Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Achievements and New Pets this fortnight

It's been a slow few weeks, and achievements have not been flowing like the first week of patch, but I'm slowly getting there!

I wrote about a few already so I'll gloss over those:

There are still a few I need in this instance (A little Patience), but was glad to get the Dwarf one.

And with Midsummer I got two more achievements for Pandarian flames.

Luxy helped Sev, Lush and I to do the cockroach squishing.  It was good doing it on a Dath'remar because the place was EMPTY.

A post will follow on this - yay another silver for the Challenge Mode Noobs!

And look what I finally fished up!  My last carp!  I was really surprised to see it, not really expecting to catch it, but for those who were wondering, I got it in the pond in Townlong Steppes where the pet battler tamer Seeker Zusshi is.  I am happy to see the last of that pond!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Minipost: We are the World of Warcraft (Jimmy Fallon)

I got an email from Hydra in June about this asking us to help and send some videos in (her mailing list must have been LOOOONG) and I was looking forward to seeing the community being involved!  I am pretty private so you will never see a picture of my real self (maybe just my toon!) so I couldn't join in as they wanted you to film yourself in full nerd glory!  I think it turned out pretty cool!  Boo to all the haters!

Thursday raiding - 7 Battle Rezzers and a Pop

Raked finally found his way across!  And Souglyy did too!  I felt like a parent who had lost her kids in the shopping centre until they both turned up in guild.  "Have you seen my tank?  He has changing colours and he's sometimes a bear and he's got an annoying e thing in his name..."

I did wonder what the raid was going to be like with 4 druids, 2 warlocks, and a shaman - that's 6 Battle rezzes and a pop, and if we gave symbiosis to Disconcur (that's Soultouched's original name so henceforth he shall be Disconcur) he would have a battle rez too.  I thought it was rather amusing.

That pally was actually late, so Lush had been offspec healing, so he sat out and so did Roshii, and we went with Raked and Asys (why do our tanks both have annoying accented letters in their names??), Sev, Az, Moo, Sabre and Luxy DPSing and me, Bish and Disco healing.

Council, to me, is always frigging nuts until Sul dies.  After that it's heaps easier. I was OOM for a little bit but it was only 5 seconds before cooldowns were up but it felt like an eternity.  We had a few wipes, Sev got Tier and Disco got offspec loot (again!!!)  and then it was turtle time.

Our first attempt at Tortos was so smooth - and then we missed a kick and we died at 25%.  After that it was painful.  Kicks, people dying, stomps, heals, bats - it was abyssmal and awful language was pouring out of my mouth.  I tried to hide behind Raked's ass so he could pick up bats but a few times I ran to the wrong bear.  I said that if we kill this, next week we're extending it because I can't face doing it every week.  However, we, but on the LAST go of the night we got it.  And what did we get for that?  Both items DE'd.

So, hopefully, next week, we can have a few good goes at Chicken.  But it's good to have 2 real tanks again.  Even if they're both hard to heal, spiky healthed bears.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday raiding - Our first raid on Saurfang

Bloody Blizz decides they want to do a maintenance on the FIRST RAID DAY OF THE WEEK?  WTF?? On a Wednesday??

So that meant that raiding was gonna be cut off at 10pm.  Better get cracking, in one hour hopefully we can get one or two bosses done!  It was Aza's birthday - we HAD to raid!  He might get some cool loot as a birthday present!

Raked... was missing.  He was on the server - he had whispered Lushnek at lunchtime but Lush was AFK so didn't get the tell and so Raked didn't get a guild invite.  Why he didn't just click the letter in the mail... I don't know, he would have automatically rejoined the guild!  Since it was State of Origin night, Raked was likely watching football.  That doesn't explain why Sabre didn't turn up though!  Since when do Victorian's watch State of Origin?

Asys, our new tank, joined us.  I just thought he was a friend of Neri's but it turns out he was from her guild, Concur, and came over to join us.  Lush decided he would try tanking on his monk, and I groaned inwardly. OMG 2 new tanks??  How painful did they want this to be?

Well, the raid started of smashingly.  Asys pulled the group and the pat and it was heavy healing!  Man, I don't know how we lived through that - pro heals /flex!  Anyway, we went to Jin'Rokh and tried to get Lush and Asys to figure out how they were going to tank.  Our first attempt.. OMG we wiped!  I kinda forgot to tell Bish which lightning storm we were blowing our CDs on, and Roshii and I died.  Oops.  Anyway, the second attempt was better - marginally, but boy was the healing intense compared to usual.  Roshii walked away with his first Thunderforged item - Renataki's Soul charm - and Sev got Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps.  It was good to see Sev in the raid again on his warlock.

I thought to myself, OMG, Asys is gonna think what kind of dumbasses are we... wiping on Jin'rokh...

It got better.... got to the ghosts and me and Sev both managed to get punted off.  How embarrassing.  We nearly died on a double ghost pull but somehow survived... I had to be brezzed and used the last dregs of mana pouring out heals that were healing for peanuts.

Onto Horridon.  I was expecting a horrible fight.  2 new tanks, and we had done it with an experienced and non experienced tank before - though Asys had probably done it as a tank, but he was new to us - and there was a SLIGHT misunderstanding about who was tanking what.  Lush told Asys he would tank Horridon Door 1 and 3.  Asys pulled Horridon, clearly thinking Lush wanted to do DOORS 1 and 3, but off we went.  I decided to make my life easy and didn't take Cleanse from Disco, and so I had a nice dispel free door (yay!) on Door 3.  But mana was tight, I was pouring out so many heals into Squishy Lushy Monk and there were loose adds at first, but Lush eventually worked it out.  Roshii died during Door 4 and Disco died when the boss was up, and I thought man, so close, and we're gonna wipe... but we didn't!  We managed to kill it and boy was that a relief.  I was thrilled - Lush's first time tanking Horridon and we killed it!

Sev was being rewarded with loot again - he got Venomlord's Totemic wand and Disco got Horn-Rimmed Doomcloak Offspec.  I swear he has gotten more offspec gear than mainspec.

We got to Council but as we were pulling, the 15 minute warning came for server shutdown.  We managed to do one pull before we wiped.

A good start on the new server!  I hope Raked is here tomorrow - it would be nice to get Tortos down before Monday!

Women in WoW - is there a right way to do it?

Women in WoW is a topic that seems to go around every time there is a new female model.  Godmother raised it again, and Erinys wrote a response, both of which inspire and fire my mind into action yet again.

Certain comments stand out from each of my friends with their thought provoking posts.
Ultimately, the way women are portrayed in games has less to do with what women actually look like (and by that I mean all the beautiful body shapes that exist and not the narrow band certain sectors of the media decide are desirable) and more to do with the notion of what some men THINK women look like.

