroes. But it's so unforgiving in that if one person misses out on the shared suffering we all die. Also, that intangible presence is irritating and it takes me a few seconds to be able to spot it, and in my panic I often dispel the wrong person, leading to backlash damage and the ongoing dot. We would reset if I had that happen.

Mezair and Spectral charge were not much of an issue, but there was some melee hit that would kill the melee dps a lot. I don't know what it was. Mortal strike was also a big no-no, and if anyone other than the tank got it, that was also a wipe.

So, 3 hours later, we got our Lower Karazhan down. Holy poo. What a dreadful time, but at least I completed it. I don't think Lushen will ever go anywhere with me ever again!

So, guess what other key I have this week! A +16 Upper Kara! Who wants to do that with me?

LOL! I didn't think so.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Zee you standing there!

I had a message the other day from Zeera, saying "Look where I am!"

I looked - and she was alliance on Saurfang! I was quite excited, thinking I would see her around in the world a bit more. I assumed (correctly) that she had come to join Cinder and Neuro in their guild on Saurfang, Pit Crew. I hoped she would be happy being reunited with her friends again.

Not long after, I ran across her in game in Shal'Aran. I waved to her excitedly and we took a pic.

LOL, little did I know, she tweeted the pic!

I had to laugh at the differences in our bodyguards depending on whose point of view!

Glad to have you on the server, Z :D

Thursday, July 6, 2017

(Mid)summer loving.. happened so fast...

New toy and new pet to get this year and the grind to honour and extinguish fires happens again! 

Well, that's Broken Isles knocked out of the way.

I did not realise that I had not done Draenor last year. Well, there's another couple of achievements out of the way.

It was very hard to get motivated so on one of my mornings off I asked Crooked (who was working from home) if he could please ease the boredom of fire hunting and do it with me. We took turns carrying one another around on flying mounts going from fire to fire. We did Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Draenor, Broken Isles, Cataclysm and Pandaria and I think we managed to get our 850 tokens. I think we might have skipped Northrend and Outland...

This year's new irresponsible toy, Set of Matches, sets you on fire. Don't try this at home, kids.

And here I am with the pet. Showing off my fiery form in moonkin. How cool that in moonkin spec with the Fandral's seed pouch gives me a green mane, like when I use Skull of Gul'dan.

Hope you all got your midsummer fun done!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spanky and Coffee take me to my first Blight Boar Concert

Spanky and Coffee asked me to go to a concert in Darkmoon Faire - for an achievement, of course!

The problem was, I was at work on my laptop and crappy internet so it was going to be very laggy. I didn't know what the achievement was and wasn't sure whether I would get it, and I was right, there were LOTS of people there AoEing and that made me very laggy.

From what I could tell, the concert started and then Death Metal Knight came, who seems to be a bit of a party pooper, and we had to kill him. Then a whole bunch of ghouls came and we were supposed to push them away from the band.

If you keep the band alive, you start getting this buff saying how much of a fan you are. I was busy trying to stay alive so I wasn't paying much attention to it, but it goes from Casual fan up to Number one Fan.

At 1 FPS I basically just spent my time standing there doing instant cast things like dots and knockbacks when Spanky told me to. I also healed myself because I'm sure I was standing in bad because I couldn't see what the hell was going on.

Fortunately, I got an achievement or two!

Now there are a lot MORE achievements and some cool things to get, so I need to go back and try it again. There is a cool guitar that drops as well as some helms and a toy.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Raiding - Mrs Thaddius was not vigilant enough...

Raid turnout was really small on Monday! At first it was just Cosima and I healing but we managed to convince Magato to try disc. Not sure if he was happy about that...

Maiden of Vigilance is basically Thaddeus version 2 where you stack same debuffs on either side and there are periods where it's reapplied and can change. There's a fel and a holy side and you have to stack with your side when you get your infusion and don't be on the wrong side or there are lots of dead people. There's also smash that everyone needs to absorb and there are bombs that are placed on you so you basically jump in the hole when your bomb timer is at 1 and when it explodes it pushes you  back out again. Jump in too early and you'll keep falling. Jump in too late and you'll blow up the raid. On normal the timer is about 3 seconds so we had a few issues the first time because everyone jumped too early. We had a few goes on Thursday but had heaps of trouble with people picking up the wrong orbs and then causing bombs to be everywhere meaning lots of wipes.

