Saturday, December 31, 2016

Navispam - A random encounter with Spankyhunter!

PvP Fridays! This week we had heaps of people interested in hanging out. We had Gal and Anna hang for a bit before Shab and Sev got on, and even Neuro joined in the action. We were in an Eye of the Storm and a hunter was talking to me! At first it didn't click who it was, and I was searching through my Btag to see if it was someone's alt, but then Neuro said "twitter" and I thought OMG silly me, that's Spankyhunter from Twitter!

It was a good game. We won that one quite comfortably.

And lucky us happened to be in the next BG together also! I was just lamenting the fact to Spanky that I hadn't taken a picture with him and now I had the chance! I also got a pic with his partner, Icecoffee - two cute little goblin hunters! Aren't they gorgeous? LOL and I am so envious of that title, the 4 cart capping and the All-star are too hard for me!

I started following Spanky through Cinder and Neuro, as he listens to their podcast regularly. He is very active on Twitter - though I noticed he wasn't raiding much this expansion. I asked him about it and he said due to shift changes at work he was unable to raid till 1130pm and so he and Icecoffee were just PvPing and doing LFR and chasing achievements. Interestingly, he said that he no interest in dungeon content, it was large groups like raids that made the game fun for him! He said to me he thought that was weird, but I told him it wasn't - after all, I hate alts, so to each their own!

Anyway it was a good round of games, fun to see someone I know in a random group event and even Spanky noticed that once we weren't in the same games anymore we started to lose. I guess 7 ppl working together in a BG has its advantages.

Thanks for letting me take a pic of you Spanky, was cool having an accidental Navispam!

Friday, December 30, 2016

One Night in Karazhan

All this free time during the day meant I could play with some of my other friends a bit more - Anna and Gal are on Barthilas and have since moved from Nostalgic to Gundibabe and it was fun being able to do stuff with them. We can't raid together but now with Mythic + we can do dungeons. Gal said "Why don't we do Karazhan?" and we thought ok, cool, why not? And then he said let's do a Nightbane run and I was feeling a little hesitant.

CT was telling me everyone had to be doing some ridiculous amount of DPS to be able to make the timer for Nightbane, and I wasn't sure if I was able to heal that. But, I thought I'd give it a go and then we had to find a 5th, and Crooked was at work but Wolf was free so I asked her if she'd like to come and she said she would love to.

So Gal wasn't 100% sure of the pulls, but told us the rough pathing. HK had only done Kara twice, but he has an excellent memory for stuff like that, so he took it all in stride. What he wasn't sure about was how much to pull, and on our first pass we did the first boss and then we died when we were going to Maiden because I couldn't dispel the debuffs fast enough and we got charmed and that caused a wipe. So, we reset it (which you can do by logging into an alt, entering the instance and then inviting everyone to group) and then off we went to do it all again.

This time was much better. And we made it to Nightbane with 4 minutes to spare!

We then had two wipes on Nightbane as I had to get used to how the mechanics work from a healer point of view, and then we got it which was cool!

And lucky me even got the mount! Though I hear the drop rate is quite high.

Gal had linked me this Reddit guide on how to do the speed run, but we did it differently and still had ample time. Here is what we did:

Run all the way to the opera event, ensuring the tank gets aggro on everything. The DPS did get some down along the way but there was no stopping to DPS anything, it was all done on the run. The RP event for opera takes ages so need to get that started and then kill the adds. We lusted for that boss then ran towards Maiden, staying left where possible.

At the bottom of the stairs from the opera where there is a room full of dancing ghosts we took an invis pot and then we got the crystal and headed towards Maiden. The crystal was in the last room before Maiden so we had to clear up to there.

Then we ran back along the top towards Moroes' room and DPS'd down the few adds we had before we jumped down onto the dining tables in Moroes' room. We cleared the room and then started the fight. We used 3 cc and DPS'd the adds down one at a time. The guide said no CC but it was just to be on the safe side and it COULD be done with time to spare. Moroes crystal done!