But in a fantasy game what do YOU want to look like?  If the whole online world was populated by less than attractive females would people want to play?  Why do female players, make their toons look beautiful when we want to accept people to look less than beautiful?  Shoudn't we then, be setting our own examples?

Deep down, almost everyone wants to look good, even though we do accept ourselves and others the way they are, or are proud of the way we look.  I am by no means a beauty and I take no pride in my physical appearance, but I do like to make  my character look pretty - I put nice clothes on her and make her weapons match her outfits or mounts.  In a fantasy game, you want everything to look good because that is the core of what this is - a fantasy game.  A fantasy game where you are a hero, you are strong, you save lives, you are attractive and athletic,

Should we make bosses ugly? Does this mean that it's ok to beat up on people because they look ugly, or that all ugly things are monster? Should we make more bosses female?  Are we then teaching kids it's ok to beat up on women?  Should we make all of our toons look less than beautiful and all the bosses beautiful and the make it a crime to be attractive and beautiful - ie "OMG she's so attractive let's kick the crap out of her right now, how dare she be beautiful!"

Perhaps it is churlish of me, but I admire females who play the non "beautiful" races.  And before anyone starts to slag me off about "how dare you say this class is not beautiful" - what I'm trying to say is that races such as Pandaren, Tauren, Dwarf, Troll, Orc are less classically beautiful (they don't look like sex-sticks when they're wearing things like Robes of the Guardian Saint) but that's not to say they are not beautiful races.  Seeing female players with blood elves, humans, draenei, or night elves running around in plate bikinis and skimpy outfits and then telling me that "we shouldn't project this image of women as sex objects", feels like a double standard to me.  Godmother and Erinys are not one of those people, fortunately, nor is Applecidermage.  Godmother said:
...It's up to us, folks, we have the power, especially in this Community...
and the change can't just start with the developers and designers.  We have to be part of that change too.

Erinys was looking at WoW saying that there are very few women to look up to - everyone seems to be dead (eg Mankrik's wife), off having babies (eg Aggra), or twisted by the machinations of males (eg. Keristrazsa)
I look at WoW and the closest images there are to my female role models are Magatha Grimtotem, a minor but compelling villain, one who might not reappear in the narrative at all and Therazane who does very little in terms of plot. As for the rest, it’s dead, dying or having babies. I’m not stamping my tiny feet and demanding that women take over the World of Warcraft, far from it but having one or two female characters written in such a way that the women playing this game could take inspiration from them isn’t much to ask.
Erinys is obviously alliance - Magatha orchestrated the murder of MY faction leader!  A compelling, sly villain - it was hard enough helping her in Thousand needles.  However, unlike Erinys there are many women that I think are great role models for my daughter, with lots of parts to play and a lot to interact with!  In fact, I admire more females than I do males! 

Sylvanas Windrunner - yes she's sexy, but her story is so tragic and she's doing what she's doing for the sake of her race - raiding more Forsaken to preserve her race.  Ok, fundamentally that's kinda FLAWED, but I really admire Sylvanas.  Leader, twisted, tortured, noble.  But that's just my opinion.

Garona Halforcen - Roshii's hero (and Roshii's a guy)!  Garona the half-orc, half draenei was a master assassin, and was responsible for the assassination of her friend, King Llane (she was under the influence of Gul'dan's magic) .  She had a son with Medivh, against whom she eventually turned.  We see her in Twilight Highlands giving out quests enlisting our help to fight the Twilight Hammer and Cho'gall.

Tyrande Whisperwind - I'm not alliance, but you see so much of her and her involvement in the Mount Hyjal and the Well of Eternity.  Strong, powerful, compassionate and partnered to the great druid Malfurion Stormrage (GAWD THAT BEARD FFS SHAVE IT OFF), I would have thought she would be a great role model.  I don't like her voice, personally, but it might be just her dialogue in the Well of Eternity where she is yelling that she is out of arrows... I do like her dress though.

Aysa Cloudsinger - she's so ANTI Horde, but I admire her anyway.  She is the leader of the Tushui pandaren.  The way of the Tushui is one of a principled life and followers of this discipline believe there is a moral certainty to the world: one correct path of right and wrong, and she will defend what is right above all else.  Aysa is rigid, determined and refined, and believes that success in any endeavour never justifies dishonourable deeds.

And on a side note, why can't men be role models for women?  And women be role models for men?

I know that people don't like the oppression, abuse of women, and don't like seeing it in game.  It is all too common that defining bad guys in WoW means they either enslave women, mistreat them, twist them into something evil - but maybe this game is trying to tell us that if you do that stuff, it's BAD.  And people will come get you and deal with you and you will get your just dekgsserts.  Some might say, why even have these scenarios of mistreated women at all?  Maybe, because if we didn't include them, then people might say that we don't include enough women in the game, or that we are denying that abuse of women exist.  Why can't we have more women heroes and leaders?  It comes down to women themselves - women feel responsible for having to look after the family.  They are constantly guilt tripped saying they shouldn't leave their families to go pursue power, promotion and success because children "always need their mother".  So maybe WoW is just reflecting real life too - the women are at home looking after the children, and not out and about where the action is.  Female gamers may not look at being a home mum as being something to look up to, but there are plenty of women out there who enjoy being the homemaker and vigorously defend their chosen courses.

So it doesn't surprise me that you don't see as many female leaders in game as males - but there are still many female leaders!  In real life, people still talk about the lack of female CEOs and their paypackets lagging behind the men, but sometimes the ones who get the jobs are the ones who put in the long hours, hard yards, and let's face it, many women don't want to do that.  They want to stay at home with their families - and there is NOTHING wrong with that.  In my world, the medical world, you see just as many successful women as you do men.  Perhaps it's because the medical world is something that is much less sexist than the corporate world.

The General Manager of one of the hospitals I work at is a woman.  There are many heads of department who are women.  And look at the game - I know a number of women who are guild leaders, raid leaders.  There is no right way to put women in the game, without upsetting SOMEBODY.

To end this post, I am going to put this which I will probably be chastised over...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Farewell Dath'remar! Helloooo Saurfang!

As I went to Throne of Thunder last night to do the LAST raid we would do on Dath'remar, I wished we could go out with a bang.  But, that was unlikely as we still aren't top of our game with Sev still learning the ropes, but we're going to get there again, eventually!

The raid mood was not glum, but there were some undercurrents of excitement knowing that we would be moving servers shortly.  We got Magaera down at least!  Rosh managed to roll his daggers and we even had some thunderforged axe drop for Moo on Tortos.  After raid, Lush was going to transfer the guild and I had a whole heap of packing to do.  Or rather, tidying up.

