Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Lindsay in Redridge

Community Manager
Well, Payne has decided to send you on a training mission that's sure to warm your heart . . . just before your soul is crushed! You're off to Redridge Mountains to face Lindsay's vicious team of bunnies. To reiterate your instructions: you’ll need to assemble a team of two level-4 pets and one level-5 pet. The level-4 pets can be either Undead or Elemental, and your level-5 pet can be either Humanoid or Beast.

Keep them in this order, and see if you can best Lindsay. Come on back here to tell us how you did when you're done!

P.S. There is a hidden secret in the blog. Can you find it?

So this time Major Payne has sent us out to beat up the cute widdle bunny wabbits of a sweet little girl.  I had to level a couple of pets to get them to level 4, and this is what I chose:

Critters are strong against Undead, and Critters take less damage from Elemental abilities, so I tried to find some beast abilities in the pets that I chose, and Mr Bigglesworth and Tiny Shale Spider seemed to fit that just fine.  Of course, those poor guys died while I let the Spider take all the glory.

Oh and I found the secret!  It's HERE!

If you're too lazy to go to the blog and click the full stop after "losing", you can click here to see why Crithto said "Winning is going to feel like losing."  Gee I'm a big meanie :P  Made a little human girl cry.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Filling in the gaps in my knowledge with Christie Golden's War Crimes

Amateur Azerothian recommended that I read War Crimes, and I had been waiting for a cheaper price somewhere so I could read it.  In the end, I found it on google books, and I know it wasn't there when I was originally looking for it, so I'm pleased it made it there and it was much cheaper than buying it from the Book Depository.

If you're going to read this book then don't read what I'm going to write!


I was skeptical about reading about Garrosh and a trial.  Now I personally am against the death penalty, but I know that there are a lot of people out there who are for the death penalty.  Not sure if I really wanted to read about mobs crazy for Garrosh's blood.

However, the stand out moments were in High Cheftain Baine Bloodhoof.  He is after all, my racial leader. Chosen to defend Garrosh in the Pandaren court, I don't think anyone envied him - in fact they probably despised him for it, for it was an impressive burden, and he did it to the best of his ability.  And I think that is the crux of the matter! Even though inside he probably believed that Garrosh should die for his crimes, and he was loathe to do the task set before him, he did it to the best of his ability, because it was the HONOURABLE thing to do.  I found that no different to me treating the injuries of a mass murderer - even though I would be reluctant to be caring for or helping them, it is my duty to deliver an excellent standard of care, no matter what a person's background.  I am not the judge, nor jury, nor executioner, and though I may wish otherwise, I have to put my personal feelings aside and attend to the task at hand.

When I thought back on it, I realised that there were a LOT of females in the story!  Though I hadn't really noticed it, it was reallly good to see features on other characters who seemed to have disappeared from the storyline - Shokia, whom we quested with throughout Jade forest and into The Valley of the four Winds and Krasarang; and also Warlord Zaela, of the Dragonmaw who escaped after the fight with Galakras.

There was a lot of delving into the past to see the crimes that Garrosh committed, and it was good to read those things.  Golden does a great job with her writing and her interpretation of the characters leaves little the imagination.  Sylvanas is so bitter and cold and angry, and Jaina herself was also very angry, though understandably so.  Vereesa too was filled with rage and I felt sorry for her children as they seemed to be cast to the wayside as Vereesa burned with thoughts of revenge. Looking at Sylvanas in this light makes me feel like we will have to kill her off one day.  I wish we could kill some alliance for a change.  I still mourn Nazgrim!

Hope.  Chi-ji reminded us all that hope is a powerful entity.  With hope, there is the chance for great things to happen, for people to change, a chance for success.  Essentially Garrosh was not executed because a dead person cannot change, or be given the chance to change. For there is always the hope that someone may change and bring about something positive in the world. And we cannot hope if we give in to hate and rage and despair.

So, Garrosh is allowed to live, but of course, he spurns his choice for repentance, and disappears into the past with a member of the infinite dragonflight disguised as a bronze. I hope in 6.0 or in the quest line in WoD we find out why that time was chosen...and what does it mean when Garrosh from our time meets up with his infant self?  Would a universe-ending paradox would ensue?

Well it didn't went Ambassador Spock met Commander Spock.  So I don't think it will happen in this new timeline either....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Raiding - First look at Paragons

I am sure that I mirror most people who look at the Paragons fight on heroic and think "OMG I actually have to pay attention to mechanics now???" Because, I know the only mechanic I really knew was kill the amber and drag people away from the kunchong.  Oh yeah I know the aim you gotta have a few people stand in it, and don't stand in the amber on the ground.  Maybe I did know a mechanic or two more than I thought I did.

But I watched the fight and it was a bit confusing.  All of us had our heads full and everyone had their 2c to say but fortunately Exray had his head sorted and he told us the order to do it and we did it boss by boss rather than get bogged down with all the details.

So.  They started hitting Rikkal so that the bloods went to him and then the other tank dragged Skeer away and then the next bloods were heading to him and we had to kill Skeer before the bloods got to him and healed him.  And this was a bit new - parasites were spawning and every now and then someone got mutated into a scorpion and they had to go eat a parasite.  I wanted to see that but it seems that healers don't get the scorpion debuff.  The poor DPS didn't like it because it made their damage go to poo and they also took more damage.

The first couple of goes were a bit fiddly as the tanks kept mitigating the hits and so parasites weren't spawning or something.  Damn being overgeared they said!  Also, having ox out didn't help LOL.

Hisek was doing aim and also doing this Rapid fire which was slow comet like things shooting out in a circle from Hisek which were easily avoidable at range but difficult to dodge in melee which of course I had to do a token stupid death of playing around in melee because I was trying to be clever and stand in my derp circle with my parasite so I would get some passive healing.  I didn't know this but the shadow priests and hunters can cheese the aim with dispersion and feign death.  That saves me some raid damage!

Mana seems to be a bit tight in that fight.  By the end of the night we had slid backwards a bit, with the last couple of attempts unable to even get Skeer down before the bloods got to him.  It was annoying that I couldn't root, typhoon, disorienting roar or faerie fire slow them so I felt rather useless.  I bet Ursol's Vortex doesn't work either.