Then we went out the door (next to the ghostbusters) and went left then went to the end of the room and then dropped into the spider room. Those spiders have that horrible frontal 180 degree so make sure the tank has the spiders facing the wall so everyone else doesn't die. This trash is the worst, in my opinion! The crystal is near the portal so everyone can run through the portal whilst the person clicks the crystal.

So after you take the portal you're back at the start then you go up the normal way to do the Construct. The crystal is between his legs when he dies, and then you run all the way back down to where Nightbane spawns (which is near the beginning but now the door is open) and off you go!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A 4th Legendary - too much to choose!

I got my 4th legendary from my mythic cache in my class hall this week - and though I had chosen Balance as my loot spec, this boomkin loot is actually really good for how I play resto!

I tested it and that is a WHOPPING heal! A free regrowth that is 600% normal and instant?? So I was playing with it and it does a 1 million heal on it's own without mastery, but it crits for 2-3 million! I even had a lovely 4 million crit when trying it on my moonkin!

So all those times I wrath spam when there is no healing to do, now there is a good reason for it. Even just one cast of wrath will boost it for 30% so it will be a really good thing. And great for mythic plus!

So I was looking forward to playing with my new shiny in raid and mythic plus. I had been playing with training dummies.

So on Wednesday I was mostly bumming around wrathing, but there wasn't much use for it. I found it really hard to ignore the clearcast as I was saving it as a just-in-case instant for someone who was really low. With so many healers in raid on Wednesday, didn't get much of a chance for that.

However, it was much better for Mythic plus. I may not have much time to wrath but I do cast wrath a lot in Mythic plus and every boost to Regrowth is a plus. With necrotic stacking on the tank you couldn't see my big heal shine, but I did use it and it was definitely nice to have as a free boost to Regrowth.

Yay me!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Guildies - Canberra meetup

When I went home for Christmas I managed to catch up with my Canberra guildies for quick separate meetups! A shame everyone couldn't be there at the same time but at least I managed to see them.

First up on the 23rd December, HK and I picked up Sev and we went to our usual chocolate hangout, Koko Black, and waited for Jassaray. He had some free time before he was off to see Rogue One so he joined us for a quick drink at Koko Black then accompanied us to Jamie's Italian next door as we tried to find food to eat.

After Jassaray left, Celaena had finished work and met up with us afterwards so she was too late to hang out with Jassaray but at least she made it before we finished our meal! We gave her some leftover garlic bread and other snacks to eat before she went to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

On Boxing Day I caught up with Nerd and Dil as I took a break after my super early start at the Boxing Day sales (I was on the ground at 645am ready to shop!). We had breakfast at Cream, which was an all day brekky/coffee place close to the shops (actually quite close to Koko Black!). I didn't take a selfie because Dil is quite a shy person (I had met him in Sydney a few weeks earlier and he told me that I was the first person from the game that he had met) and I couldn't imagine he would like having his photo taken. Maybe after a few more times meeting him he might be ok! Nerd was not shy at all and it was good to put faces to the people I play with. Nerd, Jassa and Dil tend to use real names, but even I introduced myself to Nerd's wife as Navi because I'm used to being known for my toon name (more names to remember, who needs that anyway).

Next meetup! Maybe Brisbane?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A slew of pre-Winter veil achievements

Holidays are for achievement chasing when there are no raids to be had :)

First achievement was from archaeology. Apparently I've found all the common artifacts!

Pristine ones have been hard to find, and this week's neck - I wish it was a BoA. Or an heirloom. It seems so pointless because I can't use it! And nobody would be doing archaeology on an ALT.

The next thing was hitting Prestige 4. I'm a bit slower than my other guildies, but when you hit it, it does a bit of a fanfare! This stays on the screen for AGES!

At prestige 4 you get a pretty unicorn to ride! The /mountspecial is rather cutesy too. I need to make a gif of it. I think it matches well with my black and red warlocky outfit.

Those fishing bobbers that you could buy from Margoss before are now toys! So I had to go fish them up (100 drowned mana each) and there are 2 you can buy and a heap more that can be fished up. Hopefully I will be able to fish up the Pepe bobber, that would be cool! However, that put me at 299 toys... and so I was wracking my brain for my 300th toy achivement and I remembered that I had a gift from Arvash that I said I would use at Christmas, which was the Spurious Sarcophagus from the TCG so off I went to get that!

