Monday, September 28, 2015

For those interested in my holiday antics....

I'll be back next week! My guild was gleefully telling me that on their first attempt on Archimonde when I was away they got to 9%!  Of course, my first thought was "OMG, everyone will be saying that Navi was holding them back," and I wasn't wrong because someone DID say that, but after that, they were unable to repeat that effort.  So, perhaps there will be some Archimonde for me to do yet. However, I'm unsure right at this moment whether I would love to be there for the kill, or have them kill it whilst I'm holidays and let everyone enjoy telling me about how I wasn't needed and then carry me for my kill.

For those who are interested in my holiday antics you can go check out here.

But here are a few pics of the week so far of my holiday.  I warn you though, I have a food fetish so there are more pictures of food than there are of sightseeing...

Good luck on Archi Frostwolves! I will be back for next week's Monday raid so you only have 3 days left to get Archi down /grin

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Guildleader chores - Checklist before I go on holidays....

OK, only a few hours to go!  What do I need to make sure is done?
  1. Guild repairs permanently turned on.  Check!  Reduced the repair amount though - I wonder how much gold will be there when I get back...
  2. Tell Sev to get the EPGP addon.  If he whinges about it, he is getting an officer demote /wink. He now has to start EPGP and do all the loot and make sure the EPGP 15min reward is on.  Hope he can remember that.
  3. Tell Ash and Quad to behave themselves while I'm away and hit stuff harder
  4. OMG have to cap conquest for the week.  Thank goodness it's PvP night.  Just spent 2 hours in Ashran trying to get my 700 conquest.  Luckily there were also a few worgen there to kill as well. Kyxyn got into a different Ashran, LOADED with Worgen!  I envy him!
  5. Stockpile some Champion's Honour to use whilst I am away.  Some lovely guildies have generously given me theirs!
  6. Oh I forgot to do my mythic dungeons.  Oh well :P Any excuse not to finish them!  I did only have 2 to go.... should I get back online?
  7. Tell everyone to kill Heroic Archimonde and carry me for it when I get back.
  8. Oh should I have finished selling all those BoEs?  Nah they can wait till I get back, I reckon.
  9. I also forgot to nag Voe to NOT keep changing Kyxyn's appearance, because that really makes him mad. He's so childish....
  10. Send a message to Yuuda to not go out so late on Thursdays because otherwise raid will be short on Thursdays.
  11. Congratulate Crooked in advance for his class trinket on Archi this week because there's a good feeling going around!  Bish got his tier AND his cloak from Gorefiend this week so we never have to go back to Gore again, so I'm thinking Crooky is going to ride this wave of luck to victory!
  12. Hmm, should I pack my crochet or not to finish on the plane??

Oh raiding, I will miss you!  Shipyard, I will NOT miss you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Guildleader chores - Remembering that everything is NOT my responsibility

It is stupid to feel like everything that doesn't go right is my fault or my responsibility. I know that. Just that sometimes when things don't go right, I sit there thinking about it and wondering how I could have done it better.  Like, a LOT.

Take for example, recruiting.  I feel it's like a personal failure on my part if people don't perform well, and I guess the reasoning behind that is like it was my pick, but you have to start SOMEWHERE.

The new guys are slowly gearing up, but their damage has not increased to a satisfactory amount.  I'm pretty patient, and think that people need to find their stride, but everyone else complains that it holds us back.  It doesn't help I suppose that our top few dps have decided to take a break, but I have always advocated that superchickens do not make a team.  Working together make a team.  Yes damage counts for it too, but that should come with time and practice.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as patient as me, nor do they have as much faith.

(I actually also felt guilty that me recruiting caused some of our team to quit raiding.  But perhaps it was a good excuse for them to take a break?  I think if you're sick of the game you tend to get more cranky and easily upset by game things.  Take what happened with Madcow, as an example. He and I have since kissed and made up so we're all good now - he was sick of the game and the argument about the addon was the last straw.)

I feel personally responsible that they have not lived up to expectations. Part of the reason why our highest DPS players stopped playing was because they felt like we were carrying them - and perhaps we were. However, when you recruit, you always have to recruit lower and train up, just like in real life.  For example, why would someone with my qualifications apply for a training job?  Even if they were short of trainees?  Of course I wouldn't because I am overqualified for it.  Why would I take a paycut, get worse hours and less management responsibilities, if I was looking for a job, when there are other places that would take me at the higher paygrade?

I imagine that people who have good ilvl and already done 13/13H are thinking like that.  So we are left with whoever hasn't done that.  Which is why we will always get people who are not as geared.