But we have all day today to keep going and learning it.  At least I feel like I'm enjoying myself.  Doing it bug by bug gives me a chance to learn it at my snail pace and I think everyone will be in a good mood for more attempts tonight.  It was Jazz's birthday yesterday so she was a little bit merry and may have been slower than normal, but I still had a fun night.

OK, this time for real!  We're doing 25 man Garrosh on Monday!  Guildies, you better be on!  I am loathe to pug people because I want to be able to do our first full guild 25 man normal Garrosh.  It may be the only time we do it this expansion as we work our way towards the heroic version!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Raiding - Raidbreaker Blackfuse is broken!

Ok, I just spoiled the entire post with that title!

I was disappointed that we hadn't got it on Thursday but fortunately using the other group's lockout we could get back on track as if nothing happened.  There were a lot of things worrying me.  I was worried I would be the big F-up again.  I was worried people were going to watch the stream.  AND I was worried that I had promised a 25 man Garrosh and if we didn't get the boss down, people would want to continue on Blackfuse.

So the stream was going and people were watching, and I felt like it must have been really boring! We had a lot of blah attempts, and not getting below 35% but eventually we had a 3% wipe and that was progress!

I still got hit by bombs.  And I got hit by my share of sawblades too.  Embarrassing that it was all for everyone to see in the stream.  There was one during a magnet phase and I got knocked off the platform, and I thought I died, but somehow I was ported back up.  I thought it was a lifegrip but I think it was just an automatic teleport!

My personal achievement was living through the first laser of magnet phase. So far I had not lived through one, but now I have.  I was happy about that except everyone else died...

It was coming up to 1030pm and there weren't 25 people on, and I said that if there weren't 25 people on we weren't going to do 25 man Garrosh.  I felt bad, but I had a few people (who would have raided) tell me to continue doing the boss, because we were so close!

And then, on the attempt AFTER I said we weren't doing the 25 man Garrosh, we got it.  I died near the end, when the boss was on 6% or so, and the DPS were tunnelling and trying to get Blackfuse down... then it was at 1% and the boss had the shield up and everyone was throwing everything they got.....


Shoulders went to Jazz - surprisingly nobody wanted it!  Ring went to Drauka, so yay, all loots taken!

Felt like a huge relief.. except, that we will have to do this boss sometime again so that we can hit up Garrosh.  But that won't be for a while.  Next week we're going to go Paragons and since we can't do Heroic Garrosh because the earlier bosses were cleared on normal, we'll do our guild 25 man normal on Monday next week and then reset after that, and that will be the last reset we'll do until 6.0, I think.

Oh gawd. We're turning into The Bushido Project! :P

Oh, and there were little guild funnies that I wanted to put in here, and mostly related to the stream.  I told the few who were following that the stream was going up, and then Tacky decided to announce it to the guild.  I didn't think there would be much interest TBH other than the people who wanted to watch and learn, but there were some gems in guild that made me giggle.

I forgot to turn sound off and because I was talking to Aimei on Skype the sound was looping!!! It was really bizarre!

Dragonray was watching and the poor baby was tired (being ill does that) and also because I had practically twisted her arm to get her on at 1030 and we didn't do Garrosh.  She said that the watching the stream was turning her on.  To which many of us replied, is she watching the right stream...?

Daenerys also made me laugh, because she was watching the stream and said that she realised that it was a silly thing to do because she could just go over and watch it on Drauka's screen.

Someone, I think it was Kahrax, said my UI was boring.  Everyone is a critic!

And, one of Exray's friends was trolling in the channel. I SUSPECT THAT WAS ASUNA!

Anyway by the end, streaming it wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be.  People probably got bored and stopped watching after all those wipes, so nobody will really be watching!  And yes I made mistakes and the whole guild could see.  But maybe that just makes me more human.  I've never claimed to be a leet player - and now everyone can see that I'm not!  Everyone has the potential to be a heroic raider - all it takes is some dedication and some heart.

Monday, August 25, 2014

New readers, new guildies and new guild achievements and I need a new week!

On Saturday I logged on and started trying to get the Flex sorted and chat to everyone, and someone whom I didn't know whispered me, who was a pet collector!  I was cursing my UI because I set it to default the other day because I had some weird issues and then I forgot to turn on new whispers into a new chat window.  This person was a level 90 who was a pet collector and I would have loved to talk to her more... except I can't remember her name!

It was like Zelobin, but I wasn't sure and the guild was not one I recognised.  They said to me that they were just behind me in the number of pets and was number #2 on the server.  Which I was confused by, because the person just behind me on the server was from Bushido Project from memory and I had never seen them online to be able to chat to them.

She was very friendly - she said she read my blog and I thanked her and I wanted to say more, but I thought it would sound really insipid!  And self centred. I asked her what pets she didn't have and it was just Tyrael, the Collector's Editions and one other thing, maybe the PvP one.  But she had all the RAF I think.  To be honest I'm not sure if it was a guy or a girl, but the toon was a female, so I will refer to her as a she.

Then by the time I finished sorting out the raid and talking to Ultra (one of Aza's friends from Caelestrasz) about joining the guild, she was gone, and our whispers were gone and I couldn't remember her name!

So Detective Navimie went hunting.  I looked at the list of people who were the top pet battlers on the server and went through their lists.  Still there wasn't anyone except Kaix and Jazeel on the list.  And with WoW Armo(u)ry down looking up other toons was a bit dicey.  However, I managed to get a clue!

When I was looking at Guildox, I went into Jazeel's profile - she was #2 on the server for uniques - and it showed her alts, and one of them listed was Zelobia.  Which I was SURE must be the name of the person because it was so close and Jazeel (who was from the guild The Bushido project).  Interesting because I remember wondering about Jazeel as I had never managed to see them in game, but members of The Bushido Project seems to only logon at raid times.  But, it was nice to meet another pet battler.  Gosh I'd better watch what I saw about TBP then! /grin

Interestingly though, Lyconah (GM of TBP) whispered me talking asking about the raidID wipe, and he'd put in a ticket.  I said to him that we were using the normals lockout to extend the raid, and he said to me that they had been extending for a couple of months.  My eyes nearly fell out of my head - a couple of months!!! They must all be very like minded (ie determined to get to the end of the expansion) because I don't think I could do that. I said to Lyconah it's a chance for them to get more gear (though I'd worry because having extended it for that long you might forget how the other fights go). Anyway hopefully they do a normal heroic clear and pick up some upgrades.