Come Monday, we had less people and everyone had it drilled into their head that only the tank gets the bubbles and we stack and move as a group. This is for the warlocks who are not like fast moving shaman and priests who run around picking up all the orbs. Also, running along the lines meant that we would never hit the bubbles so if you are worried about hitting stuff, you can happily run on the line.

We had a 2% wipe and then Pancake and Crooked logged on. Kinry also had joined an attempt or 2 before and so we were looking pretty good for a kill. And sure enough, next go, we had a kill!

Yay us! It might be just me but it feels a little easier this tier than the last tier, but we aren't on Kil'jaeden yet. We also had a major guild setback (Kyxyn passing away) when we started Nighthold so that was a bit of a shock as we had to have a grieving period as well as a pick up the pieces period. I think about him fairly often still, and talk to him (in my head) about things that are going on. I think he'd be pleased with how we are doing mythic pluses. I think he would be happy with our progress in raids. At the moment the guild is in a pleasant place with people eventually settling into their place here (or not here). I hope that this nice period will continue :)

Oh, whilst we were having attempts on Fallen Avatar, Eurie suddenly said "I think it's creepy with these people watching me."

People? What people?

"Look up," she said.

Ohhhhh. They are creepy!

LOL! However, that was a good raid week, here's hoping for a new kill next week too. Grats Frostwolves!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Raiding - When Kil'jaeden goes down, Argus is up!

Well we managed to clear normal on Sunday, and the annoying thing about the cutscene is that it blocks me from taking screenshots of my achievement!

Thanks to Koda for giving me her pic!


In the cutscene, Illidan has now opened up the way for us to go to Argus, and Argus is now in the sky everywhere we go. It looks SO COOL.

We tried to take a pic with it, but I didn't do very well.

I can't stop taking pictures of Argus!

So bloody amazing looking!

Ahem, I should be talking about raid.

Kil'jaeden was easier than I thought it would be - just run around and stay alive in the in between phases. I was dead during Fallen Avatar so I have zero understanding of that fight except run out with your green stuff, hit the maiden when she has a bubble and run away when DBM says run away. Once you fall through the floor I'm not sure what happens.

Surprisingly, we didn't have a full Sunday raid! Usually people are busting to get in and we have to sit people out, but there were at least 5 spare spots. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, a smaller group was easier to do stuff with. But I was happy to see some casual raiders attending. Now that they know we are clearing normal on Sunday, there may suddenly be an increase in attendance.

So, next tier we go to Argus! COOL! Though we already knew that - they said so at Blizzcon. Good work on clearing out normal everyone!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Secret Achievements - Drum Circle

Another secret achievement, this time thanks to Alunaria.

When I read her blog about the achievement, she didn't actually say WHAT you had to do to get it. Something about having a group of people jumping on the drum in Thunder Totem. They weren't sure what they did either, as only 2 of them were jumping and they got the achievement.

When you go look up the achievement on Wowhead, I don't think anyone there knows either. Pretty much everyone was just jumping around and got the achievement.

I didn't realise that - I just dragged HK, Crooked and Tacky along and told them we had to jump on this drum.

I am not sure what we did to make it go. What we did notice that was as you move further to the edges the drum sounded different. So we were jumping in each of the different circular zones continuously and the achievement procced. That was with 4 people in a party and one extra jumping around (Tacky got on his second account).

Spanky and Coffee wanted it so we got a jumping party together and jumped around on the drum. We did the same thing where we jumped in different areas and we got the achievement.

Gal missed out so they went back to help him and he got the achievement as well.

Now we're all drummers!

So give that a try - one in each circle, have at least 4 (but more is better) and jump away! Good luck!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Raiding - Sisters and Host were TOAST!

Well that was a productive two nights!

The trash leading up to Sisters and Host is SO painful. Poly bombs everywhere are just begging to be used by trolls. It was pretty much like this:

Ram: Uhhh it would help if you DIDN'T polymorph your healers if you actually want to get heals...
HK: That goes for tanks too!
Sev: Oh, Nav, sneaky with the bear form to avoid the poly!