We all went to take a picture with the Dath'remar Blood Elf monument as our farewell to our server.  And what was funny, was that a Saurfang level 4 BE was questing and saw us and photobombed us.

It would have been our guild's fifth birthday on the 29th June - 5 years since we moved as a guild from Khadgar.  Last year I wrote a post about our Guild community and I highlighted things about our guild which has made my guild more like a clubhouse than a workplace.

Lately we've gotten a whole heap of great social members (a lot of people I've met through blogging) who have made the guild really lively again.  It's so nice to have them all here!

In all honesty, I couldn't be bothered cramming my bags full of stuff for the move.  I figured at some stage I will transfer the guild banks with all my crap in them... I dunno, I'll have to think about that because it means I would have to actually LEVEL my toons so I can transfer them - YUCK!

I DE'd a few useless things... but it turned out to be a waste of time since there was only ONE thing I wanted to add to my already bulging bags, which was my Formal Dangui.  I even left the red and green ones behind. I even left behind all those BOA weapons!  And all my heirlooms - I  mean, what does one who does not level need heirlooms for anyway?

So, just when I thought I'd fixed up all my bags, I realised, I need to empty my mailbox.  Oh Geez.  Aza forced me to take a picture of it...

So I stuffed my enchant mats and 20k gold into the guild bank and I was just about ready to go... but oops I forgot to leave my arena teams!

Sev and Shab had an awesome run in 2s and finished wiht a rating 1750+.  They had some awesome games on the weekend - one game where Shab was left after Sev died and the one of the opponents died, leaving Shab versus a destro lock and he managed to kill him.  Shab was particularly pleased with that effort.  It feels sad leaving it all behind - but we can PvP on our new server anyway!  I left all my teams and finally, I looked like I was ready to leave.

Then Lush started the guild transfer process:

I stood around in Org, looking around, seeing how quiet it was.  The mail appeared in my mailbox, telling me how to follow my guild, and I said goodbye to a few Dath'remarians and I logged out to follow the instructions for transfer.  I almost forget to delete my Navimie nameholder from Saurfang, but once that was done, the whole transfer process was quick - I logged on an hour later and was there on Saurfang.  I was a bit slow to initiate my transfer - Luxy even made this on twitter to hurry me along...

I appeared in Org, right where I logged off.  Things didn't look any different.  But there were more people around in Orgrimmar, and trade chat was more... chatty.  I was here, and though it didn't look any different to Dath, I had a feeling of hope, renewal, and all the excitement of being somewhere new.

Hmm, looks like the same old Orgrimmar to me...
Lush got online and he promoted me to Guild Master and then I set to work making mischief.  I redid all the ranks to reflect Wolf Pack ranks - I had a few complaints.  But I like them!

Rank 1 - Pack Master
Rank 2 - Alpha (officer)
Rank 3 - Beta (officer)
Rank 4 - Hunting Pack (core raider)
Rank 5 - Scouting Pack (casual raider)
Rank 6 - Frostwolf (changed from Pup Tacky and Xyn were complaining - social rank)
Rank 7 - Pup (people who don't know if they want to be in Frostwolves)
Rank 8 - Sheep (alts - get it?  Wolf in Sheep's clothing?  OK OK not as funny as I thought but I like it!)
Rank 9 - Hibernating (inactives)

One thing - the Barrens is HEAPS busier on Saurfang!  Cities are populated!  We picked up a new tank - Asys, friend of Nerisella - and grabbed all the guys levelling their new toons here because they didnt' want to transfer and our guild is looking busy.  Even Saundin faction changed his paladin - GASP!! A few more people to come across, and we'll see how raids go tomorrow.  Who's excited??  ME!

OH and look at the lovely banner that Ancient made for me as a moving gift!  I love it!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Challenge Mode Noobs - A silver in Jade Temple

Wow, it's been a while since CMN took on a challenge mode!  We were rusty, and we had a think about what we should try for this time.

Since we were so close on Jade Serpent last time, we thought we'd try that again.  Karn wasn't on, so Sev joined Arv, Luxy, Lush and me.  He was there for our other challenge mode on Jade Serpent where we missed Silver by a few seconds - well, maybe 20 seconds.

We started off OK, and then when we got to the first boss, Wise Mari, we reminded ourselves not to stand so far back.  So we stood nice and close... and bang!  Water splashed us and 3 of us died.  Whoops.  We just pretended we didn't do that attempt and we reset it.

Doing it a second time was fine, and then we did the gauntlet run to the second boss, and remembered this time to drink our invisibility pots just before the crane.  We ran, and engaged the last mob before the boss and then did the boss.  We weren't sure if we had to do that mob or not, but we did it just in case.  Lorewalker Stonestep was quite easy and then we went to the room with all the sha-lings around.

I always have difficulty with healing that room.  I could never understand why.  We did it - and we died.  What I didn't know is that when we ran into the room, it always ends up pulling 2 or 3 of the big adds, which I have difficulty healing through.  We wiped and ran back in and did it again.  We ended up pulling Liu Flameheart whilst running around and Luxy died but she ran back (lucky it's a quick run) and then we got her down, and engaged the adds before the Sha of Doubt.  I was OOM and had no CDs to get mana back so we died... omg it was crap.  So we missed the timer, and then thought should we reset it?  Nah, we should just finish it for the gold and the valour points.  So we did, and missed silver.  So we did it again.

This time when we did it, it was much better.  Smooth through Wise Mari, this time we used our invisible pots from crane down to Lorewalker Stonestep, so we pulled him when we got there, so we avoided the last mob on the stairs, which saved us a minute or two.  In the room with the sha-lings, Arv pulled them outside so we got one group at a time which was easier for me, and then we killed Liu Flameheart, with plenty of time for the Sha.  And we comfortably got our silver!

Yay!  Though I have to be way better with my mana if we're going to go for gold because I drank at EVERY opportunity and when you watch those youtube videos - nobody ever drinks!

Should have asked Sev and Lush to dance to Arv's singing and Luxy and my guitar playing.  Such non groupies.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Account hackers through Mobile Auction House - Ruining our guild moving day!

This morning Lushnek, Xynzelle and I were doing the weekly stuff in the Barrens.  We all logged off in the Barrens - Xyn had to go do family stuff, and Lush was hanging around at my house for the weekend since the kids like to see "Uncle Lush" and we were going to go out for lunch (and I've also got better internet - sorry Tout, your net does suck!).  We had killed a fair few things, and vendored lots of stuff.

This evening, we logged back in to finish our weekly and Lush noticed he only had 2g on his toon.  WTF??  And he had a new mail.  Apparently he'd bought something from the Auction House.