On Friday we had our Frosties Friday Fun run and knocked out all the remaining guild achievements for Cataclysm raids.  We did Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds and Firelands on heroic and that was quite fun.  Then we attempted to redo our Throne of Thunder.  Going with a slightly lesser geared group made a big difference, and we could not do Horridon.  Also, having a real second tank might have helped too.  It doesn't matter though, there are plenty of Fridays left!

I still  like looking at Ragnaros's legs. I'm not sure why that is...

A number of Aza's friends from Caelestrasz moved over to our guild in the last couple of days.  First to come across was Ultrapwn, followed by Ama and Uq. It was interesting to have them here, because I know that it was because of them that Caelestrasz was one of the servers we considered moving to because of those guys.  However, we didn't go there in the end because we needed recruits and we would have gone to Cael to have those guys help us out on our raids.  We also had another new social member join, named Thohand who had applied via the Guild recruitment tab.  I must have accidentally turned that on because we are not recruiting.  Isn't it funny how people come when you're not recruiting but when you are recruiting the place is empty and quiet??  Anyway, he was a social member and seemed keen to find a home, so hopefully all of them will settle in nicely - gosh, so many new people lately, I think I'm the only one who can keep up with them all!  Luckily I have my blog to remind me who everyone is.

And when will this damn week end?  Not only did our raidIDs get wiped but armory is not working, neither is guild news or guild bank info.  I never realised how much I miss armory until now.  All the mail in my mailbox is from "Unknown" which at first freaked me out because I thought all my friends had left the guild or something. And Luxy lost all her item restores.  So the big WoW database is broken and I hope it gets fixed soon!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Live streaming and doing an about face

I will be frank, I thought that there could be nothing more boring than watching someone live streaming. Which is a really odd thing to say considering I enjoy watching arena games and Starcraft games at Blizzcon. People also stream themselves just playing WoW.  I could not think of anything more boring.  Why would I want to watch someone playing WoW when I could be playing it myself?

However, last night I was chatting to Ravz and I asked him "Are you having fun listening to us dying all the time?"  And I was a little surprised when he said "No".

A flurry of thoughts went through my head.  Was he disgruntled for missing out on the raid and feeling resentful?  Was he bored listening to us talking?  Did he think we were doing it all wrong and had a better strategy?  A bubble of indignation rose in my chest.

"Why?" I asked.

"I wish you were live streaming so I could see what you were doing," he said.  "I want to learn it so I can do it next time."

Oh.  Well I hadn't expected that.  And you know what?  I could TOTALLY understand what he meant. How many times have I sat out of raid and wished I could watch?  And listened longingly on vent dying to have been there to see it for myself?  It had never occurred to me that I could watch someone stream it... well, because I never really think of streaming as a fun thing to do.  But this was totally a good idea!

I was inspired.  I decided that I would look it up.  So in the middle of wiping on Heroic Blackfuse I was off googling "how to stream world of warcraft".

I knew had something to do with it.  And during some searches, some people said to use X-split so I decided to go with that. So whilst Jazz and Nath had their lagging issues and did a full restart of their computers, I was off downloading software so I could try this streaming thing.

Aimei was my test dummy and I bounced all my questions off him and made him watch the stream.  "How do I set up an account?  How do I get this to work?  Why can't I do this or that?"  But it actually turns out that the whole thing is very easy to do.  Just make an account on Twitch and X-split and then off you go.  So before long I was streaming, but I didn't realise it was streaming and Aimei was watching me fumbling around in game.  Now this was the funny part, because everything was coming through - my conversations, keyboard tapping, mouse clicking.  So after I did a bit MORE fiddling and disabled ALL game sounds (much to my chagrin - I can't cope with no game sounds) we were off doing Blackfuse again.  I told Ravzz I had it up and running so he watched it.

I asked him about it today, and he said that it was actually really good to be able to watch it.  At the time, he said that it looked very busy - which it was - and he said it was a really good learning tool.  I was happy and suddenly streaming went from being something stupid to something I might actually do for raids for learning purposes.

Naturally I had my own anxieties about it.  Have you seen my non beautiful UI?  Totally ugly.  And how about my bags being open sometimes?  Oh and how I often have quest objectives up on the side... OH, and what about people seeing me CLICKING stuff.  Oh and my personal chat - I hadn't covered that up - so people can see real names and all my private conversations etc! Oh and what if people hear me FART...

But I've now bought the subscription so I can block out the chat now.  Also, I will just have to be conscious of my language use - I do say a lot when I'm not hitting push to talk >.>

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mountains and Molehills - Saurfang's raid lockouts WIPED

It turns out that last night's reset didn't just ruin our raid by cutting it short, it had a more interesting side effect....

... it reset all of our raid instances.

Nobody on Saurfang has any raid lockouts anymore.

Jazz was on a rampage.  "BLIZZ SUCKS!" she ranted in guild chat.  "I want to kill Blackfuse!"

I actually thought it was a gift.  Suddenly we can clear some heroics and get some gear again.. but then we had to find time to raid, which was a pain in the butt. I even thought about jumping into a pug and then using their lockout but there was plenty wrong with that as Luxy, Glow and Tacky pointed out.

  1. Once I'm in their lockout if they kill any bosses then I will be stuck being unable to kill any bosses.  I had thought I would go on a PuG with a group not as progressed as ours.  But Luxy pointed out that other people might have the same idea.
  2. Also it would be nasty of me to steal their idea, and clean up the bosses and leave them with nothing to do.  I don't want to be THAT nasty person.
  3. If other did pugs and then we all had diff IDs even though same bosses we may not be able to raid.
So there goes my idea.  Somebody said let's just do SoO on Friday.  But I have no desire to do extra raid days - I need my fun times!  Fun times means I can relax, take pictures, talk to people... Ebay on my second monitor....