I went onto a US server to do it because there had been some issue when we migrated to Oceanic servers that data was lost - it happened to Luxy with a TCG card and it happened to me when I tried to do an item restore on my Arcanite Fishing Rod and there was no data about it. I had not realised that the oceanic and US server cross realm thing was fixed so now I could party with someone on an Oceanic server from a US server and we could see each other (whereas previously we couldn't). So Sev came on his alliance rogue and flew me to Booty Bay.

And of course come Christmas day there was a pet battle that would make the 12th one for the mechanical pet battle achievement so there's another achievement for me! Only 3 more families to go - undead, humanoid and magic.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Raiding - Last raid before Winter Veil

With Xyn away I put the fear of Navi into everyone by telling them I might be tanking. Suddenly there was no shortage of volunteers to tank, because I am really, a terrible tank! Fox

As it was, I was also enjoying a free pizza at HK's place and I decided to raid from there rather than go home. So I was not on my computer and I was furiously updating addons and trying to get my binds sorted (which is hard when they're all bound to my 12 button mouse so I had to make some adjustments going to a 5 button mouse). Of course I forgot to update Exorsus so everyone is whispering "inv" to me, but nothing is happening.

And without 2 monitors I found it hard to do AMR loot so I made HK do it. I'm such a back seat looter, watching him loot is like watching paint dry. It was similar to when we go out to a restaurant to order - HK is always the last one to figure out what he wants, and even after 10 minutes he'd be the one who still doesn't know what he wants.

I started off DPSing for lols since we had too many healers but I switched back as latecomers started to arrive. The biggest hiccup we had was on dragons when Fox lost power so we had Nerd tank but he has always had difficulty hearing HK so the swaps were not great with us getting to 10 stacks. Fox came back soon after and then died near the end. So one of the easiest fights turned out to be one of the messiest, but the rest of the evening went fine and we were done well before 1030pm.

Some loot went out! But alas, no Christmas legendaries :(

One more raid next week, and then hopefully back into a bit of Heroic ToV before Nighthold comes out!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I tanked an LFR! Should I tank Heroic EN tonight?

I keep getting titanforged 880 versatility/mastery drops, which sounded like a hint I was supposed to go bear. So, with much encouragement from Kyxyn, we went together to LFR to tank. He gave me his weak auras and this funny Ursoc one which scares the crap out of me because it goes "BAA!" at me when I need to taunt.

I didn't have to do much, he did all the work and all I had to do was keep my rotation going and hit and taunt things. But we made it through, I didn't die and I felt a bit better.

That BAA is weird, it activates even when I am pet battling!

Now this week Kyxyn is away so who will tank? Last week we had Nerd tanking a bit and he is a good tank but maybe it will be more fun and relaxing for him to just heal. So I told HK the good news (and he is thrilled - NOT) about me MAYBE tanking so we'll see how far I can make it before everyone is moaning and groaning with despair.

I also have felt a bit more confident with mythic pluses, and was excited to do my first +11 this week. I had a go at Sev because we were doing Arcway and he likes to enslave demons which are great for buffing his damage, but he has to not die to things! The first time he died on a boss fight it was fine, I rezzed him and he took control of his demon again. However, the next boss that he died in, there were no battle rezzes available so we had to kill his demon and 4 man it. However, because that mob was not part of the boss mobs, it ended up bolstering the boss so I was quite put out having to churn through a boss with an extra health and damage. Mana was so screwed!

I didn't want to waste my key this week so I practically forced Ram, Gen and Koda to get on and do my key with me. Even though I don't play on Tuesdays!

After today my family will be away visiting my in-laws for Christmas, which made me a bit sad. However, there is always a bright side, which means I now have uninterrupted game time all day/all night so I wonder what things I can get done during this down time period!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

RAOK - Heliosus in Dalaran

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

I was standing in Dalaran and in the trade chat there was someone asking for some assistance with the pet battle world quest. It was Fight Night: Heliosus and the person was having difficulty defeating it.