There is also the flipside.  People who are looking for guilds feel like they are never given the opportunity to be able to prove themselves because they "haven't got the ilvl or the AotC".  And of course, you can't get into a PuG to get the AotC because they don't want to take you if you haven't got the AotC achievement.  So it's a vicious cycle and people end up disillusioned, and they quit playing the game.

It's hard to find the people that are those that start from not much and work their way up to being great additions to the team.  I remember Hwired started like that - he only PvP'd and came to raid with us and played well and rapidly became an officer and raid leader - though, he does get bored easily and has since quit playing.  Danleet/Thohand was like that too - my one and only raider who came through the in-game guild finder tool - and he has been fun to play with and a great team member. The thing with Dan was that he did casual raiding on the weekends and then worked his way up to Heroic raiding.  Not so easy now because we've cut back on weekend raiding due to lack of interest or people needing it, but perhaps when expansions/patches hit, those are the times we do that.

I was feeling more glum about the whole thing yesterday, but I feel perked up today because one guildie said that instead of being down on the new people for wipes and not so great play, that we should be helping them. This came from someone I didn't expect, and I felt like perhaps the generous heart of the Frostwolf is still there, and even if I am the only one who tries my hardest for it to continue, even if I influenced one person to think the same way, then the effort and the emotional ride are worth it all in the end.

I guess I won't give up my recruitment forum trawling just yet then!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Geek talk - New luggage for my kids

So how cute are these! My kids are a too big now to take their Gruffalo Trunkies on holidays (and hubby Hyad hates them - even though they are supposed to pull them along more often than not he ends up carring them and they are awkward to carry). So I started looking for trolley luggage bags for kids.
I do like Frozen but I am averse to buying a Frozen or Thomas the tank engine luggages - firstly they are too small to be practical in my opinion and eventually they will outgrow them. So I started looking for colourful "grown up" luggage.

There was a fair few Disney luggages around and I thought I would try my luck with "Star Wars luggage" on Google and the one pictured above came up. I was sold! Browsing "Marvel luggage came up with this Captain America's shield luggage as well as an Avengers comic one. I also managed to find cool looking Batman and Superman luggage too in the same store ( It was a tough choice but I ended up with these two and I am thrilled because not only do the kids love them but I will also be fighting to have my turn using these carry-on luggages.

2 sleeps to go!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Raiding - See ya Manny!

This fight is so much like normal except hurts a little bit more and pushes you back that little bit harder that once we did it, it didn't seem that hard.  Most people were still dying to gaze or being pushed off the platform.

However, on our 4th attempt at Mannoroth tonight, we did do it with just one tank up at the end.  And all of us DPSing it down coz we could feel that kill coming!  I'm just happy we got a screenshot this time (though it's not a particularly GOOD screenshot)

There were lots of things that I learnt doing this on heroic.  Like, I hadn't realised that you use the white stuff on the ground to slow you on the Shadowforce (which drops in phase 4 after you soak someone's gaze with them), and I didn't know that people running next to each other that both have Mannoroth's gaze will soak each other's gaze. I also found that I much prefer standing on Manny's back left leg than at his left arm.

We were so excited about doing Mannoroth that Kyxyn forgot to switch loot back to Master Loot after we had done Archimonde on personal loot...

So Manny was done on Personal loot.

And, wouldn't you know, the person with NO EPGP who would have been last on the Vanquisher tier table... that new mage Quad... got tier, AND he managed to roll heroic WF tier chest at that!  Grats to him, that lucky bastard :P Lushen got a polearm, Nok got tier and Yuuda got some legs (but not sure if he's going to wear them).  Aimei was moaning over the fact that Kyxyn got a loot (ring) that he already had.  Ah well, such is life I guess!  Oh and it was no surprise that Crooked didn't get anything... and yes he also managed to continue not to loot any personal loot on Archimonde.  I don't want to get him started, but personal loot really doesn't work out for him.

There were some parallels drawn between downing and Mannoroth and Tony Abbott.  We were distracted mid-raid because of the leadership spill.

Anyway a couple of looks at Archi, and it looks like it needs a lot of work.  Well, maybe everyone can carry me through it by the time I get back from holidays!  Two more raid days left for me!

Good work Frostwolves on Mannoroth, yay for 12/13H!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Legacy of the Void Cinematic - Brilliant!

I've already pre-purchased my Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and was excited when HK told me the trailer was released last night.  Official release day is November 10 - gosh, that's RIGHT after Blizzcon!

Well, I am looking forward to playing, and of course, I am looking forward to all the extras the Deluxe edition gives, including the Archon pet, Starcraft Hearthstone Card back and a Void Seeker mount for HotS.

And no, I won't be unsubbing from WoW.  I'll just have to cut back on some of that Ashran time....