Tacky suggested, multiple times (he had to say it a few times to break through Jazz's popcorn antics) that Sunday's raid lockout could be used to extend the heroics.  Which is a good idea, but I still feel like that's wasted loot.  I suppose the loot wasn't supposed to be there anyway, so it's not wasted, really.  However, I didn't want Sunday's raid group to feel like they had to push quickly through content so the heroic team could get their raid lockout.  It's their raid their pace, I don't want the second team to feel like the girl in Jodi Piccoult's book "My sister's keeper" where the younger sister feels like she's only there to keep the older sister alive, to supply the older sister with a kidney, bone marrow, whatever because she was born to be a donor compatible.

But the amount of conversation about it was funny.  And some embarrassing typos.  Tacky was explaining his idea, and instead of saying "Navi can join Group" he wrote "Navi can join groin".  To which I replied "NAVI CAN WHAT?" and lol's from the guild.  Poor Tacky :P

So it's decided then. Whatever Sunday gets up to, we will extend from there.  And nobody is allowed to PuG heroics in the meantime!  And Jazz needs to Keep Calm and Work on her Tito. :D

Minipost: Raiding - So close I can smell the fumes!

We were so excited tonight, maybe we'd get Blackfuse?  Maybe!

But alas, it was not meant to be.  However, it was definitely progress!

We were plagued with weird lag issues which affected Nath, Jazz and Drauka.  Server had a shutdown at 1045pm and it may have been to do with weird lag because those three weren't the only affected ones.

I'm STILL being an idiot and dying with laser.  Poor Nath and Lushen still occasionally die on belt.  I'm still trying to fine tune that first laser - I've been sprinting then stopping as the blade flies by then trying to sprint again and yet also heal myself... it's just been ugly. Jazz has been doing it great most of the time now - whoever gets it I've been throwing my lifebloom on them with an ironbark, not sure if it's helping but clipping laser is way better than getting a sawblade IMO.

Don't know what I'd do without Morz calling positions.  I have difficulty organising myself let alone anyone else.  And EPGP.  Not there was anything to loot.

Exray and Aza were upset and frustrated because they have the fight down pat, whereas the rest of us are trying to find our feet still.  However, we were SO close - we got a 5% wipe this time, which means just a little bit more good positioning and we will have it.  I did say that I wanted to do a guild Garrosh on Monday. If we get it down - no, WHEN we get it down - we will do Garrosh hopefully as a 25 man.  I hope there are no more connection problems on Monday and no server shutdowns!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Minipost: Let it Go, Arthas...

I only started following Rygarius today and he put this video by Dallop T on twitter and I could not get it out of my head after that.

Fortunately I like Frozen AND I like World of Warcraft, but I am sure many people are horrified by the two being associated!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Raiding - The week of pain

So this is the week we're extending to have extra goes on Blackfuse.  People talk about it being horrible, a raid killer, the most painful fight ever... and yes it is painful.  For the first 40 or so goes I really had no idea what was going on, or so I thought.  But it's gradually started sinking in.

I'm really bad with my spatial orientation.  You know how I always pull mobs with my ass... well I am always trying to get as close to the sawblade to place another sawblade and I am so bad I keep clipping it and getting knocked back.  That has slowly improved though.

The laser when magnet comes out is also another problem.  It seems like only Morz can live when he gets the laser on him first during  magnet phase - the second laser is easy because you just run it around the outside.  But I am notoriously clumsy and keep dying... ugh, I know Nath feels bad for dying all the time, but I feel just as bad!

We did make some solid progress though, which is really encouraging!  We got it to 12% on our last attempt for the night which buoyed everyone for Thursday's attempt.  Luckily, restarts which were supposed to happen at 10 server time were pushed back till midnight so our raid wasn't interrupted.  Though, I was secretly hoping for a break!

I need to not be an idiot tomorrow and be more spatially aware!  And not die to laser and sawblades when I get it first.  Or let Aimei die when I'm running away.  Oh so many things to get right tomorrow - but I can tell you, everyone is pretty excited.

I'm also hoping we have 25 guildies to do Garrosh on Monday night at the end of the raid week.  I would just like to see everyone together and see how they go.  Fingers crossed we get 25 guildies turn up!

MrandMrsWoW's Community Project - 3 things I love in WoW

MrandmrsWoW sent me a tweet today asking me to participate in an idea of theirs:

A Community Project – I Need YOUR Help! 
I’m really tired of all the negativity about the game I love most, World of Warcraft, that’s rocking our community at the moment. EVERYWHERE I turn there’s someone moaning… forums, twitter, skype, in-game…. BAH.
So, here’s my solution, for which I need YOUR help. I would like to head a community project called: 
…or something.

What I propose is that we all list the top 3 things in Warcraft that we LOVE. The things that make us play the game. The events, places, achievements, battlegrounds… whatever it is that floats your boat. The more ideas we get the better – so many people haven’t heard or haven’t bothered with certain things because they don’t know (enough) about it. Let’s change that. Let’s give the community our joy of the game back.
What a wonderful idea! Firstly, I LOVE that somebody still loves WoW, because I sure as hell still do, even if people complain content is boring and old - and joining in with something that everyone who feels the same way as me is enough to put a smile on my face (and make me feel all warm and fuzzies!)

So, here are my top 3 things in Warcraft that I LOVE:

Number 3 - Dalaran
What, that old place? The place nobody goes to unless they want to do WotLK content?  Dalaran is not merely the city of magic - the place is MAGICAL!  It's full of wonderful little secrets and references - there are SO MANY pop culture references in that place (NPCs galore - there must be at least 15 I know of!) and every time I find a new one I get all squeee!  And then there are the hidden little things - have you had your shoes shined by Sheddle Glossgleam, or spoken to Windle Sparkshine after 9pm when he's finished lighting the lights of Dalaran and gotten Windle's Lighter so you can go around and light all the light's he's missed?

(see what I did there? I snuck in lots of things under the "Dalaran" heading so I could get more than 3 things out - tee hee!)

Number 2 - The execution of Ji Firepaw
Ok, I wouldn't call this a FAVOURITE and nor do I love it, but it is something that should be seen, maybe just once (and besides, I was going to make a blog post for it, but putting it in this post will do!).  After a false start, where we interrupted Aysa's death, the second time round we all sat and waited it out.  It is sad to watch, but most people will probably not see it unless they waited specifically for it.  And yes, you can see us heartless souls sitting on the hill watching the public execution...