On normal on Sunday Splatz must have triggered every possible trap. On what must have been the 5th trap he just said "I give up!" and so in heroic, he was hesitant going in. That's ok! Falln, who had just moved house had no idea and was wandering in and triggering all the traps. We even tried to get Pancake to go in and detect the traps for us. But instead, Pancake decided to click one of the runes on the wall which turns you into Gul'dan or something and you start killing everyone. He killed Spoon, much to the raid's amusement. Shamans. Such fragile little glass cannons!

Alunaria inspired me with pics and chat bubbles so in a hybrid between The Faily Frostwolf and my usual chatter I thought I would make some mini-comics to describe what we got up to with Sisters.

Apparently, if you distract the bosses, it bugs out the encounter. What is SUPPOSED to happen is that only one sister is targettable at one time. Each one does different things (throwing glaives around, casting spells and making arrows fall, and also one of them summons an owl that does a TON of damage.

When Pancake distracted them, suddenly ALL of them were targettable (which meant all of them were doing their abilities) and the owl was up. So we thought ok let's give this a whirl.



Half the raid had tried to run away and the other half had charged in. Those that ran away were not safe as they all died too. Anyway, that was interesting. BUGGY MUCH?!

But it wasn't too bad, as an encounter. Stand in the light part of the moon, get bad stacks of increased arcane damage. Stand in the dark part of the moon, get bad stacks of increased shadow damage. But moving from each side wipes the other out so it is good to move from light to dark getting your stacks off.

Move out for glaives, move out of the rain of arrows, stack on the person with the shot, kill the owl and it was nice. Just lots of movement. We were happy when we got that down!

The floor still changes from dark to light even after the encounter is finished so this pic looks cool because half of us are in the light and sparkling like Edward Cullen - such shiny little Twilight vampires.

Then on Thursday night we went to go and look at The Desolate Host, which I found as confusing as hell on normal. All I understood after normal was there is a corporeal and a spiritual side, if you on the spirit side stand here, corporeal side stand there, and heal. End of story.

LITTLE bit more complicated than that. On normal I was on the outside. This time I was on the inside. At first it was a bit overwhelming with all the stuff we had to do. Corporeal side on the right, Spiritual side on the left because if you cause damage to players in the other realm if you're within 8 yards of them. Take your Soulbinds to the middle so you can partner with your other side person and get it off. Interrupt these shattering screams from the Priestesses until we say stop interrupting and then take your scream stacks to go explode on something that has bonecage armour to get it removed. And then when wailing souls goes out everyone out of the spirit realm and go up top so we don't have to heal you through the damage. And that was just my side. The corporeal realm had some debuff they had to line up along the edges so it didn't bounce to others (I think that was Grasping Darkness) and then sometimes they would get shot with a spear and appear in the Spirit realm and we'd have to heal them up.

Yeah. I was confused too. But after a few goes I got the hang of it.

I also had terrible mana issues. Dispelling all the time was eating my mana up. Fortunately when everyone got out of the Spirit realm for wailing souls it was easy to heal - just stand in the circle and chuck hots around and it was a good time for mana regen too. Told Kinry to move into the circle but he said "No, that will increase your HPS!" Bastard. :P

Once that dreadful phase was out of the way the last bit was easy... and boring. Move in, move out. Each side would have to move in and out at different times but with tanks calling it, was easy. A nice little breather after the hectic run around in the first phase.

Yay Frostwolves! Now, to stop doing heroic for a bit and finish getting normal done. That's our mission for Sunday/Monday.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Prestige 13 - Floor Thirteen

Now at least at Prestige 13 you get a another pretty pony!

I have actually been enjoying doing PvP as boomkin. I'm not very GOOD, mind you, but at least I can get some killing blows so I can work on my rep with my Marks of Prey.

I do wonder why they called this achievement Floor Thirteen. Is it because of this old video game?

Apparently in this game you run around behaving dishonourably, by ordering assassinations, spreading disinformation and doing all sorts of House of Cards type stuff. Hmph, are they implying that killing the opposing faction is somehow not honourable? LOL

Anyway here is my pretty blue pony. Look, its horn is all blue and AZURE-Y. And it's fetlocks too!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Raiding - OMG back to 4 days of raiding!

It was satisfying to see bosses going down on normal - it reminded me why I said we should be doing heroic first instead of normal!