OMG he'd bought a Black Trillium Ore for 178k gold??  He was horrified.  What the hell?  Had he been hacked?  He was still in the Barrens, so he couldn't have gone to an AH, nor had his account been opened or he wouldn't be out in the Barrens where he'd logged off.  While he opened a ticket and tried to figure out what to write, I thought about what we'd been doing.  OMG, could this item have been bought through the Armory?  I know my toddler son had been playing with Lush's mobile phone and has opened WoW Armory before - could he have accidentally bought it?  I was mortified.  Lush was very upset and despondent.  I helped him compose a ticket to Blizz while I went to see if you could buy stuff through authenticator, and to check the auction house to see if this person had anymore funny items for purchase.  I thought maybe it was one of those douchebags who puts a low bid price and a high buyout to trick you.  I even told Lush to write a mail to that person saying there was a mistake (if it had been a bid) and to say would it be possible to send the gold back, and he would be happy to pay a reasonable, even slightly above market price for the ore.

Whilst Lush was offgame changing his account passwords, I decided I would do the same.  But I was having that sinking feeling that my son had done the damage and I felt terrible.  I told Luxy about it, and she made lots of sad faces, and said to put a ticket in.  I thought, if it was my son and he'd bought it through Mobile Armory, Blizz was never going to get the money back.  And the dodgy seller wouldn't send the money back either.  I wasn't feeling very hopeful.

Lush didn't feel like logging into WoW for about 15 minutes, he looked sad, and said he didn't want to play. He thought he should check the other accounts, which he forgot to do in the shock of losing all his gold and trying to figure out what to write on the ticket.  When he logged his other toons, he found this:

All his level 90 toons had bought a single Black Trillium Ore for pretty much all of their gold give or take 80g.  All from the same person.  I realised, my son couldn't have done this, it was a hacker.

And to top it off, the goddamn bastard had actually stolen Lushnek's Trillium from his paladin Farashkar (ie sold a stack of it on the AH for 1 copper and bought it from him) and then sold it once by one back to him for a total of 238k.

It was clearly a hacker.  I didn't know people could hack into your mobile armory and use your authenticator.  And Lush isn't the only one.  After this happened, Luxy told me that it is on WoWInsider as well, published yesterday.  There is also a forum thread on it here.  And another incident of it here.

Lush uses Mobile Authenticator on Android.  I do as well, and I'm nervous.  Though I don't have much gold, so it's not so scary.

After we finished our weekly we decided to do a challenge mode, and I told Sev what had happened.  Do you know what that cheeky bastard said?

"Well at least now he has 7 black trillium."

LOL.  What else can you do but laugh, right?  Poor Lush.  I hope he gets his gold back :(  And until the ticket is investigated, we can't move servers as it will look kinda weird if we lost all our gold then did a guild transfer.  So Frosties, server transfer is delayed pending investigation of Lush's lost gold.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making the World a nicer and less isolated place

Who says Blizzard doesn't listen?  Even the testing of Virtual realms has had an overwhelming positive response in the community, that you almost think that if it didn't go through there would be so much disappointment on forums, twitter and podcasts.  When I heard about it, I thought "OMG, Blizz is listening!  This is what I want!" as I found that I really missed those days where inns were crowded and major cities were bustling with people - it's like that on some servers, and it's an awesome tourist attraction (Tichondrius, for example).

Ever since Blizz started to cater to the casual player who didn't have the time to invest into a big guild, or have a huge bunch of friends but a couple peppered over various different servers, Warcraft has gone through so many changes.

What is a casual player? What defines them?  I used to think that it meant someone who logged on infrequently to play WoW.  Say, 30 minutes a day or so.  Then I thought it meant someone who didn't do big group stuff, like BGs and raiding for hours at a time.  But there are people who spend hours on WoW and are doing none of those things - those players aren't casual!  Those players are out there farming reputations, rare pets and mounts, crafting materials, levelling toons and chasing achievements, and the number of people like that really do outnumber the raiders.  Until I started to blog, I never realised this.

When RealID came out (and subsequently BattleTag for those of us who like to keep our personal lives personal and don't mind sharing our online personas) it was WONDERFUL to be able to chat to my alliance friends on Proudmoore without having to physically log over to their server to talk to them on my level one toon.

When Looking for Dungeon came, it was great for all those small groups of 2-3 who used to be out there trying to get a group for a dungeon.  Those groups kinda dwindled into solos and unfortunately with the solo mentality came the me me me attitude, which Blizz heard but hadn't addressed until more recently.

Cross server battlegrounds was great too, because queue times dropped big time, and then when you could realID party up cross server, it was even better.  Nothing like spending time with your buddies smashing some alliance faces.  When I think about it, LFD (and subsequently LFR) is where the battleground mentality of me me me became a little more mainstream.  You would always see the bots, the afkers, the people hanging around in a BG not pulling their weight, and in PvP tempers and adrenaline are always high, so there is a lot of excitement, and yelling and anger tends to come with heightened senses and tempers.  

Looking for Raid came and the me me me got worse, and the abuse became battleground like.  Loot was a huge issue at first, but when they fixed it to INDIVIDUAL loots, that was heaps better for everyone to have the same chance at something - even if that something they had already got, but that's just how the RNG die rolls.

Scenarios are perfect little things for those people with 30 minutes to spare.  Small groups, no set roles with ways to slip in lore and story without laborious quest lines and problems with people tagging and farming NPCs, it was great for the casual player to grab some valour points in this glorified group quest.  In fact, group quests are much rarer now, I noticed compared to previously.  The only one I see anymore is the weekly Barrens thing.  And now, Blizz is trying to push us away from the me me me a little by making you form set groups for the heroic scenarios - perfect really, because the whole instance is short, and it means you don't have to put up with a moron for a long period of time (like a dungeon) and also there are bonuses if you work really well together in the form of extra valour.  And doing them through your battletag friends is great, honestly, I can't think what it would be like now NOT to have it. The world would be so quiet.

And then the World started getting quiet.  There are so many servers from the heydays of WoW, that people are spread out everywhere, and they can't find people to group with.  Raids moved from the big 40s to the 25s and then made 10s.  Now people have small intimate groups of friends that are so tight knit they may not want to split up to find another group so now comes Flex raids which are for groups between 8-25 people, which I think is an amazing move.  The only problem is that it is inbetween normal and LFR,which to me is a bit of a shame, as there are a lot of people who actually raid but can't (like us!) and would like to be doing normals.  I wish that the Flex could be the normals, and the heroics are fixed at 10 and 25.