Mythic guilds and their woes

There is a post on the forums about a mythic raider who is complaining that they have had 3 guilds fall apart this expansion.  Prior to that they had been a raider since vanilla and had only had 3 guilds fall apart, due to end of expansions wind downs, as opposed to end of patch wind downs. This person has a bunch of 6 or 7 friends who they enjoy playing with and are yearning for a mythic guild where they can play together and not have to stress about constantly trying to find replacements.

Now that's a very common scenario don't you think?  I think I've been hearing stories like that ALL the time, but especially since Cataclysm.

There are a myriad of replies, but some of the replies are more interesting than others. I am going to highlight a couple and add my two cents.
This is a great example of why I'm not really interested in raiding Mythic.  You're either a feeder guild, or you're the top guild on the server.  There's really really no in-between.
I have had a few of my friends in other guilds complaining about being feeder guilds for the big guilds on our server.  I feel bad for them, but they're still doing ok.  There are 3 big guilds on my server and they are always pulling good players from the other guilds. From the feeder guild point of view that's pretty sucky. From the big guild's point of view, it's survival of the fittest, and trying to do their best to survive.  Evolution in nature works the same way, right?  The trick to surviving that is to have some edge, some evolutionary trait that will ensure your survival.  It's up to the leadership of each guild to try to figure out what that is.
Time has taught me that raid guilds have more in common with a job and coworkers than it does with a circle of friends.  You may have some coworkers who are friends, but most are coworkers.  So it is with most raid guilds.
That comment hits it right on the head. I've often thought that raiding has a lot in common with a job - you apply, you show your "resume" or what you are capable of doing, then you slot in the team and do your best to get along with those around you. You need to turn up on time and do your "role" and you need to show commitment to it. If you think about your workplace, do you have a high turnover? Are people constantly leaving or joining?  Interestingly, in my workplace I see that a lot, as people move to better jobs, or get better offers elsewhere and jump ship. A lot like the high end raiding scene.
Another thing I partially blame is the removal of server communities. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying there wasn't guild hoppers in classic.  But I feel when server communities were stronger and you needed guilds for more than just mythic raids you had people that cared about their guilds a lot more and would stay with them through tough times.  Now when it's so easy to join another guild even on other servers or pug cross realm and there's no accountability for your previous actions, people are more willing to 'loot n' scoot'.
It's true that you can just PuG and get further in a PuG than you can with your own guild, and it's relatively easy to do if you're a good players.  You can imagine that most people would think why bother with a guild who is struggling and wasting time being unable to down a fight when you could just join a PuG and get it down quickly? What ARE the benefits to being in guild anyway?

It's different for everyone, but there are things I like about being in a guild.  I like seeing my friends and finding someone to do the things I enjoy outside of raiding with. I like that I know the people around me and even if they are not my closest friends, I'm familiar with them and can trust them. However, there are people who don't care about having friends, who just want to raid and get somewhere. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion or a choice. Without LFG, some of these people wouldn't get to raid, or at least, would have to show more commitment before they would be able to. Or, they might not be playing the game at all, and doing something else.

Let's go back to the parallels with work situation again.  Think about if you were in a job, and it pays you $100 a day washing windows.  You see an ad in the paper to wash someone's windows and its a one day job and you will get $400 for washing their windows.  Not only will you earn in one day what you would do in four, but you can do the job and then leave, and you may not know anyone and they won't care about you as long as you can do the job, right?  How many people are not going to jump at that opportunity? And of course, if you can earn the same in one day as you earn in 4 in your normal job, what's the point of turning up to your normal job?  Sure, if you have good friends at your work that you enjoy hanging out with, you'd still want to go to work.  Also, if you had a bit of a conscience and if you didn't turn up to work, it would make it harder for your other mates at work because either they would have to pick up your slack at work and work harder for it, or find someone else who can wash those windows. And maybe you don't care because you are making more money anyway.  THAT mentality is what we see in the raiding culture and it's no different to what happens in real life.
Many progression raiding giulds are not providing LFR and normal mode raiders the opportunity to experience more difficult content, thereby ensuring that the shortage of Heroic and Mythic raiders will continue.  Sometimes this is because the guild cannot complete the harder content itself; sometimes it's because they feel that their progression will be greatly hindered by having a raider who is not "already there" with the rest of the team as far as performance. 
Many guilds no longer seem to be willing to accept players who do not already meet the gear and knowledge requirements.  I call this "poisoning their own well" because they are turning away many applicants who would be great potential raid team members simply because they don't already have AotC and 7xx ilvl.  The candidate might have the skill, and the time, and the enthusiasm, but they don't have the gear or the achievements.
In the place we are in now, it's very difficult for a new player to be able to play the game and be good at it. If you start from scratch, then who would you play with?  You'd level solo, then do some LFR and then from there try to get into a guild - and if you were an amazing player, nobody would look at you until you had some gear or some kills. But how would you get those if not given the opportunity?  But then, how would one know if someone was good or not if you never try them?  It's a vicious cycle and only with sheer luck can someone break into a good guild coming from nothing.
Seriously how pathetic is someone's life if they actually SCHEDULE time to play a video game?
Honestly, who says this kind of thing? Ever played sports? Everyone turns up at the same time to play together.  In a social game, team play is why you need to be organised and make times to play. It's like saying "Hey I want to play basketball right now" and go out at some random time and find oh, there's nobody to play with. So um... yeah scheduling is important, if you want to play a TEAM game. Solo games are different of course, and that comment is from someone who would want to play a solo game.