There were plenty of comments in trade chat using pets that the person didn't have. I hadn't done the battle yet, but I went to their armory to look at their pets and then whispered them and said to them which pets to use.

They tried my combo but was unable to beat Heliosus, so I got the same pets out, worked out a strategy and whispered the exact steps back to them.

And, they were successful!

I told them to whisper me any time if they wanted help with any pet battles, and they haven't whispered me since, but I have run across him/her in Dalaran a few times and they remembered me from the pet battle. Aww :D

What was your random act of kindness this week?

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Veil 2017 is here!

Well, I was surprised to see this on the way to Darkbrul Arena this morning!

Apparently you can hear him - I missed it because I had my headphones off, but I was lucky enough to snap this as he went by!

Winter veil has started and this year and there have been some upgrades to some of the details which I hope to check out later. Last year's red wooden sled is now in one of the Stolen presents so go grab one if you don't already have it!

And go step in the snowglobe in Dalaran next to the Violet Citadel - it's a cute little surprise :)

Friday, December 16, 2016

I prefer how everyone else sees Broll Bearmantle

In WoD when we had our bodyguards out they would look one way to us and different for everyone else. Usually they just looked a bit generic - like any other NPC - and how we see them is usually a much more interesting or personalised. Vivianne for example, or Aeda were much more unique when viewed from the personal view than what everyone else saw.

It's the same in Legion. Crooked and I were comparing his follower a while ago and the difference was huge. The top one is my view, the bottom one is his view. I think it came up because I was saying "Look at how red your follower's face is!"

So I have Broll, who for me is always in his night elf form. I like having him around he makes me gold and resource when I'm doing my world quests. And he tanks - I AM NATURE'S RAGE! - and he used to be highly amusing in those free-for-all PvP world quests because he would ALWAYS attack Kyxyn.

But everyone else gets to see him in bear! And when I'm running around he goes in travel form!

This is the one time that I wished that my view of the follower was what everyone else sees of them. I wonder if he's in cat form for everyone else when I am stealthed?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Minipost: I want these shoes!

Look at this! Shoes that you can actually see on a Tauren!

They drop from Guarm in ToV, so I shall keep an extra lookout for them! In fact, I'm going to try to roll them JUST for the appearance. It will be fun having shoes that I can actually see!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Raiding - Last Sunday raid as we wind down for holidays

It's coming up to that time of year! So for something different we did a Sunday raid with both heroic EN and normal ToV.

There was a lot of silliness and stuffing around, which often comes with the Sunday raid. Boss kills were sloppy and people were distracted and giggling - HK had a weird bug where I was sitting on his head and that distracted everyone for a good... oh, 5-10 mins.

I was in stag form, and Dil was on my back, but somehow I was on HK's mount as well. Which of course wasn't happening but he couldn't fix it and then tried all sorts of things to make it back to normal which just caused more giggles.

We actually wiped on Evil Tree (Il'gynoth) because of stuffing around and that was a bit embarrassing. I almost put on Navi's stern voice to tell people to stop mucking around but I think everyone figured out that we'd better stop playing silly buggers and we executed it a lot more cleanly the second time.

Oh, but I forgot in all the excitement that I got a legendary drop from Ursoc, which was my 3rd one (which were the shoulders - Aman'thul's Wisdom). I also got the enchant drop as well! Talk about my lucky day! Now imagine if I had also gotten my bear hidden appearance, that would have been a perfect Trifecta! You can see me wearing them in that 2nd pic there! Yay me!

After clearing out EN we went to ToV, and it all went quite smoothly. We attempted 3 healing Helya but that was a bit of a no-go even with 16 people, so we 4 healed it and it was a lot better. Dispels are still the poo but I think we've got a system that works. I tried the 3 healers dispelling and the 4th on backup and it seems to have done the trick. Someone has to spend all their mana, it might as well be me! Ram was doing melee dispels because he's good at that, and on our kill attempt I got Dil to dispel too. Nerd whinged about dispelling so much that I just rolled my eyes and said he can just do dispels when needed.

We got it all over and done before 11pm so that was a nice finish to the year for the casual raids! Lots of shards went into the guild bank which was nice.