Virtual realms has me so excited, I can't wait till it's implemented.  It will be introduced too late for us though since we are moving, but it will open up so many more people to play with that it will have the big MMO feeling again.  As long as it doesn't come with the queue times, that will be ok.  I don't think Blizz likes us to play an MMO where there are only 1-2 people in a zone at any one time - the whole point of an MMO is that it is MASSIVELY multiplayer online game.  I know it will be a nightmare when it comes to farming for stuff with all the competition out there, but who really wants to play an MMO like you're playing a single player game anyway?  That defeats the whole purpose of an MMO.

So I just wanted to say, thank you Blizzard.  Thanks for catering to the players and for listening to our problems to make this World of Warcraft a more fun place for everyone.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Minipost: A gift from Dahakha

Dahakha asked me to meet him on his server, as he had something to give me.  I wondered what it was - but it could possibly be a mount as that is one thing that can't be handed via accounts!

Imagine my surprise when he gave me a Depleted Kyparium Rocket!

I was so thrilled!  But then, I realised that it was a double edged sword... I would have to LEVEL to be able to learn it, so off I went... grudgingly.  I can't remember what the mount looked like.

Tacky took me to Wailing Caverns and Blackfathom Deeps for some carried XP, and then I got tired of levelling and came back to it a few days later.  Lush even logged in and helped me level - he got me one quest from dinging 20 and parked me at it so I could hand it in.

It's gorgeous!  I love it!  Navi in her flying bullet machine!  Thanks heaps Dah, it's an awesome gift - even the pain of levelling was totally worth it!

Frostwolves World Safari

One of the coolest things about being on an Oceanic server is that it was the 21st of June was here before everywhere else!  I was thinking it would be up around the time dailies reset, but Tacky and Luxy flew over at midnight and they were up!

They both grabbed one, and then Tacky held me one whilst I headed over.  It was just as well he did, because a lot of people arrived and then the Guardlings became scarce!  It was only a grey - Tacky nabbed a rare! - but I was happy to have one, and I am sure they will be common like Snowy Owls were once everyone got theirs and the excitement wore off.  Come to think of it, I never got a rare one of those... oh well.

So now we're all Zookeepers and another achievement complete!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting organised for a Guild Server transfer

It's decided.  And, I changed my vote from Caelestrasz to Saurfang, so now Saurfang is the winner.  We are moving on Tuesday to a new home.

I had to put that(found it on Paladin Dana), I found it hilariously funny, sorry for the rude word.  Oh this server transfer does my head in!  OMG, I have to change my banner and everything.  It's so weird, that Dath'remar, which has been my home for so long - has it been 4 years? - will no longer be my home.

There are so many things to consider.   I hear each toon can only bring 50k (or just under) on a transfer, but at least your void bank and bank items and bags come with you.  The guild bank can take a million, so I strongly suggest that those with more than 50k write a note to say how much money you are giving the guild bank so it can bring it across for you.  I wonder how people who are gold capped move servers.  And I hope that nobody gets banned from transferring large amounts of money around!

Conquest,Valour and Honour will transfer with your character.  The thing that I'm worried about with the transfer is that my quest log will be cleared - that's going to stuff around with my legendary chain!!  I  am up to Echoes of the Titans and I'm still collecting my Titan Runestones.  If my quest log is cleared... then I will lose all those, am I right?  I guess it isn't that hard to do again, but if any of the others are close to completing that part, it will be rather annoying!  And I think you lose your macros - lucky I don't have many, but I hope I remember to put them back on!

It seems like most of the active members of Frostwolves are going to move.  The raiders are going and Soultouched brought up an interesting point - if we're raiding, why are we moving?  But we're off looking for a tank, so while Sev is ok to temporarily tank for us, it's not his preferred toon, and kudos to him for stepping up to do that.  I saw that Conclave, the top guild on the server, is looking for a tank, so it's unlikely that on our super quiet server, that there will be any spare tanks wanting to come to us.  It is a shame that we didn't take advantage of the half price server transfer deal when it was up.  Oh well.  I have played with a few people from Saurfang and hoping that they might raid with us on their alts a few days a week.

When we move, the whole guild and its achievements and levels will move with us.  A level 1 guild will remain, at least a home for all those who are looking for somewhere to call home whilst we wait to see if in a few months when patch 5.4 comes whether this Virtual realms will join all the oceanic realms together.  If that happens then all those who remained behind can rejoin the main guild once we are all on the same Virtual realm.  I am half hoping that we don't join with Dath'remar because we will have wasted our money moving to a server... that we joined with.  Yet, I am also hoping we are joined with Dath'remar so that all those who couldn't afford to make the jump can be back with the main guild again.

One thing guildies will need to remember is that once the guild leaves, you can follow the guild to the new server and retain your guild reputation as long as YOU DON'T LEAVE THE GUILD BEFORE THE TRANSFER.  If you follow the guild master to the new server, you will retain all your guild reputation.  There is no time limit for you to follow the guild to the new server, so as long as you don't leave the guild, you can move to the new server and rejoin the guild with your exalted rep.

My guild is like family.  Gutsy asked me to move to his server so I can raid with him and his guild over there - I want to raid, but I don't want to raid without my friends, some friends whom I have had since Vanilla, that we make up the core of our guild.  The game isn't just about raiding (though it's a highly enjoyable part of my game that has been in a slump of late), and it's not as fun just raiding for a kill without the shared triumphant feeling you get with your friends knowing you've worked together for something.  Yes, I know, that these are all friends you've made THROUGH the game, and you can always make more friends, but these are the guys who have been there during your highs and your lows, your triumphs and your failures, and have been an integral part of the story of your character as it progressed through the game.  It has always been the social part of the game which has held me in it for so long, and to lose that would be a tragedy for me.  I know that if my guild for some reason dissolved and all my guildies left I would find another home and I'm sure I would make new friends, but I like where I am now, and everyone else is comfortable too.

OK, enough sentimentality.  I had better get cracking on emptying my mailbox, selling off all the extra crap I don't need, and trying to figure out what to bring from all my bank toons over to the new server with me.   Hell, I might even have to level my bank alt to level 10 so it can bring my personal guild bank with me as well so I can store all my crap!

Consumerism, keeping up with the Joneses and how WoW is sometimes a great escape

I got a new toy to play with the other day - a Google Nexus 7 - and I was having a fiddle with it and it had a reading widget with some of my google books and some magazines. I don't subscribe to any magazines, and I saw it had magazines I would probably pick up and read while waiting at the doctor's (but not anything I would pay money for) - things like last month's Vogue, GQ and IT Life.  I decided to flick through Vogue and started looking at trendy fashions that were outrageously expensive (nor would they look good on my post-baby, non fit frame) and then I came across an article which was not only fascinating to me, but it was interesting that it seemed to be yet another symptom of the direction society is heading that can be seen even within World of Warcraft.