From a healer point of view it was so boring during the first 3 that I went DPS (we had too many healers anyway) and dragged my ass at the bottom of the pack for a bit. I switched back to heals for Maiden of Vigilance (which reminded me of Thaddeus in Naxxramas with the left-right business) which was fun from my point of view but everyone else found it really annoying because of having to jump in the hole and gettting knocked out of it when your bomb went off.

We did have a laugh when we did Desolate Host, where we had to have the raid split into the corporeal and spirit realms. To switch between the realms we had to click on the braziers around the edge of the room. Ultra kept calling them brassieres (bra-zee-airs) instead of bray-zee-ers so we had some immature giggles for a while.

I actually forced the guild to take a picture of dead Harjartan on normal. Ha, here is the fake kill pic!

At least there were some nice loots going out! By the end of the night we got to have a look at Fallen Avatar but no success at killing it with the limited time that we had.

On Monday we came back for heroic and got Mistress down.

As we were going to the Sisters of the Moon (by the way the trash on the way there was annoying - but if I run around in bear I can't get polymorphed) there was a funny misstep where people kept falling through the world...

I think next week we will do heroic on Wednesday and Thursday, do normal on Sunday with casuals filling up the rest of the raid and then finishing the normal raid on Monday and whatever time we have left over do some heroic. But we'll see!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Secret achievements - They See Me Rolling

Funnily enough, this achievement doesn't even show up as a missing or searchable achievement in the achievements tab. If it wasn't for Icecoffee, I wouldn't have known it existed.

This achievement is from Broken shore, when you see the daily Rolling Thunder, where you hop on a barrel and roll it down a hill to some pandas at the bottom, whilst trying to dodge the felhounds running the other way.

I thought that I had to make it to the pandas without getting hit at all. However, that's not the case, and you can regenerate some health if you get hit once by finding a safe spot to wait (like wedging against a rock) or you can do what I did and near the hand in point there is a flat bit where I just went round and round in circles until I was 100%.

Give your 100% health barrel to the pandas and poof! World quest done and achievement completed! (PS: I still think it should be without getting hit at all. That would make it an achievement).

Here's a video someone else has made (Gordrick) which shows you how you can do it. Good luck!

Oh, and if you didn't know, this achievement is named for the Chamillionaire song "Ridin' ft Krayzie Bone" which generated a whole bunch of dumb memes....


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Raiding - First look in Tomb of Sargeras

Due to work, I was unable to attend the first raid on Wednesday into Tomb of Sargeras! GRRR!

However, Wednesday had the usual server restart right in the middle of raid. But Frostwolves at least got to get at least 2 bosses down - and they managed to take guild kill pics too! I was so proud!

But here's the kicker. So I attend raid on Thursday, we get Harjartan and I FORGOT TO TAKE A GUILD KILL PICTURE. OH MY GOD :(

After that we spent time doing Mistress Sassz'ine, which is an interesting fight and we're just getting the hang of it, so hopefully we'll get further than that on Monday.

The turnout was impressive - with 26 people on Wednesday, missing me and Kjersten. We are reaching capacity with raiding, and this Sunday we'll just have heroic raiders there since it's all new, and next week we'll have the casual raiders attending.

It's really fun to be raiding something new again. The vibe in the raid seemed good, though a bit more chaotic than when Xyn was doing it as everyone seems to be putting a little bit in, but it's not in a terribad way. Just some are not used to it and I think it's not particularly bad to have suggestions thrown in but the ultimate decisions to be made by one or two people. I like Ram's speaking voice, he's always so calm, but I worry that the others drown him out a bit, but at least Kinry was happy listening to Ram telling him what to do.

Maybe on Sunday night I can take a picture of normal Harjartan and pretend THAT was a kill pic. I'll do it, but I'll know it wasn't a real pic!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Raiding - Trial of Valour achieves (don't try this alone!)

Last week before ToV! I did not feel like setting foot into Nighthold so it was nice to try for something different, even though it may take a while...

So the first achievement we hit up was Odyn's one, You Runed Everything!

For that we had to gain the Runic Mastery buff, which you gain by killing the Runebearers in the order at which the Runes on the ground light up.

It did take quite a while to get this sorted out, and had multiple wipes but it was so satisfying when we got it down - just like getting a new boss kill, really!