It was interesting to see a lot of comments asking for 10 man mythic to be returned, because people couldn't make the magic 20 number, and were struggling and eventually collapsing.  Also, people were asking for mythic to be xrealmed, like the other difficulties, to help the mythic raiding scene.

I'm sure I will get a lot of criticism for this but...

I don't think that mythic should be made for 10 man.  I don't think it should be cross realmed.  The whole point of that mythic difficulty was to have something that was super hard, for the top players in the game.  I liken it to... say earning 200k a year.  Everyone wants to earn that much, right?  Everyone thinks that they are smart enough, hard working enough, innovative enough.  But there are other elements to it.  There is dedication.  You need to be able to be that much better, that more hard working than someone else.  You have to work long hours, and prepared NOT to have holidays.  And you have to not whinge about it because someone out there will be wanting your job. Yes, it's just a game, but if you want to participate in the most elite part of the game then you need to put that effort in, right?

So the game isn't challenging enough for you and you're bored?  Well, you could spend a ton of effort to be able to raid - find an established mythic guild, be prepared to stick it out and be benched without getting upset about it - or just stop playing and find something else to play.  A lot of people are whinging about the raiding scene. I think that's because they are not willing to sacrifice something to get what they want.  You want to play with your friends but can't make a big 20 team?  Then you all need to go togther and join a team, TOGETHER.  So a few of you get benched for others, but if you're patient, you'll get your turn to play together.  If you're not happy with that, and only want to play with your friends, then you will have to sacrifice that mythic raiding you hold so dear to just play heroic, or go play another game together. Personally, I favour the latter choice - my guildies and I like to play together in other games too if we're not playing WoW.
I mean, look at it another way: What if someone was in a guild that was legitimately holding them back. (Eg. Carebear leadership and not replacing underperformers or most of the raid doesn't have skill level to go past X boss). What else are they going to do?
If you play mythic you need to be hardcore, I guess you would have to weed out the stragglers. I think for mythic you have to be.  For heroic, definitely not. I like being a carebear leader, though most would not agree with me, and wish I was a bit more feralbear. I think being a feralbear can bring it's own stresses, and being a carebear makes my conscience ease somewhat.

There was a lot of chatter about Method having a major split - the raid team has splintered off and formed a new guild, Serenity, with Slootbag from Midwinter moving there as well. Even the best guilds in the world are not immune to the problem of mythic raiding.  As said in the forums, the pool of players with enough skill and time to dedicate to mythic raiding is ever decreasing, making it harder and harder for replacements to be found (and a lack of people willing to be able train up new ones).

So is there a solution to what is going on? Should Blizzard do something about the mythic raiding scene to make it more viable?

I think, at the end of the expansion (like in Siege of Orgrimmar) it would be a good gesture to make mythic cross realm just so people could get some closure in Hellfire Citadel.  Maybe in the last month or two before Legion hits.  I think that a few people might come back and aim for their kills cross realm, but they will need to remove that feature once Legion is live.

I don't think they should change mythic size. It's supposed to be difficult.  It's supposed to be elite. Only a tiny % of all WoW players get to do it, so if they want it, they should work for it and if they want it badly enough, sacrifice whatever they need to get it.  Move servers. Sit out a bit and wait your turn if you go with your friends to a new guild. If you're a guild recruiting, think about how you can make your guild more attractive to mythic players - progress is one thing, but treating them fairly is another.  If you want to sit people out regularly make a roster so people can plan their lives - there's nothing like cancelling your date with your partner to turn up and find you are sitting out that night.

If you want to give up because it's too hard to find a mythic guild, then that's ok too!  But giving up easily makes you a pretty lousy mythic raider, I have to say. Mythic raiding is about working hard, and persistence.  If you give up after failing with a guild a few times, how are you going to be when you're wiping for 100+ times on a boss?