The article was titled "The Poor Rich", and it described how those with high incomes are struggling to make ends meet.
Meet the poor rich.  They have all the urban bells and whistles, but not a moment's financial peace or a cent saved... The expectations for "getting a life" - a seemingly decent, urban life - are high: overseas trips, higher education, a mortgage, a car less than five years old, privately educated children.
How we are seen in society is really important to many people.  As the article said, "Keeping up with the Joneses" used to be  about looking at your neighbour, but now, it's looking at everyone else on the internet, not just your neighbours, but around the country, in other countries even, trying to ensure you're doing as good, if not better, than everyone else.

I think this article really grabbed me, because it relates to a lot of the pressures surrounding me.  Not that I succumb to those pressures, but I see it all around, I hear it every day, from my colleagues and peers.  I live in a modest, working class suburb.  My colleagues all live in "nice suburbs" full of working professionals - and in Sydney, houses in those are crazy expensive.  Most of their houses are in excess of 1.5 million.  A few of them have houses which cost 4-5 million.  The cost staggers me, and the mortgage repayments they must be making boggles me.  Even the fact that I haven't sent my children to the "best schools in the city" is enough to have my colleagues constantly haranguing me - because I'm living in a lower class suburb, I should be moving to the millionaire's mansions, why do I want to live with all the working class?  And why am I driving that crappy car when I should be driving a Mercedes, Audi or BMW?

In the article, one of the people interviewed said:
Sometimes I can't make the school fees.  We have a life that requires two incomes but I can't work as the girls are still young and my husband works 16 hours a day.  We could have bought in a cheaper suburb, but I told my husband "Nobody would visit us!"
It reminded me of my sister.  She moved back to Australia from England to start a family and wanted to be close to me.  She couldn't afford to buy or rent in our suburb so she was a few km away in a quiet suburb that was regarded as even lower class than my own.  Her house is nice - double brick, ducted air, brand new, 4 bedrooms - but all of her friends and her husband's friends live in the affluent lower north shore.  Her rent is less than theirs, and they live in 15-20 year old 2 bedroom apartments.  They all asked her why she lives there, isn't she scared?  Where is that suburb, never heard of it?  And she says that people don't like to come visit her because it's "too far", and they're scared to visit her.  I thought it was hilarious.  My sister is a charted accountant, and her husband is in construction - both earn 6 figures and are happy and comfortable, and are living well within their means.  They probably could afford to live in a more affluent area - but my sister, like me, does not like the idea of financial stress.  The feeling that if we even stopped working for one week, or one month, you would be behind in mortgage payments.

Consumerism is so entrenched in our modern consciousness.  Everyone has to have everything - even I am not immune to this (see above - I just bought a Nexus 7 and I already have 2 iPads, why do I need one of those?).  Everyone wants the newest and the latest and the shiniest - in WoW look at things like loots, and rewards and dailies.  People want things and don't want to work that hard for them and complain about it.  Doing the dailies for Golden Lotus/Shado-pan/August Celestials was a classic example.  The moans and groans about the grinds for the items was heard far and wide.  People hated dailies.  Dailes became a chore.  But, you don't ACTUALLY have to do those dailies, you don't actually HAVE to get that gear.  So it's the newest and the best and the shiniest - do you really need it?  Some may argue that yes, you do because it will give you the edge in raiding - then why are you complaining about having to work for it if you need it?  I don't understand why people complaining about having to work hard for a reward.  Blizz even said themselves that they didn't design those dailies and rewards to be a bottleneck to raiding - you can still raid with heroic gear and valour rewards.  I had a funny thought though - can you imagine what it would be like if what we had a "credit" system like we do in real life?  Like a valour points credit card that you pay back at a later stage?  Everyone would be buying stuff and putting themselves into valour points debt, because it's easy and it allows us all to have what we want now.  Paying back would be a bitch - how do you ensure people pay it back?  It would have to be something like... deducting a day off your subscription unless you make your valour points payment per week.  But can you see what I'm saying? The concept of working for the reward is so abhorrent now, that people would rather get into debt to get what they want than have to save and work for it.

But I digress - the article doesn't talk about those people.  It's talking about the people who are reaching for the high end comfortable life, and being able to afford everything you want, but working crazy hard for it.  Another of the interviewed people said:
I work my arse off for my 150 including super.  It's 16 hours a day with no fun to be had, but I'm in too deep.
One thing I really like about WoW is meeting people and hanging around with people whose lives are so different to my own.  People who come from all walks of life and aren't whinging "poor me poor me I can't afford to buy the new Mercedes".  Constantly being around medical people, and the peer pressure they apply to make me feel bad about where I live, where I send my kids to school and what car I drive, is so tiring.  I play WoW with struggling university students on budgets, with single parents with a few children, people who don't aim for this crazy rich life and stretching your budget to as far as it can go till there's no room to move.  I can talk to school teachers and gardeners, tradies and IT nerds, who don't moan and groan to me about working 6 days a week doing 15 hour days or longer just so they can have their mansions and their Maserati and BMW M4 turbos.  None of these WoW players are spending their whole time working, trying to make money to buy things they can only just afford just to keep up with the Joneses.  None of this stress about not being able to afford to fly business class on their next trip to Europe.

I can imagine, that people reading this, would think it's just crazy.  Crazy, that people earning so much money want bigger, better, shinier, flashier.  Listening to it, is exhausting.  My colleagues all look 10 years older than me and tired from working so hard!  I can't imagine living like that.  I really enjoy my less extravagant life (I am fortunate that I can afford to live comfortably), which leaves me more cash to do all those crazy things in WoW that I like doing.  I really wish people would live within their means, and not be ashamed of where they live or what they own or wear.  But it isn't easy - and I know that people just long to fit in with the others.  Which is why WoW is so awesome because it really doesn't matter where I live or what I drive.  People only care about how I play and you don't have to earn 7 figures to be a good player.  And you know who your real friends are - they will come to visit you no matter where you live.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Starcraft references in WoW

I should be sticking this on my other blog but I think it's so awesome it deserves a spot on both!

The first Starcraft reference I came across was the picture of Kerrigan in the Goblin Shredders - I can't remember where I read it, but Syrco has a great pic of it (I can't find mine in my screenshots folder - I really should rename my files /sadface)

In her post she also mentioned the NOVA shrine in Netherstorm, which is a monument to the game Starcraft: Ghost (Nova was the character in the game).  The letters N-O-V-A light up individually but here is a compiled pic.

Then in Pandaria, the references really took off!

Kim Won Gi (Fruit Dealer) is a reference to Kim Won Ki, a professional Starcraft player whose online name was Fruitdealer.  He's found in the Valley of the Four Winds.