About 5 seconds before the Runebearers are about to drop the runes on the ground start lighting up in a particular order, and it's pretty quick so you need to look at it quite closely. I called them out, and someone else typed it out in raid. We had everyone start moving to the runes but NOT stand on them yet - the reason for that was because we didn't know if the achievement required us to light the runes up in that order as well, or just kill them in that order. So after what felt like 15 attempts we got it!

Tips for success - move Odyn out of the rune area so you can see better. Have a dedicated rune watcher and a separate typer. Be on a voice chat program!

But so many things went wrong, as you can imagine. Firstly, my colour naming is a bit lame. I called one of the runes red - the one that looks like an N. Everyone else says it's orange. Looking at it, they're probably right.

The other problem I had was that the green rune pictured is a cyan colour on my screen. Which is actually the colour of monks in raid, so I would keep calling that colour "monk". Also, what I call pink, everyone else is calling purple... BUT THEY BOTH START WITH P SO IT DOESN'T MATTER RIGHT??

So we would have RYGPB or something typed so we would know what order to kill them in. Most of our wipes people were not getting to the runes fast enough and we'd die because we hadn't killed the runebearers. You don't have much time to kill them so switch fast!

Another that that went wrong was people would get stunned by the orbs because we were being blase. Happened to me a few times as I was staring at the runes instead of orbs. I also copped a Spear of light in the arse because I was staring at runes and I was standing on a swirly and hadn't noticed. That knocked me forwards which caused me to miss the first rune because I lost sight of from the knock.

Once we had all those things ironed out, we had it. You could see improvement with each attempt, (except the times I screwed up the calls) but boy were we happy that was over!

Next up was Guarm's Boneafide Tri Tip. I told Triarchi that his name was in this achievement so that was a good sign. 

This is one of those achievements where you go, "Oh, I never noticed that thing there before!"

Behind Guarm there is a bone on the floor. That's Guarm's chew toy. Basically someone has to hold the bone and have it exposed to the three different colours and then kill Guarm. However! The same person can't do all three because once you get the colour debuff, you can't stand in another colour without dying (or at least taking HEAPS of damage).

Once you pick up the bone it makes you walk REALLY slow. So you can't run fast to get out of anything like the charge, moving colours etc. And, much like the Ji-Kun achievement, Soft Hands, you can't get hit by any abilities or you will drop the bone. Also if you cast any spells, you will drop the bone. Using speed boosts or pots, will also make you drop the bone. You can of course pick the bone back up.

One thing that IS good is that shamans in ghostwolf do not get a movement speed decrease. Is it because they are dogs? I don't know. But that is a great advantage so getting 2 shamans to do it is very helpful. You have to be in ghostwolf before you pick up the bone because shapeshifting makes you drop the bone.

If you drop the bone and Guarm is charging around, it will pick up the bone! I wasn't sure if Guarm held a bone during the fight normally, but after checking out fight pics, Guarm is NOT carrying the bone. Clearly just something that happens after you pick it up!

Well, this pic doesn't show it well but Guarm WAS carrying the bone in its mouth.
So how should you do this? We had a person pick up the bone and stand still and got the tanks to face Guarm backwards so that they took the first colour. After that, we had the shaman pick up the bone after it was dropped and get into the second colour. Ideally another shaman would pick it up again and move to the third colour and then off you go and kill Guarm.

Tips for success - Shamans! Also if you don't have shamans if you could have the tanks face it in the same direction each time so that someone could be on the border of two colours so that they don't have far to run to get to their colour. That would probably work for the second colour and on the third colour a shaman would be ideal or just pray for good luck when the colours come so that if they're on the border of two colours, one of those colours is the one you need.

In our attempts we had Falln doing the first carry and then Gen and Lushen assigned to do the other two colours, thinking with their speed buffs they might be able to move faster. However when Gen used a speed boost it dropped the bone, and when I looked it up you can't displacer or use speed boosts when holding the bone, but you can use the speed boost BEFORE you pick up the bone so that the effects are still there. So we fiddled our strat and had Crooked pick it up and did the second one and Gen did the last one, and then Tacky picked it up after it fell down again and held it whilst we killed the boss.

We attempted Helya's achievement, Patient Zero, but we were unsuccessful. Never mind, we will try it again one day, when we have nothing to do again on Sundays!