Number 1 - My guild, Frostwolves
OK, this is corny! But I do love my guild in World of Warcraft.  My guild is my family and friends - I spend lots of time with them, I enjoy their company and I chat to just about every member in the guild.  I said to one of my guildies the other day (Cptsars) that I find it a little bit strange listening to people talk about all the different guilds they had been in because I had been in Frostwolves for so long, that I had forgotten what it was like to join a new guild (which actually, is not entirely true, because my low level alts are in other guilds and I do know the feeling of nobody knowing who you are and nobody speaking to you when you say hello in guild chat). I know not everyone in the guild feels this embarrassingly sappy emotion about the guild, because new people find it a little daunting trying to fit in (and even old members find it daunting, wondering who all these people are), and I always do my best to say hi to new people so they don't feel like nobody knows they are there.  They are the reason I enjoy the game as much as I do, and I know without them, I would not love the icing and sprinkles on this chocolate cake of a game that I love to play! Hugs all round!

I look forward to seeing the final list of what MrandMrsWoW come up with.  Maybe I'll find some new things to do before WoD! (Like I haven't already got enough to do...)  If anyone has a list of their 3 things to do before WoD, or 3 favourite things in game, leave a comment below so I can let MrandMrsWoW know that there are more than... 10 people in the world who still love WoW :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

I have Seeked ENOUGH Knowledge! No more Archaelogy for the rest of Pandaria!

I decided to knuckle down and do my archaeology because McTacky told me it wasn't too bad, and Cptsars was doing his as well - misery does love company!  Though I think I just had to be in the right MOOD to do archaelogy, and I was in the mood!

I had been sitting there with ONE to go for a long time, which was the Pristine Carved Bronze Mirror.  I was so happy to get it finally!

I was happy to knock out this one first, because then I could just focus on doing the mantid ones!  After that with the Mantid locator it was much easier, though still annoying waiting for my last pristine (which was Banner of the Mantid empire).

So here I am standing with my title (and looking around at all the pristine artifacts in the collection!).  I have handed in every single crated artifact for Tol'vir ones but still the bug mount eludes me!  Oh well, hopefully they'll have a setup like this in WoD so I can try again there - not doing any more digging this expansion!

So, my total diggings, before I got the achievements were:

Anatomical Dummy 1
Quilien Statue 1
Petrified Bone Whips 34
Terracotta Arms 30
Thunder King Insignias 30
Mogu Coins 22
Edicts of the Thunder King 21
Iron Amulets 32
Cracked Mogu Runestones 26
Warlords Branding Iron 29
Manacles of Rebellion 37
Worn Monument ledgers 26

Spear of Xuen 1
Umbrella of Chi-Ji 1
Apothecary Tins 35
Pearls of Yulon 22
Twin Stein Sets of Brewfather QuanTouKuo 23
Empty Kegs of Brewmaster XinWoYin 21
Pandaren Game Boards 22
Standards Of Niuzao 22
Walking Canes Of Brewfather RenYun 25
Pandaren Tea Sets 31
Carved Bronze Mirrors 22
Gold-Inlaid Porcelain Funerary Figurines 23

Sonic Pulse Generator 1
Mantid Sky Reaver 1
Remains of Paragons 32
Ancient Sap Feeder 27
Banners of the Mantid Empire 25
Inert Sound Beacon 23
Praying Mantids 29
Kypari Sap Containers 23
Pollen Collectors 28
Mantid Lamps 26

Friday, August 15, 2014

Staying up late to watch THE Blizz announcment

A couple of crazy Frostwolves stayed up till 230 to watch the stream live on Gamespot and it was a good crowd!  McTacky, Luxy, Sars, Exray, Asuna, Morz, Shou and myself were hanging out in guild and a couple of us were on Vent (telling Tacky to stop talking) and listening to all the announcements.

It was like a mini Blizzcon really.  There was lots of talking, showing us screenies and gameplay from Warlords of Draenor - things that people in the beta would know well.

Ashran looked exciting - somewhere for me to waste time and grind achievements :D And to hear that the prepatch would be some UBRS to get us ready for WoD - I think a lot of us were excited to see that as UBRS was a much loved dungeon in its day!

Watching all the things on Orcs, and the Horde, made me feel excited and proud to be horde.  Luxy was talking about how she was to be an orc!

The introduced mini series was good.  Lords of War, another lore insider story like The Burdens of Shaohao.  Don't read beyond this bit if you don't want spoilers, but it was good to see Kargath and the origin of the Shattered Hand. I can't wait to watch the rest.

And a release date...


Just 3 months from now!

And then the cinematic which we were all waiting for, kept till the very end...

Amazing animation as usual for the cinematic!  Now how am I supposed to sleep after seeing that!  Orcs not drinking the blood of Mannoroth?  Now that was a revelation to me!  LOL and Mannoroth DIDN'T KILL THE ENGINEER and got the spinny wheel in the face!

I think it's time to get my annual leave in order for some solid days of gameplay! :D  Who's going to join me!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guildleader chores - People joining and people not joining

It's been a busy few weeks in Frostwolves.  With the collapse of Tastier there have been a lot of raider shifting around on Saurfang.  Vexil (James) and Souglyy rejoined the guild, though she is raiding X-realm on Jubei'thos still with Scruff's guild, Whorde (dreadful name!).  Glow and her hubby Shi joined the guild yesterday very quietly (yay!!!), and we had this new guy Kuro join with his friend Kel (both social).  Koda also joined with her husband Gunsnbowses.

However, I was disappointed that I could not get Alca and Una to join the guild.  When I logged on last week, a few people said to me that Exray had been urgently looking for me and to check my game mail.  Sure enough, there was an excited mail there saying that Alca and Una were looking for a guild and were happy to swap in and out, and to talk to them ASAP.  So I looked for them and was disappointed to see that they had already joined Big Natural Crits, another big guild on our server.  But I couldn't not try.

So I chatted to them both and asked them what they wanted to do about raiding, and whether they would like to come over, but understandably they had just joined BNC so they couldn't just leave since they just got there.  But I've always felt that they don't to come - after all, I've asked them so many times and they've been in between guilds a few times, the offer was open!  So I couldn't figure out if they just didn't like me or what... (edit: subsequently, I have been told by Asuna the reason may not be me, so perhaps I can feel a little better about  my body odour concerns).  However, there were good things about them joining, just as there were good things about them NOT joining, and the good thing about them not joining was that nobody had to sit out for them!