Ling of the Six Pools is an NPC found in Townlong Steppes at the Shado-Pan Garrison, and she is one of the quest givers for the Shado-Pan dailies.  Her name is a reference to the Starcraft 2 opening move "Six Pool" where you rush the enemy with (Zerg)Lings.

There are a number of quests as part of the Krasarang Wilds Dominance Offensive which are references to Starcraft:
  • We Require More Minerals!
    From Starcraft, whenever you don't have enough minerals to purchase or make something it says this.  I'm surprised there isn't some other quest called We Require more Vespene Gas...
  • Good luck, have fun
    This is a reference to a traditional SC2 greeting "gl hf"
  • Hard Counter
    Though technically not limited to SC2, this term was often used to describe opposing manoeuvres and troops in SC2 strats.
On a side note, some of the other quests in the Dominance offensive are references to Warcraft III (Sentry Wards, Hero Killer, Worker Harrassment) but that's for another post :)

Primordius, the 8th boss in throne of Thunder has abilities when he evolves, which are named after Starcraft 2 Zerg upgrades.

And it took me a while to grab another screenshot of it, but I did giggle the first time one of the Sentries walked around in the Horde Isle of Thunder starting area holding crates said "Carrier has arrived."  Which is what the Protoss carrier says when it's been warped in.

Protoss carrier model from Starcraft Wikia.
Any I've missed?  Drop me a comment if I need to add another one!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Changes that snuck in when I wasn't looking

Maybe I don't read patch notes properly.  But there are some things that I have noticed lately - some good things - which I thought were pretty awesome.

Rebirth now rezzes you with the mana you died with.  Was that supposed to happen?  It used to rez you with 20% mana and 60% health, but I'm wondering if they did that to stop people dying for mana (ie you're OOM and you die so you can rez with 20% mana).  I never did that anyway, and I used to bemoan the fact I died with tons of mana so this is a boon to me.

Silvershard mines - the carts come out at one minute.  When did that start?  I used to have fun chasing the cart that was about to cap (that's how I got an achievement even!) when the carst used to come out higglety pigglety.  I guess it's more fair now, and I'm all about fair, but damn, the other bit was fun.

When you're fishing, you don't hear other people's bobbles anymore.  That's so fantastic!  I hated clicking my fishing bobber when I heard the sound only to find out it wasn't mine.

Eye of the Storm - ok, exactly WHEN did they lower that starting platform.  I thought it was fun jumping off and trying not to lose half your health!  I asked Shab if it disadvantaged him because of his Engineering glider thing that he used to that would put him way ahead of us when he jumped off, but when we tried it the other day, he still was way ahead, so that bit wasn't affected much.  I guess now people won't die jumping off the platform when the game starts.

And killing rares on the Isle of Thunder - when did they stop dropping those pointless little book things for Valour?  And now you just get the valour?  I mean, I think it's a good change because bag space is much better used for things like 3 sets of clothing and transmog, food and pet bandanges.... rather than a book for valour that you have to click to use anyway :P

I suspect some educated person who reads patch notes can tell me exactly when these were implemented - but I do like the stealthy awesomeness of them.  Things I never knew I wanted, now I suddenly have :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

WINNERS! Of the Moving House Giveaway!

Sorry this post is late!  I slept in keeping an eye on my mailbox and responding to emails till late.

We had 3 winners last night, submitting the correct answer.  Which one of them will win the big prize??

Congratulations to:




Thanks all to took part in the contest!  Here is the solution for those who were busy scratching their heads  (links added to the rhyme)

Through Navispam I've met a few
Fantastic people (some I knew)
A famous druid kindly sent
A guild invite, and so I went!
In those two posts, you'll need to find
A message hidden deep inside.

The first person to realID
Was someone whom I'd longed to see
Our times would never be aligned
But once tagged, 'twas an easy find.
Find the post where in game we met
And the next clue you'll surely get.

I have two friends who shower me
With endless gifts - I'm so lucky!
From one I've scord more than 10 pets
(And I don't think they're finished yet)
The other, pets and toys and mounts
(So many I can hardly count)
For both these pals the goal's the same -
The post where we first met in game.

My first joint story was a hit
With the friend who'd thought of it
Both those tales contain a link!
(It's not too hard to find, I think)
A common friend drew us some art
Of one immensely funny part!
That artist features often here
Their visit filled me with great cheer.

The one who got me in this game
Is quite well known, all know her name.
They feature in many a post
My favourite one I liked the most
Is playing games with archy things
I love how Blizz includes these things.

Of all the rhymes that I have penned
My best ones were my gifts to friends
A mighty steed for pure of heart;
(The pic with it a work of art )
The other one an ode to say
I'm awed by her in every way.
(This one was the toughest one - the link to the clues is in the space just AFTER the link to the two poems Ode to the Ancient and Steed of Shamans - which both point to Tome of the Ancient's blog by the way, yes, I know it was sneaky!)

An interview with 2 guild locks
And one about a rogue who rocks
Contain a hidden clue or two
Oh Tacky's guest post has one too!
Can you imagine Lush and Shab
As cute and gorgeous all round fab?

To answer Stoppableforce - yes there are two which point to the same link - I used a word twice LOL and didn't want to make another picture!

The questions that you get from the links were:
1) Eight bloggers have toons in Frostwolves, name five
2) Who is my favourite NPC in WoW

There are actually more than 8 bloggers in Frostwolves, a few of my friends from my blogroll have social toons there!
Navimie, Luxy, McTacky, Mabaho are the 4 easy ones (they are all on the Dath'remar blogroll) and you only had to find one more.
There are four toons with the same name as their mains
Zwingli (Zwingli's Weblog O WoW)
Glowbie (Glow's Branches)
Dragonray (Azerothian Life)
Amijade (Warlockery)
Rioriel (Postcards from Azeroth).
Nerisella (Neri Approves), Disconcur/Soultouched (I can't for the life of me remember his blog!), Escarlata is Mataoka in disguise (Sugar and Blood), Sohei is Saunder (Non-Squishy Heals), and Faithless also blogs.  There are posts of those people joining Frostwolves, so it didn't really require you to be in the guild to know (even guildies would have a tough time, I think!)

My favourite NPC in WoW is the pacifist ogre, Lunk.  I wish there was an alternative way to do quests in WoW all the time without having to kill a certain number of spiders or bats or some other creature!  I want to be just like Lunk!  And ogres should be a playable race IMO /nod

So... I made my daughter and pick names out of the hat!  Now, the hard part is that all 3 of them had a Gusting Grimoire already....

For the Tyrael's Hilt, the name she picked out was... Arvash!  OMG Grats Arv!

For the riding Turtle, the name she picked out was... Cymre!  Grats Cym!

And congrats to Luxy for the Gusting Grimoire!

Thanks all for playing, I know that was many many hours of your day sucked up on Saturday/Sunday!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let the Moving House Giveaway Game Begin!