Oh, and I thought I might as well start putting the artifact power back into the healer weapon, and I feel kinda cheated that after putting in 1.9 million AP all I get is a measly 0.5% boost to my healing! I suppose I haven't got anywhere else to put it....

Monday, December 12, 2016

Minipost:Ronda and Vin playing WoW

So this was on MMO Champion the other day - and of course I think it's cool because I like Ronda Rousey - though her playing a rogue makes much more sense than playing a hunter!

She said she loves just social chatting in WoW - I hope she's not one of the ones in trade chat!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Raiding - Downing the Guardian to the gates of Hel(ya)

In Trial of Valour this week we did Odyn and it went very smoothly. The shield hits for nearly nothing now, so that makes it easy (that must be the nerf, as well as the change to the health pool of the adds), and people seem to be moving a lot better for phase 3. A nice clean one shot so then we could move onto Guarm.

When we tried it for the first time last week we were quite encouraged by our first attempts of 26 and 25%. However, after that we seemed to go downhill. We realised that the DPS requirement was a bit tight and people really had to not die for us to kill it successfully. We needed every bit of damage we could get (as well as follow simple raid mechanics).

Guarm is a 3 headed beast that will hit the tanks and if you are in front closer than 25 yards then you will die if you're not a tank. The melee all stand at the back leg of Guarm whilst the rest of the ranged spread in front, hopefully 5 yards apart.

There are these "licks" which spread to others if you're closer than 5 yards. The worst one is the ice one, which freezes you and whomever was within that 5 yard range. One person frozen is not too bad. 3 is definitely ugly! And all of the melee iced is definitely a disaster! The fire lick is also pretty awful for everyone around that person, as the aoe damage does hurt. I suppose the shadow lick is the same, but for some reason I don't seem to notice it as much because it's a healing absorb rather than a damage. Probably bad if that person suddenly starts TAKING damage, I suppose!

Guarm breathes out some colours on the ground, and we have assignments for which colour to stand in. For each person that doesn't stand in the colour, Guarm gets a stack of Frothing Rage for each player that doesn't stand in a colour, meaning it does 5% more damage each stack, so it's imperative we do our best to get to our colours. Standing in the wrong colour once you've already soaked a colour is an insta death so everyone was doing their best to get to their colours.

Then there was the stampede. You'd think it would be easy to avoid but still people are dying to it - though in reality there is a lot of damage being dealt from it and that's not just from being trampled to death. Healers have been saving their cooldowns for it but we hit enrage a few times and we had to keep saying that we can't have any deaths! A couple of 6% enrage wipes on Wednesday made it feel like we were close but just needed a bit of tweaking and concentration.

Thursday came around and this time we got it!

It didn't take long either, only a few goes, but we did have the hang of it already. That was pretty exciting.

After that.. Helya. Umm... Yup. That was already hard on normal.

Bloody awful, is all I can say. So much damage going out, so much to do! Tanks complaining they have it rough, healers complaining they have it rough, DPS complaining it's hard to get to blobs. From a healer point of view it's bloody horrible with all the dispels and Ram and I do the majority of the dispels so we were out of mana, and had to depend on Dil and Nerd to do the rest of the raid. Kiting orbs through everyone wasn't a particularly proud moment on my part, and we had a few wipes from blobs getting through and exploding and killing us all. We persisted for about an hour before we decided to call it there since we weren't really improving much, and we didn't have a good grip on it. Xyn said that the reason why people weren't disheartened as yet was because we were still riding the high of the Guarm kill and he was probably right. It felt like the right time to call it and I'll have a good look at some videos later.

Overall, a good night, but raiding will be winding down from now since it's only 2 weeks till Christmas and people will be busy with work, family, parties and shopping. We'll see how we go!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why I should have done my Guardian weapon before!

I got my fourth golden trait and the amount of AP to put into the healing weapon for a measly extra 1% increase in healing seems ridiculous, so I thought I would put my AP into something else. LIke my Scythe of Elune! Or... finish off my guardian weapon.

Firstly, I'll tell you know I am a lousy bear. I couldn't do the trials as bear, I had to do them as boomkin and resto because I was overwhelmed! I could use the excuse of being on my Surface Pro on 4g as the reason why I was so lame, but it probably has more to do with me not being a very good player.