Then Exray had a friend of his join, Shou, who was very quiet but pleasant.  The poor guy is probably feeling a bit sheepish/anxious because his brother, whilst partied with him the other day, ran across Luxy and there was a Warbringer involved and there was much swearing with very ugly words (not from Luxy - she is the epitomy of politeness and never swears).  Luckily, I think it's all blown over... but that could be awkward for a while.

It's nice to see ranks puffing out, and it makes me wonder if we will have 20 goodplayers come 6.0.  I would dearly like to have Garrosh down before then so we can just relax in these new 20 mans and get to know how we mesh together as a raid group and iron out any issues,but only time will tell!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Navispam - The cute little Amerence!

Amerence is one of those cute bloggers who always has little happy faces smiley icons all over her site.  She used to write at Amerence Loves WoW, and she still does her shared topics there but these days she does most of her blogging about WoW at Amerpriest blog.

Amerence is very active at Blog Azeroth and participates and suggests a lot in shared topics - it was because of Amerence I participated in the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving 2011 event that she organised and I think that event shaped me to be the blogger I am today.

Amerence took a break from the game but came back and is in the raiding scene, on her priest, Amerpriest! Fortunately for me, she is easy to find and she still spends a lot of time in game.  I sent her an ingame mail and she replied me so all I had to do was get on at at time that was good for her - finally one day I was free and I was able to catch up.  At first she wasn't on in the guild but there was another toon with Amer in the name online and when I went to WoW armoury to check achievements I found that they were the same person!

This Amber Direhorn is her latest mount acquisition and she happily showed it off for me.  I was at work so my chat time was limited and punctuated by a lot of AFKs but I asked her a little bit about her guild and what she'd been up to and of course told her how inspirational she had been to me in the blogging scene!

One good thing is my Pandaren Earth Spirit could go to a new home! Amerence was mostly chatting to me about some of the things her guild does - some of which made me surprised (but that will have to go into its own blog post) and I was super glad I got to visit her and tell her how cute she is!

Thank you Amerence for your time and patience! :D It took a while to get around to visit, but better late than never :D

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Godmother's #10years10questions

I have been rather busy of late - my blog is pathetic with it's daily posting and now I see I was a little bit slow getting to Godmother's little questionairre - though I do feel like she doesn't NEED my responses because she has like a billion followers and would have to wade through all of them, but because she is my friend, I shall do it anyway!

Why did you start playing World of Warcraft?
September 2005
Edit: Ok I misread this question (thanks Balkoth...) - I started playing because my friend Cymre told me to!

What was the first ever character you rolled?
A male night elf hunter. Whom I have since deleted because I am ASHAMED.

Which factors determined your faction choice in game?
The person who introduced me to the game was playing a night elf so I chose a night elf to play with her.

What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?
I have so many! But here is mine - it's not a warcraft MOMENT exactly but it's a blogging moment which is vaguely wow related. It was the Blog azeroth thanksgiving event in 2011 where I met many of my blog friends who write about WoW and are my friends to this day and enrich my wow life every time I play!
If I had to pick a moment in the game itself, it would have to be when I got my first legendary - Val'anyr. The big guild effort even though it was past its usefullness was pretty cool!

What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?
Socialising is my favourite aspect of the game, though raiding was my fave aspect for the longest time. I still love to raid, but I'm just as happy sitting around talking to everyone as I stand around in Orgrimmar.

Do you have an area in game that you always return to?
As in a zone? Or a place? Is my HEARTH a bad answer? :)
No, I don't RP any fave places. It's all business on my end... BORING answer, I know!

How long have you /played and has that been continuous?
I have not taken a break since I started playing. So... coming up to 9 years I guess! And for Navimie her /played is 498 days.

Admit it: do you read quest text or not?
Ok, I admit it, I don't. Most of the time. Wait, does reading the objectives count???

Are there any regrets from your time in game?
I regret my behaviour to some people in the game. I've only learned to be a better person through my mistakes, and now I am super conscious of how I handle the nuances within an MMO.

What effects has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?
Hmm, where do I start! For starters, my on call nights for work are Tuesdays and Fridays - non raid days - and that was selected by me so as not to interfere with raiding. Also, everyone at work KNOWS I love to play WoW so it's like the thing people know me by!

Frostwolves Friday Fun Run - Clearing up Heroic MSV

Nath was working so Jazz didn't want to go without him, and I didn't want to do heroic ToT without them because they were really excited about doing it!  So, I had to find something else to do on Frostwolves Friday, and I decided to try heroic MSV.

There weren't many people online at first but it filled up soon enough.  Of course, Blizz put a server restart right in the middle of raid which knocked 20 minutes out of raid time.

Kahrax and Aimei tanked, and Glow, myself and Morz healed.  Crooked, Sars, McTacky, Sev and Ravzz DPS'd and Luxy came in after the restarts.

Most of it was easily outgeared, except for Elegon which actually required SOME thinking!  We didn't realise that of course when we pulled it, and killed ourselves by getting stuck or being blown up by the add.

Will of the Emperor was tough on melee!  The poor guys just died almost instantly from the little sparks following them around and blowing up, but the tanks just bashed away and did great.

Yay another lot of achieves knocked out and guild achieve done as well!  Next week will go back and work on that ToT!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Raiding - Training wheels are off for Ravzz and things are looking smooth

It's official. Ravzz can heal heroics.

I had warned him to read up on Iron Juggernaut yesterday and he said he would.  And when raid time came around, Morz had a crashing computer and couldn't login, leaving us with just 2 healers - Ravzz and myself. Tensai was not online and neither was Koda so I had no backups.

Unfortunately Morz kept logging in and out so I thought he was coming and so Drauka had a lot of "Oh Morz is here, can you zone out Drauka," then a min later "Ok, Morz isn't here, come back," then "Oh there's Morz..." so I'm sure Drauka was getting rather pissy and he'd already had a bad day with some bad news at home with nasty people breaking into his house and stealing his stuff :(

We had many goes on Immerseus - sometimes it's just like that.  People got to 7-8 stacks and blew up. People dying to the spray.  Being blown up with blobs hitting the water because one zone wasn't covered.  You know, little things like that.  And 2 healing didn't help.  But we eventually did it and I was like wow, we've never done that before.  Not having Morz around makes me look like an amazing healer.  No absorbs = win for overhealing HoTs druids.