I wish you all the luck, if you're still trying to find your mythic guild.  I'm so glad that I don't have that worry!  Makes me glad that I'm not a mythic guild! My only worry is about being a feeder guild but because we recruit so infrequently, we are very unlikely to have that situation occur.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Guildleader chores - Recruitment and misunderstandings

I often go out onto forums to look for players that are looking for somewhere to call home.  Most of the time the people are looking for "progression", "hardcore", or "mythic" so it's pretty easy to gloss over those people.  Every now and then you come across someone who would just like a nice bunch of people to play with, and then I go try my luck, after I scope out their skill level.

The last person I recruited was Constantine, who was looking for something more casual and wanted to play with his friends here, Exray and Aza, so I went through the usual questions and then let him in and raid.  He tends to prefer their company (which is fine) and he does good damage now after we got him geared up.

So when I came across this couple who were on Aussies on an RP server, I opened a dialogue with them when they were trialling with another guild. That didn't work out for them so they came back to me and wanted to see if we would suit.

I told them that potential guildies who want to raid do a maximum of two raid with us as PuGs because in my experience, if someone hasn't joined by then, they are unlikely to do so. Scruff, Sev's friend, was a classic example. Said he would come, but really, commitment isn't really his strong point.  Besides, he still had a good thing going with his old guild, so I wasn't sure what our guild could offer him other than a more casual raid, more game time with Sev, and a stable long term home.

So I brought them for Sunday raid which is more casual, but I forgot to mention that they couldn't loot over guildies.  So when they won rolls, I couldn't suddenly say that it wasn't fair - we are doing rolls after all to loot on Sunday raids - and so I let it slide.  They both walked away with loot that day.

They wanted to see what a heroic raid was like, and I said from the word go that loot in heroic is not like how it is looted on Sundays, and that it is EPGP based. They would be welcome to loot that we are sharding, but they wouldn't be able to bid on any loot that the main raiders wanted. I was surprised when they came back to me saying that they thought that was unfair, because they had contributed to the raid, and being unable to loot would mean they would be locked out of loot for those bosses for the week. I explained to them that it would be highly unfair if they did loot and decide not to join the guild because they would have taken loot from our guild. "But we aren't PuGs, we want to join the guild," they said, and after another minute of discussion, and they decided they wouldn't raid with us that week, I thought "You know, if I have to sit here arguing about loot then I don't really think you want to join, and I don't think I really want people who are going to be snarky about loot in the guild."

So I figured that they wouldn't join and left it at that.

I was surprised when they came back to me to come for Sunday again, and since it was Sunday and our numbers were low, I said ok.  I didn't count that as their second raid because we were doing achievements, so it wasn't really about loot. After the raid, they asked if they could come to a heroic raid and decided upon Wednesday. It appeared that they had realised that their stance on loot was a bit silly for trials and were happy to comply with whatever I wished.

So Wednesday rolls around and I mentioned to the raid that we would be having some trials turn up.  They turned up late, and a few guildies commented that it was a bad first impression, being a trial.  I wasn't so fussed - maybe they wouldn't show.  However they did show up and one was on a mage, the other on their rogue. Their DPS wasn't amazing, but they were well behaved. After that raid, they said they would like to join.

A comment from one of them made me realise that they thought they had to do two raids to be eligible to join.  They could have joined at anytime - there had been no major outcries against them joining. They asked if they could bring a different toon, and I said as long as it wasn't a tank, and was geared (at least 695+) then they could. I have always said that you can play any toon you wish to play and whatever spec you like.

The next raid day turned up the toons that they brought were a monk and mage. One raid member was upset because they felt like we were being used to gear up alts, which we don't allow, but that wasn't the case. Both of them came as DPS, and I didn't particularly mind what DPS it was as long as it was geared for heroics. And, as I said before, play what you are happy playing.  I told the two new members that whatever toon they chose they could not change until the next tier, or until 4 months had passed. If their DPS was better on a different toon, why would that be bad?

They weren't amazing, but learning new strats with a different bunch of people can be like that.  I had to gently remind them of what behaviour I expect from guild members and they seemed compliant enough.  The main reason they were keen was because our guild raiding allows for being late to raid due to work commitments.  Obviously we frown on people just turning up at whatever time for no reason, but if on a particular day you are always late because of work, study, family or whatever, we're OK with that as long as we know beforehand. All I am looking for are reliable regulars, who are not dreadful players, who are improving and who are tolerant and fit into the guild with the rest of us. That's for raiding though. Socials are different, of course, and I picked up a social player earlier in the week too.