On your marks, get set... GO! May the fluffiest puppy win!
The game begins!  Let's hunt and find
The clues that will screw with your mind.
There's sixteen links you'll need to seek
If it's too hard, within a week
I'll post some hints to help the stuck
Good luck my friends, to all good luck!

Through Navispam I've met a few
Fantastic people (some I knew)
A famous druid kindly sent
A guild invite, and so I went!
In those two posts, you'll need to find
A message hidden deep inside.

The first person to realID
Was someone whom I'd longed to see
Our times would never be aligned
But once tagged, 'twas an easy find.
(You'd think since we were both Aussie
Our times would line up easily)
Find the post where in game we met
And the next clue you'll surely get.

I have two friends who shower me
With endless gifts - I'm so lucky!
From one I've scored a dozen pets
(And I don't think they're finished yet)
The other, pets and toys and mounts
(So many I can hardly count)
For both these pals the goal's the same -
The posts where we first met in game.

My first joint story was a hit
With the friend who'd thought of it
Both those tales contain a link!
(It's not too hard to find, I think)
A common friend drew us some art
Of one immensely funny part!
That artist features often here
Their visit filled me with great cheer.
To find that link, it might be tough
For it's mixed in with other stuff.

The one who got me in this game
Is quite well known, all know her name.
They feature in many a post
My favourite one I liked the most
Is playing games with our pet blings
I love how Blizz includes these things.

Of all the rhymes that I have penned
My best ones were my gifts to friends
A mighty steed for pure of heart;
(The pic with it a work of art)
The other one an ode to say
I'm awed by her in every way.

An interview with 2 guild locks
And one about a rogue who rocks
Contain a hidden clue or two
Oh Tacky's guest post has one too!
Can you imagine Lush and Shab
As cute and gorgeous, looking fab?

Two questions will be asked of you
Two questions are the final clue
One link will tell you where to send
The answers for the game to end.
I thank you all for joining in
I wish that all of you could win!

Notes: All answers can be found in this blog. All correct entries received by 18 June 0600 AEST (ie 24 hours after the start) will go into a hat and drawn out by my daughter.  If you send an incorrect answer I will reply you to let it know it was incorrect and you can send an entry again with another answer.  There is no limit to the number of times you can guess the answer (as long as you're not spamming me random words!!!).  If no entries are received by then, clues will be given out at 24 hours.  There are 3 prizes to win, and the giveaway ends after the 3rd prize is won.  First prize is a Tyrael's Hilt (yes that is correct!). Second prize is a TCG riding turtle, and third prize is a TCG Gusting grimoire pet.  You may leave comments on the posts you find the clues if you wish as proof you went there, but it's not necessary, but don't give away the exact location of the link in the post.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friday PvP - An awesome round!

It was a fantastic night for PvP!

We started off in arena and there seemed to be only one team arena-ing, which was an ele shaman, priest and DK.  We killed them the first time but they were tough!  And we didn't get much rating out of them.  Ele shamans hurt big time and when they do that Ascendance thing.. OUCH!  We lost to that team the second time around when Shab got killed by the shaman using Ascendance - it was so fast he dropped like a stone! When we got them a third time we decided to take a break after that and do some BGs which were a mixed bag.  We had a good win in Temple (OMG I even carried a filthy ball for a long time standing in the middle!), a great game in Silvershard mines (I still think it seems unfair for alliance and Shab agrees), a decent win in Strand, and a horrible loss in Deepwind Gorge - getting those bloody carts is really a turning point in the game.  The opposing team had a good heal/tank team carrying the cart and it was hard to get them down, though Dah did manage to kill the warrior once.  We also lost in Arathi Basin, which was depressing as the usual Mal'Ganis rude person abusing the whole team didn't help things.  A Shatttered Hand player was equally nasty and I said to him he should just leave since we're so bad, and he did.  We decided to go back to arena again - and now there were more teams to play with.

There was a paucity of rogues tonight, but a lot of druids.  We had a druid/mage/spriest team that we managed to kill a few times, a druid/mage/monk team; a pally/warrior/feral druid team which was interesting; a couple of teams with hunters whom we killed as fast as we could.  Killing hunters is very satisfying, at least for me, because the scattershot/freezing trap annoys the poops out of me!

We had fun with the druid/mage/spriest team playing ping-pong-portal - Sev would put his gateway down, they would kill it, he'd put another, they would kill that, and so it kept going and going, and Shab used invisible whilst Sev was playing and snuck over there and opened up on them, Sev took his gateway (which of course by then had no charges because it was new so I couldn't follow so I had to race over) and there was some cooldown bursting but healed through.  The druid ended up in the open in tree form and Shab and Sev burst him down.  Watching him drop made me think of how I would die when I get dragged out into the open and how it was so much better hanging back so I could hide and heal.  The poor druid died again like that in subsequent games against us.

Our battlegroup, Bloodlust, is such a tough battlegroup to get a good score in.  I went to see if there were any teams from Dath'remar in the top 2000 3v3, and there were not.  The 2000th team has an arena rating of 1632!  Of all the battlegroups, Bloodlust is the most active and competitive, with Tichondrius leading the way.  I skimmed through the other battlegroups and it was interesting to see that some of the top 2000 teams had NO rating - guess they're not big PvPers over there!  (Of course, number one team in Bloodlust is made up of Shab's mage hero and my druid hero - Venruki and Sodah).

By the end of the night we had an arena rating of 1634... maybe we would make the ladder next week!  So we called it a night, to bask in our best 3s rating ever and maybe we will make it onto the top 2000 ladder - that would be awesome for us!

We didn't want to wreck our best 3v3 rating ever, so we decided to do BGs instead and got Twin peaks.  We were down 2-0 and it was looking bad - 3 disc priests on the enemy team.  We had a tank in slut plate (Sev was not impressed with her outfit and goggles) but she never managed to get the flag - the shadow priest from our server got it and died with Sev on heal watch - they were overwhelmed.  Then another time when the shadow priest was carrying it again, Shab managed to burst the EFC down despite all those healers and we got our first cap!  Spirits seemed buoyed after that, and the Spriest grabbed the flag again but was overwhelmed, but as they dropped it, Dahakha grabbed it from the flagroom and sprinted down the front ramp whilst the enemy team was still milling around where the shadow priest had died.  We were almost at the flagroom when the flag got ninja'd and Shab managed to help get the EFC down again and Dah capped it - OMG we had 2 minutes to spare and we had managed to claw a comeback!  That was pretty cool and we won that game, got the achievement Double Jeopardy, and it was a good finish for the night. It turned out that shadowpriest and a warlock were teamed up together - both from our quiet, low pop server too!