However, I wish I'd done it before because it showed me what happened to Ursoc!

First we have to go find Ursol, Ursoc's brother, and then we go into the Emerald Dream to find Ursoc.

And we recover a whole bunch of things, then do trials to test our Bear-worthiness, adn then Lea Stonepaw says let's go find the Claws of Ursoc in the Emerald Dream! However, when we get there, there are nightmare forces assaulting Ursoc.

We fend them off but there are even more coming!

But there are wards protecting the claws, and Lea has to cast a complex spell to take down the barriers, except just as she does so, disaster strikes...

Lea Stonepaw: It is finished!
Spirit of Ursoc yells: Hold Guardian, I feel a great chill deep in my spirit....
Shade of Xavius yells: Foolish Bear! You've fallen for my trap!

Xavius traps me and Lea in thorns, stunning and immobilising us.  Oh no!

Spirit of Ursoc yells: What is this sorcery!? When I get free, I'll tear out your throat, Xavius!
Shade of Xavius yells: No, Ursoc. When next you bare your fangs, it will be at my command!

LOL, you can see I did a real bang up job healing Mylune. She was annoying me anyway.
And so, Xavius takes Ursoc. And that is how Ursoc came to be in the Emerald Nightmare. One of Xavius' minions takes the claws and I fight him for it - that was the easy part - and now the Claws are MINE!

So now I am have my Claws of Ursoc! With Kyxyn dropping Sunday raids next year, perhaps it's a good time for me to try my hand at tanking! And since I am now on 7200% artifact knowledge gain, one of the big AP items will unlock tons of talents!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mythic plus and my Moonkin hidden appearance

I've been running Dark Heart Thicket when able to try to get the hidden appearance item for moonkin to drop off Archdruid Glaidalis. Every time I do DHT I get a kick out of it because he "talks" to me so much.

"I sense a powerful druid among you. You dare to challenge my authority?!"

And when we have two druids we often wonder who is he going to speak to today! I always feel chuffed when he picks me!

"You are blessed with great restorative powers, druid, but I will rip you all apart in the end!"

There was one time last week when I was pugging it on heroic and there was another druid there (a moonkin), and he was also trying to get the hidden appearance and we both missed out. To get the hidden appearance you have to get a drop from Glaidalis - Pure Drop of Shaladrassil's sap - and combine it with Seed of Solar Fire (which you buy from the Dreamweaver's Emissary when you are exalted) to make The Sunbloom. You can loot it in other specs if you have the weapon, fortunately, because I have no desire to do mythics as moonkin!

"Your power burns... How have you twisted the Scythe of Elune to obey your will?"

I had been bummed because I thought that you could only get the drop when you do heroic or regular mythic, and you can only do mythic once a week. However, you can also get it in Mythic plus! I didn't know this or I would have done more DHT in mythic plus!

Last night we were doing Darkheart Thicket +9 (excitement! our group's first +9!) and at the end Sars said to me "Navi what's that thing?"
"What thing?" I replied.
"You got a different loot, is that a quest?"
I looked and squealed in delight. It was the Pure drop of Shaladrassil's sap!

I went back to Dreamgrove to look at my new appearance - did you know you can't use the item when shapeshifted, so I had to drop moonkin form to be in humanoid and THEN use it - and it's a fiery scythe. Looks kinda cool!

Yay! That's three hidden appearances! I guess I'd better get my ass in gear and get that bear weapon....

Monday, December 5, 2016

Silly broken world quests!

Early this week there was some stuff up with Kirin Tor Emissary - apparently people were not getting credit for completion of quests. So they did something to it so you autocompleted it when you logged in. However, my issue is that I couldn't see any Kirin Tor world quests on the map, I just happened to walk on top of them and they popped up.

Now those weren't the only world quests that went awry.

I have not been able to see PvP quests for a few days now. I can see them when I log into the mobile app, but when I get into game they're not there! We did an active search for them last Friday, walking to the areas where they normally are and got a few to pop up, but it's still not working today. Not an issue for those who didn't do much PvP but I still am trying to get my prestiges thank you! So I log off from game, open the mobile app to find the world quests, write it down then log back in. Such a nuisance!