And I don't think that's too much to ask.  But I wish that everyone else would remember that too! It's hard to make people understand the thinking of what I recruit for, that it's not just about someone who is an amazing DPS or healer, but someone who can play well in a team and be good to their fellow teammates.  To me, that's more important than being a ranked player, but I understand that not everyone thinks that way. I hope that people can understand a little more about why I recruit the way I do, and that though it may be hard to understand, in theory it should be better for the longevity of our guild.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guildleader chores - In Good Hands

Next week I'll be heading off for a holiday in Japan which is quite exciting!  However, I will miss raiding, but I am glad that the guild is in good hands when I leave.

In some ways I look at the guild like it is my child, or maybe like a garden. If I go away and don't look after it, it could die! However the guild is stable enough now, I think, that everyone knows what to do and what the rules are.  I used to feel like, if I didn't raid, there would be a bit of boundary pushing and the raid getting a little bit unruly. I haven't felt that way though since we started Draenor.

In fact, these days I am pretty quiet in raid - I don't even have to discipline anyone much except for the occasional slip where people say things that break the guild "rules" and even then it's not much other than a "Don't say that word....!" and people are very apologetic.  In fact, these days people are using rekt more often instead of rape (which is a good thing! I very rarely see rape talk these days - and certainly none in guild chat except for the occasional slip which is quickly frowned on so it's all very pleasant in my opinion).

I want to be able to kill Mannoroth before I go on holiday!  I do wonder if the guild will get Archimonde when I'm away - I'd be happy if that happened but I would also be bummed on missing out on it! And Yuuda would be able to heal all the time in my place (except Thursdays - that could be rather ugly if Rag isn't there to heal). Holycurves (Amayeti) is also back so that's an extra healer in the mix.  I'm not sure what will happen on Sundays as well - with signups for casual raid declining we may end up just not doing them anymore which will give me an extra day to do other WoW things (which will probably just be me doing more Ashran).

We may also have some new recruits this week. I'm not sure because they want to come and trial on Wednesday to see if they like the feel of heroic, and they seem pretty interested now (not so interested before). We'll see how they go - I noticed neither of them has the legendary ring but that just means less people to use it at the wrong time LOL.

Not sure if I should do holiday updates in here - it's not very WoW related. For those who know where to look they can keep up with my holiday updates, but in the meantime it may be not very daily here at the Daily Frostwolf after next Saturday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Broken Archaelogy - Figure of 8 bugs

I thought that with the addition of flying in 6.2.2 that I would have fun doing my pet battles and archaeology. However, there has been a slight hiccup with that.

Dig sites are buggy and not working properly with strange figure of 8 patterns.  Here is a pic from reddit, and here is one of my digsites.

I have had the "figure of 8" bug on 2 dig sites now - one of which was buggy and I couldn't complete the digsite because I was being pointed to an area that wasn't in the "8" and I couldn't dig there, even though having gone along the full edge of the "8" there was nowhere else to dig and it was clearly pointing into a section that was not in the highlighted area.  The second one I managed to complete successfully.

I could randomize the dig sites, but that's annoying and it doesn't really fix the problem because I could just get another figure of 8.

Hopefully there will be a fix with this restart tonight! Or maybe the next maintenance...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Raiding - Toppled that Tyrant

It felt like we were doing something wrong all those previous attempts - so when we went and hit up Tyrant on Monday and it seemed to go quite smoothly, it was rather nice.

Mind you, we wiped once then killed it. Which was surprising.

I'm not sure what went differently.  Perhaps it was people NOT standing in front of the boss - the melee seem to like dancing around like idiots during phase 1 which increases the amount of damage they take.

The Edict was done better as well.  People were not dawdling around at melee killing everyone around them with the Edict, and the hunters (namely Ultra) were awesome when they jumped out at the last minute in Phase 4 with Edict and deterred the Edict on their own and didn't damage anyone else.  That was amazing from a healer point of view since we didn't have to do massive healing for that part. It was great!

Then we had a few goes at Mannoroth, and we still haven't quite go the Shadowforce right (I didn't know that you use the white bits to slow you during shadowforce, but what a great idea LOL) but it was solid progress and it feels like we're getting better on it with a kill in sight in the near future.

I forgot to mention Archimonde at the beginning of the raid, which went well.  We are still on personal loot and perhaps we may change that to master loot in a fortnight, but I think for now we will still be doing personal loot.  There are a few people who haven't got their class trinkets yet - Duck was the only one who got his last night.

Looking forward to raid next week! It's my last full week of raiding before I go on holidays!  Hmm, I might need to set up some scheduled posts for the time that I am away....

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Raiding - Achievements on a Sunday casual run

Sunday attendance is dwindling and I can understand that - I still like going, though sometimes it's more of an obligation rather than a true enjoyment, but I have never disliked raiding on the casual day - and now that we have the Mannoroth portal, people don't really want to turn up anymore just to gear alts and whatever.