Then I realised we would be 2 healing protectors as well, and that was also a first.  But we had always suspected we would be able to do that anyway and with 2 DKs interrupts should be good.  That was fine too.  The rest of the raid went rather smoothly, and we even managed to one shot Iron Juggernaut and Dark Shamans.  By Galakras, Morz had managed to get back online and heal and have his turn at stuffing up EP by giving away loots for free.  And Dark Shamans dropped double warforged loot  - Aza was thrilled to finally get his Kardris' Toxic Totem and Aimei got Damron's belt of Darkness. Drauka as usual picked up tons of loot and is never going to get any loot from new bosses because his PR is so LOW!  He got heroic tier chest and rolled a weapon (Xifeng) and also got a belt (Demolisher's reinforced belt) AND a trinket (Evil Eye of Galakras)... none of which he wanted to use because he had no valour to upgrade them LOL

Iron Juggernaut was so close - he enraged as we killed him as we had 2 DPS dead for a while.  But the healing was smoothish (even though I died and had to be rezzed - Jazz had died at the same time but didn't take her rez so we could keep going) and I really do think that shamans are better for that fight than paladins.

Wonder how tonight will go?  Maybe we'll get up to Blackfuse tonight!  Maybe we can 3 heal Thok for a change!  OH the Maybes!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Strangers are friends you haven't met yet

I think my mind started thinking about this the other day when I was raiding.  Dontmountme has changed his name to Ravzz much to my relief, because his name was rather awkward to say.  I invited him to join raid and Luxy said to me "Who is that??" I told her who it was. It was funny to me because Ravz is Luxy's partner's name - though haven't seen him in WoW for ages.  She wasn't the only one. Two other people asked me who that was, and so I made a general raid announcement that it was Dontmountme.

"Thought it was Navi inviting more random strangers to raid," someone said.  I wouldn't do it for a heroic raid, that random flex invite was bad enough.

Yesterday I invited two new people to the guild.  One of which was someone I chatted to from recruitment forums, who was looking for a guild and the other was a blog friend who was also in the guild socially on Dath'remar.  She was incognito so whilst in whispers I was all excited, in guild chat she was "one of Navi's friends."

I did poke Cptsars and ask him to say a friendly welcome to the new guy (Tacky wasn't online!).  So he turned on the welcome charm and asked if he was one of Navi's friends.  He replied "No, she just started talking to me because of a post I made in forums.  I'd never met her before."

'That sounds like Navi," someone said. "Talking to and picking up strangers is what she does."

It made me think about two posts I had read lately - and about how WoD is giving us more solo play.  With Garrisons and followers, there is a lot more to do on your own in WoW now, but I still believe that the richest experiences come from grouping up.  Godmother was talking about taggable mobs and forced group quests.
Ironically the reticence on Blizzard's part to not make all mobs taggable seems to be tied up with the fact that this encourages people to group for World content, except it doesn't, in probably 80% of cases people don't give a flying fish about anything but themselves. I'll tell you exactly what happens in all the other times:
  • I get a group invite from someone I don't know, refusing to explain why.
  • If I accept the invite no-one talks to each other until the person that made the group gets the prerequisite number of kills.
  • If I'm lucky, they then thank me before they leave, with me no closer to the competed total.
- Alt:ernative Chat, BETA: Your game 29/07/15
The comments for that post were mostly pro solo (I loathe to use the world anti-social):

  • I have never enjoyed grouping with random people in order to kill things in the world. As a hunter, I've very rarely had to, because I'm generally quick enough to get my tags.
  • I resent the push to make it social. So I aggressively tag mobs, like I always have.I don't see how that's a bad thing, even in low-spawn zones. I'm using my class to the best of my ability. I don't need or want some random person to help, especially if that's going to result in lost loot that I am probably farming.
  • These days I think most of the social connections in game are pre-existing rather than spontaneous with a random person.
  • Blizzard says they want people out in the world exploring and interacting, and then create a garrison that locks you away from seeing anyone. They break passenger mounts, they creating phasing issues that block you from helping your friends and then they wonder why social interaction is on the decline.  It is the social aspects that keep me playing. The more they strip away my ability to have fun with my friends, the less I want to play.
Altaclysmic said:
We can keep the MMO aspect for Auction House, but ultimately I think that a solo MMO is actually quite tempting. Blizzard could introduce a 4th type of Server with PvE, PvP, RP, and Solo. We play with other people but on our own, we could even have a sub class with a Diogenes server, where no chatting is allowed. No Barrens or Trade Chat, tell me that is not appealing.
- Altaclysmic, Wicked Game 30/7/14
Even The Grumpy Elf is all for solo play in his reply to Altaclysmic's post:
I too would prefer to play alone. It is my number one complaint about the cross realm zones. If I wanted to see people out in the world while questing I would go to a heavy population server. I hate they have given me no choice.
It is odd that they are trying to push us all together to make the world seem bigger but then they are making the garrisons basally our personal capital where we are to play and be alone at all or most times.
I can understand where they're coming from, but I don't necessarily agree.  One of my dear friends in game is my friend because I made the effort to be creepy stalker friendly to a stranger. And she, like me, sometimes fly around and help random people do things, like kill a Warbringer (well, that's not something I do coz I can't kill it as resto) or a rare. Most of the time people aren't nice, as they think we're trying to steal their kill but if you're friendly and wave and emote with pointing (if you're cross faction) sometimes people are happy to have been helped.  It's a good feeling, when you help someone - even if they don't appreciate it!  

Every now and then someone does appreciate it - the few times Sev and I have gone up to farm Emperor Shaohao rep in Timeless Isle we have seen some poor person escorting another person as they make their way to get the chest near the Ordon Sanctuary.  The first time someone was gesturing at us, and I didn't understand, and Sev told me there was a chest up there they could get.  So we cleared everything around the are and they got their chest and they waved at us.  The next few times we were up there, we saw singles or pairs hanging around, and their gear levels were quite low.  I waved at them and then emoted wait and then pointed, and then Sev and I cleared the area and then I bowed at them.  They figured out what we were saying, and it's funny, they've always been alliance! Every time they waved and thanked us and it was no skin of our nose, and I'm sure they were happy that someone did something nice (rather than train mobs onto them, or flag PvP when they arrived).  These things are tiny little things, but I think they make you feel better about the game and people around you.