Speaking of Kirin Tor quests, I've noticed you either like them or hate them. I did have difficulty with those bubble ones that were relatively new a week or two ago - where you have to do jump boosts to get to bubbles and then get thrown in the air - but now that I've got the hang of it, I quite like them. The maze ones and the ley lines ones are always relatively low stress and easy, but they have a new clam shell/barrel watching one which can be a bit of a doozy! I actually just random clicked that one and somehow it completed!

Oh and there was that world boss that people couldn't get to trigger in Val'sharah. It was near the Emerald Nightmare somewhere. I bet there are many people who killed that boss multiple times but could not get the world quest to register!

Hopefully after maintenance on Tuesday the quests will be fixed. Fingers crossed!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Raiding - Yay Odyn down!

The debate between mythic EN and heroic ToV is still valid - there isn't much good loot from there, and it's more like a filler raid whilst everyone waits for Nighthold. But, it's new, and we can do it on heroic and we can go with our merry band of 15-25 Frostwolves (numbers depending!) and get some work done!

We had some good progress on it last week, at least we SAW Phase 3 once! We were struggling when we first did it because soaking of the shield wasn't happening, people weren't spread out, we were going OOM.. and we had a number of people not doing mechanics which made it harder for everyone.

A number of people have felt that ToV is not worth doing so they have decided (and I encouraged) them to not attend the raids rather than do stuff which makes them unhappy or bored. So ToV attendance has ranged between 15-20 and it's actually not too bad. However, we seem to have a surplus of healers... again. Where were all those guys on Sunday?? Only 2 main healers turned up for Sunday raid and it was bloody stressful!

Wednesday we did normal ToV irst and we struggled a lot on Helya. I was feeling rather dubious about trying to do heroic ToV after the crappy Helya normal, but we went ahead and did it, regardless. And it was actually very good! We got to Phase 3 consistently and towards the end of the night we had a wipe where it was the best we had ever done and people were feeling more like we can do this.

So on Thursday we had a slightly different makeup - this time Amayeti was there, and Ward, one of our new players, was not. Duck wasn't there this time, but we had Eurie instead. And Ram was here whereas he had to drop in the last few attempts on Wednesday.

Forcing Ram to DPS made him a bit sad and he did die a bit, but it's difficult going from heals to DPS. Our first attempt of the night went really well and then the subsequent attempts seemed to regress. We had 2 attempts where we died from the adds not being killed fast enough (which causes a wipe) and then we had a small discussion on it and that was solved. We were doing better with avoiding having any shields being thrown out by Hyrja on Wednesday, whereas on Thursday a shield will still get thrown out (if you DPS her down fast enough she won't have time to cast a shield). Healer cooldowns were good, and we used them quite regularly.

In the kill attempt, everything was going really well. We had most people up but we often had issues with people positioning their cyclones (and themselves) poorly because they were getting hit with the consecrated ground - I was often one of those guilty of it. I am surprised there is no DBM warning screaming at me saying I'm standing in bad!

Anyway, I was getting excited, only a couple % to go and most people were still up and I had a last minute tranq because I was SO out of mana and it carried us through till the kill. Woo!

What a crappy picture. It's hard to get a good angle when Odyn is so big. And I should have removed that marker!

Then we had a crack at Guarm, which seemed a lot more doable than Odyn. Just need to make sure nobody dies early because it felt like a DPS check!

Grats Frostwolves!!

Edit: I noticed there was a nerf to Odyn! I wonder if that was active yesterday?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

More things I didn't notice in my class hall...

Today I was walking around near the artifact weapon seed thing, and I noticed these guys. They are actually between where the 2 soil patches are (for growing "useful things" and pets) and the artifact weapon seed.

So there's a little log displaying each line of legendary artifact appearances! I noticed it first when I was in kitty and then I switched spec to resto and suddenly they were all carrying my G'Hanir! When I switched to Boomy the kitties then had Scythe of Elune equipped! How funny!

I wonder where the bear will fit on that little log? Guess I'd better get my bear weapon and find out!