Kyxyn told me that he wanted to do Manny then take the rest of the night off and I was fine with that. I did wonder what we would be doing.

However, then the thought of achievements popped up and that got me all excited.

When the raid started, I was not looking particularly optimistic.  Firstly, a little bit melee heavy, and with Battousaix and Zyrekt there who hadn't done Manny before, I was worried we wouldn't get it. That, and Zyrekt had not struck me as the most raid aware person after having done 5 Timewalkers with him on the Saturday and he died continuously to melee/ground mechanics. And, he had a pretty crappy ilvl too!

But, we somehow managed to pull it off. Yuuda scoffed at me for being concerned.  "It's just Mannoroth," he said. "It's an easy fight."

Still. I was happy that was done after only one wipe.

I had the two trials there as well (Ashenik and Doublebrutal), and they also stayed on for the later part of the raid where we decided we would try for achievements.

So back we went to the beginning and tried to do the Nearly Indestructible achievement for Hellfire Assault.  All we had to do there was make sure that the cannons didn't take damage, and kill all the machines and demolishers as soon as they came out.  That actually went really well, considering it was a raid full of alts.  Taxar and Thohand (Danleet) were tanking and it went rather well, even considering we lusted at the wrong point, and I was pleased to get that achievement out of the way.  Even Crooked was perky, because he was quite animated and calling out things because he does quite enjoy achievements.

The second achievement was on Iron Reaver, Turning the Tide.  On the edges up in the stands around the area we do Iron Reaver there are Hellfire guardians standing up there.  We need to get Iron Reaver to do a Barrage on top of them to kill them.

It wasn't as difficult as some people said it would be.  At first we thought just facing that way and having everyone stand in a line in that direction (as Iron reaver chooses a random person and barrages in that direction) so that Iron Reaver would barrage the guardians up the top would be enough, but it turns out there is a range on it.  So we had to bring Iron Reaver closer, but then there was fire EVERYWHERE.  Thank goodness it was normal.  We had a few dud shots at first but we got the hang of it, and sometimes repositioning was a little difficult.  However, we got it down on our first attempt at the achievement, though it was messy.  There are guardians on both sides, so once we finish one side (hopefully you get one side finished before she flies up into the air so when she lands you can just take her to the other side) then you can just drag over and do the other side.  That was a pretty cool achievement to get, I thought.

Then we tried for the Council one, You Gotta Keep 'em Separated (Offpsring reference!). That one was not easy.  The healing required in that last phase is absolutely phenomenal and was horribly painful.  The idea is to kill them all within 10 seconds of each other but once you get them below 30% they enrage and do horrible nasty bad things.  We wiped a few times to it, and then gave up and just did it normally.  That might be something that you do with a bunch of mains and no alts.

Overall I had a fun night - any night with achievements is a fun night.  I wonder where Tacky was. He likes achievements, and I wish he'd been there.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oh pet bandages now stack to 250? Thank the Earthmother!

So I just noticed that pet bandages can stack more than 25 now!  I usually walk around with a stack or two on Navi, as I usually send full stacks off to my bank alt.

So now I can move them into tidy little stacks of 250! Yay! One nice little thing that makes life a little bit easier.

I really should use all these upgrade things, I'd have even more bank space then.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting that Predator Title

I saw Euphyley writing about the Predator title and I really wanted it, so I told Tacky, Crooked and Dan about how she said to get it.

To get the title you have to kill Xemirkol, a rare in Tanaan that's in a different phase. Euphyley said that you need to complete these things to be able to get to him:
Picture from Euphyley.  I was a bit excited and FORGOT to take a pic! What is with me lately and forgetting to take pics?
Xemirkol has a really long respawn time (18+ hours), but people on Wowhead said that it reliable spawns after a reset.  Another bummy thing is that he is a tagged mob not a shared one, so once someone tags it, if you're not in a group with them, you won't get credit.  The only way to get to him is to use the Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal - some people had said stand close to the area and using the Hunter's Seeking Crystal works as well.

I missed when servers came back up on Wednesday morning (3 hours earlier than what I thought!) and it wasn't up then.  Xemirkol is found at that dot in the map pictured above.

Tacky went to the spot after raid and used his crystal and shouted on Ventrilo that he was at the rare! I yelled for an invite... maybe 4 times and was getting panicky when I wasn't getting invited.  I flew to the spot (yay for flying!) and I actually used my Hunter's Seeking Crystal.  Dan and Kyxyn were in the raid group and used their Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal but unfortunately got ported to some other rare.

