Thursday raiding - Voe's first Heart of Fear

Voe  has been out of the loop for a bit, so we expected a few deaths from him during HoF.  However, he only died a few times (poor Bish seemed to be getting the squish mallet yesterday!) and we got the first two down so we could work on Garalon again.

Anyone who kites Garalon is going to have rotten DPS, so having 2 tanks kiting it and 2 DPS meant our DPS was hurting a little.  We would hit enrage with 16 million left with 3 heals, so we switched to two.  Getting our healers positioned right was the hard part though.  I wondered if it would be better having the healers kite, and I think with 3 healers and 2 tanks, it's a viable idea.  But that's for next raid day.

Poor Aza and Lushnek are always kiting.  Souglyy was given the day off kiting for the day and she was pretty happy.  I had to laugh because some strategies talk about rogues doing kiting, and when this was suggested to Roshii, he said he couldn't possibly do that because he can't hit from the front, and his damage would suffer.  The reason I was laughing was because our 2 highest caster DPS, Sev and Aza, are always kiting so their damage takes a huge dive because they're pretty much out of range of  attacking the boss, and they miss out on the extra DPS buff they would get from standing in the areas around a leg.  And they don't complain about the job they're given - well not much.  But Roshii didn't see it that way :P  Rogues! /throws hands in air

Voe got the hang of the bosses in HoF pretty quick.  If only he would stop saying stuff was easy!  LOL it is easy after we bashed our heads on it to get the nuts and bolts out!

I was deprived of amusement for Vizier. Fue had a dinner engagement and was late to raid, which meant Raked was tanking, AND that meant I couldn't watch Raked dying in attenuation every time.  Blade Lord was fun because I got to use symbiosis on Voe which meant I could run AND tranq!

I'm hoping that we can have 3 healers and 2 tanks kiting.  Or rather 2 of the 3 healers and 2 tanks kiting.  That way all the DPS can go ahead and bash stuff.  I saw that Shadow Rising got it down with their tanks and healers kiting, so that might be a goodthing!  Might mean another day of learning though!  I guess we have all Sunday night.


  1. Do aza And sev need to swap to a spec that they can't stand for kiting to be viable? I don't think so, that's all I'm getting at. -Rosh

  2. Also I don't think the rogues kites, they just soak the cleave so it wouldn't matter anyway -Rosh

    1. Kiting probably would be bad. But taking the hits might be ok :) I should amend it to that :D

  3. We only had 4 kiters, the two tanks, then our druid healer took it then slice (disc priest) picked up the 4th one. They were keeping their stacks to about 18-21 before swapping. A couple times it was pretty close with the debuff falling off but they managed it.

    Originally we had 4 dps and a healer kiting, but it became too complicated with the swaps and the constant crushes. They finally decided to have the two tanks be the first two with the debuff then our druid healer picked it up. We first had Adoe kiting because he is a master hunter and deeps. When we started hitting the enrage we switched him out for Slice. That is how we finally killed him.

    We also rotated raid cooldowns and personal cooldowns.

    I have faith that you guys will get it down soon! :D

  4. I think every one shouild have a go at standing in front to be fair and then we can see what works best.I stoof up front with fue and was still doing decent dps and i dont mind doing it again to see if it helps.


  5. I'm fine to be up front, and take cleaves, but kiting is not going to happen, it's not viable at all for melee

  6. Go frosties!

    I am sure the bug will die soon!

    I know when we killed it and from looking around the nets - 540k raid DPS is needed to down the evil bug!

    1. Thanks for that message from Lyss! I will push to try that :)
      Damn that means I need to learn to kite properly.

    2. It was from Slice! He just didn't have your email at work. :)

    3. I meant to thank Slice for his message via you! I just wrote it really crappy ><


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