People will say they avoid these interactions because of bad experiences - but to be honest, maybe it's because I only remember the good ones that's why I like to keep doing them.  And you never know - you may start that domino effect, where someone you randomly helped feels more confident or inclined to help somebody else who in turn helps someone else.  That's a lot of someone elses!  And you never know - you may make a new friend :D

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Frostwolves Friday Fun Run - Goofing around in Heroic Throne of Thunder

I have been wanting to do Heroic Throne of Thunder for AGES.  I look at Open Raid and on oQueue and I don't see many of those runs, and if there are any, the wait list is SOOO LONG (and they all say you need to have the achievement).  So I said I would do a run on Friday, and see who was on.

Surprisingly, there were lots of people online!  I had to drag Lushnek/Aimei away from the football, and get Sev online, but that wasn't too bad, and before you knew it, we had a full raid!  I was going to tank (in kitty) if Morz was going to heal, but Kahrax came along and so he tanked with Aimei.

So we had Aimei, Kahrax, Sevrus, Navi, Jazz, Nath, Tacky, Morz, Crooked and Drauka come along, and I said that we would do what we could and week by week we would extend and get them all down as a guild. I had only tried Jin'rokh once on heroic with a PuG, and the organising shaman was yelling at people but he was much less geared than myself and did not do any explanations - we wiped multiple times so people left. But I had a general gist of it, and was convinced my guildies could do it WAY easier.

So off we went to do Jin'rokh. There were some debuffs that could be dispelled but they did an AOE damage, and if you were standing in the water when it was dispelled that would be an instadeath!  I managed to kill half the raid by dispelling Sev.  After that, we decided no dispels and just burn and dodge the flying balls.  Jazz was not impressed with my description of flying balls.

Drauka had some experience with a couple of bosses on Heroic, and there was this extra pink add you had to punt away from you.  It didn't seem to be a problem.

Sul died so fast I didn't even realise he was dead.  To be honest, I can't remember the extra heroic mechanic other then you can't stack up with the same people because they get a debuff and then they won't share the damage anymore!  Morz died real quick from something though... maybe he was standing in quicksand...

Crooked told us to jump down the left side rather than head across and start the cinematic.  Not sure why... but I watched a few people jumping haphazardly down the hole before I asked for a nice gentle levitate. Then we saw these crystals around the room and we wondered what they were.  When you hit them you get a shield - OOOH that's cool!  So that's where the Malkorok mechanic came from!  We had to tell people to stop killing the crystals and then we had a few wipes as we figured out the kickers before we got that turtle down.

Extra purple head did something bad but I can't remember what, but healing was heavy for a bit as we ran around trying to remember how we did this boss.  Easy one to just smash it down and loosely adhere to mechanics.

I think Aimei had more deaths from Gary (the killer snails) than any of the fights in this instance so far.  Oh, and we got something I hadn't seen before!  A toy!

Not a pet, but a cool summonable snail that can fight for you!  Now if only it would one shot like all the other snails...

Could we DPS it and not worry about nest teams and getting those things that drop from the sky to increase our damage?  SURE we can!

The hardest fight for the night, but at least it wasn't too bad!  Mechanics were similar, except 3 red fogs with beams and if you don't find them all the raid goes boom!  Also there's a yellow one now that has to be killed ASAP!  And there is an ice wall that you have to get rid of otherwise the maze would be utter POOP!  The most wipes of the night were on this boss, but we got it at the end of the night wewt!

I think everyone had fun - I certainly did!  And of course lots of achievements don't hurt :P  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Raiding - I almost got out of Spoils

Once a month on a Thursday I might finish late.  It was that Thursday and I told people I couldn't make raid, and hopefully Tensai and Ravzz could fill in the gap.

Wednesday had gone OK but we had gotten a bit stuck on Dark Shaman because Aza had heard that if we wait long enough, Ji Firepaw gets executed and Aysa Cloudsinger rushes in and dies also.  So when we got to Valley of Strength we waited for a bit.

And waited.  "This is mean," said Tensai.  "Can't you just watch the video instead?"

"It takes 15 minutes," Luxy said.  So we started clearing the trash around him, and checked on them every now and then.  Then as we were doing one last bit of trash, there was a shout "It's started!"

Ji was executed and Aysa ran in but Exray denied her the death she was destined and he pulled the mobs and we killed them as she was kicking them, and so she lived, but after the mobs died, Ji's body despawned. She wept for him and then she ran away!

Anyway for whatever reason, Dark Shaman wasn't crash hot.  There were 2 walls which were weird.  One went across the room and I died in it, and on another attempt there was no wall, and Aimei and I wondered if he had placed the wall perfectly inside the wall of Grommash Hold.  It turned out Jazz had somehow got agro and the wall was placed where she was, and she went splat.

So on Thursday, with me not being there, and just Ravzz and Morz healing, Dark shaman was a one shot. And Ravzz even got the Dark Shaman transmog!!! Then Nazgrim went well (Ravzz got the Tier gloves - funny coz he had flex ones for so long and he only just upgraded them to normal on Sunday, and now he has heroic ones), and even Malkorok was a one shot.  I was amazed.  Mostly because Ravzz had not done those Malk or Dark Shaman on heroic and he had done well - I was honestly worried about Malkorok, but the others reassured me that he did very well.  In fact, he was doing so well they were on Spoils.  I was hoping maybe he would do brilliantly on that too so I could not do Spoils, but though he made some good progress he stepped out.

I was happy to raid, even though it's Spoils, and the first time I died from being stupid and getting stunned by the statues, but the second time it went very well.  Nath even got to upgrade his heroic warforged mail belt to another heroic warforged belt... ! Luxy also took a belt upgrade as well. Then we had 2 goes on Thok and we had the best transition ever on P1 but unfortunately died as we opened the cage slightly slowly leading to some funny Thok positioning.  The second go we had we died in P1 because we didn't transition for some bizarre reason!  Anyway, that will leave Thok for Monday and some more attempts at Blackfuse.

So, looks like Ravzz is getting there!