Whilst we were there someone else arrived and started hitting on the rare, which was a shame, as it turned grey for us. Everyone was sad, and then we thought we'd let him die, but I recognised the name - he was a tauren warrior from Lotion, the top guild on the server - and he probably wasn't going to die any time soon and would likely be able to solo it.  So I whispered him if I could invite him to party and I sent him an invite.  He joined the raid, and I hit Xemirkol and he went from grey to red so I said in vent that I had invited him to party so hit the rare.  Crooked hit it, but Tacky didn't - he didn't hear me about hitting the mob, and when Xemirkol died, Crooked and I got the achievement.  I felt bad that Tacky didn't get it, and that the others missed out too.  Hopefully I can help them get it.

Yeah... that's a lousy pic. Whoops.

Everyone talks about not getting punted off the platform so I rapidly placed myself with my back against a wall hoping I wouldn't fall off. All the agro was on the warrior anyway, so Xemirkol wasn't hitting me.  Apparently he has a few abilities (Shadow Crash, Shadow Zone, Mind Blast, Carrion Blast) and 2.617million health.  I didn't see all these, but if you're planning to solo him, make sure you're dodging and interrupting stuff.

It would be awesome to be a mail wearer so I could wear that predator mail hat!  Here is a pic of me wearing it in Mogit.  It would be cool to look like this and have the Predator title.

And here I am showing off my cool new title.  Cows are not very impressive predators, but a green fire kitty is a much more impressive one!  Good luck with your title and send me links of your cool title pics!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Patch 6.2.2 - We can fly we can fly we can fly

I heard that people said that flying was "underwhelming" on the PTR.  Pfft.

I can fly from my Shipyard to my garrison.  You may not think that's very important but it is for me! Those extra seconds make a lot of difference.

Doing my Tanaan Pet battles is heaps easier now.  I used to be lazy and only do the circuit around Throne of Kiljaeden, Fel Forge and the Hellfire Citadel.  Now I can do all of them.

Some of these new rares that popped up I only know how to get to by flying.  There is one inside Hellfire Citadel, Fel Overseer Mudlump, that I have no idea how you get inside the citadel to do.  A goblin hunter I was with said it can be done by the back of the citadel with some creative jumping from his goblin ability... but that doesn't help the rest of us.  The new rares are out towards the east of Tanaan, so there aren't many flight paths out there.  Also the new rares in Nagrand are in Highmaul so flying helped me there too.  The respawn timer on them was SUPER fast. I'm sure it was faster than half an hour on one of them at least.

Unfortunately, no toys or pets for me today, perhaps next time! Though I did pick up a Spike-Toed Booterang - that might be useful for annoying people who are flying which sounds great for PvP. Wonder if I can use it in Ashran?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guildleader chores - The cost of responsibility as an officer/guild leader

We have had a guild website for ages - the problem is nobody updates it.  I have to pay for it and it lapsed recently, but the officers realised that there was nowhere that people could head to for current information about the guild. I thought about it and perhaps I should find one of those free ones.

It made me wonder if people realised how much it costs to actually run a guild.  Other than the time investment that you put into things (which isn't really that much - because I would be playing that much anyway or chatting incessantly in game).

The website cost me over $100 a year (yes yes I know, I picked a lousy plan it had all this DNS stuff on it which I don't really need), and Ventrilo also costs a little over $100 a year.  I also have Mumble as a backup and that costs $120 a year.

I'm not asking for monetary donations.  Of all people, I would probably be close to the last to be concerned with being strapped for cash.  Besides, I think it's all for a good cause, and I am happy to pay for it which is probably why it's a good thing that I am the guild leader.  But the website thing... I'm not really sure if I want to pay for that.  Nobody is using it but we really need somewhere to put guild info especially regarding things like raids, looting systems, and BoEs.  We have a Facebook group but not everyone is on facebook.

I could just make a free wordpress page that will just have the guild information on it. Or a google page.  That would be easy.

Honestly, like I haven't got enough to do without trying to make a guild page as well. I have this blog to do (well, I should be posting more, it's not very daily, but REALLY, there aren't that many people reading my random ramblings, let's face it), and my other blog has been sorely neglected - there are so many more pop culture references and I've been a bit lazy about adding them.

Lately, I have turned my eye to more crafty projects.  I was thinking of making a blanket for myself, and I saw this one on deviant art by Ninjakazz and I thought, hey I can do that! It's a crocheted blanket and I thought I could even make it double sided (and put alliance on the other side... though that seems rather distasteful to me).

It's the first day of spring and there won't be much use for a blanket soon, but the rate at which I churn out blog posts may be a reflection of how fast my knitting/crochet skills go, so if I start now, I might have a blanket in time for next year's winter.