Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PVP ranting and unfair Mods

As a resto druid in PVP, I get killed a fair bit.  People just have healer hate when they play for the other team.  But it was a few months ago when I noticed that I really was getting killed - A LOT.

Sometimes it was as if I had a huge bullseye planted on my head every time I started to cast a heal.  How can they see me behind all these other guys?  And you know what I had it all down to?  Good PVP tactics.  Take out the healer, and mow down the troops.  Steamroll your way to win.  That's assuming you have more punch power than the other team of course.

So why have I brought this up?  Because I used to think that battlegrounds with no healers were a loss for the other team but then I read this written by Gnomeageddon.  He talks about and advocates the use of the addon Healers have to Die.  I shouldn't even be writing about it here, because talking about it encourages its use and I don't like that addon.  However, on it's plus side it does put friendly ones on your teammates so technically you can assist your healers who are getting pounded on.  So now I know WHY I am getting pounded on as soon as I cast a heal. Bloody hell.

Cynwise wrote about it too, advocating its use.  Bloody dpsers.  I admit I have no PVP addons, but I'm not sure if I would use them because I get confused easily.  It's much easier for me just to focus what I'm worried about (mostly an arena thing) and just heal and run and hide and call out incs or whatever for the battlegrounds.

So do I think this mod should be removed?  Umm... no.  As much as I hate it, killing me is the smart thing to do in PVP.  And if my teammates use it as well, then we are all on a level playing field.

One interesting healer PVP read I did go to was this one at P Vee P - healer placements.  This person wrote a whole series on it.  Which I thought was pretty cool.   Do I agree or disagree with what they said?  It's not that I disagree exactly, but being the spacebar twitch that I am, I'm usually constantly moving around so I am rarely in one of the positions PVeeP said I should be in.  But the diagrams are pretty and it is a pretty good tool for someone who is new to healing a BG group.  And I mean group.  Not a pug.

Which will now bring me on to what I class I hate more than anything in an PVP but especially in Arena.  A death knight.  Now I find this interesting - there are very few DK blogs out there.  I suppose Rades is a DK, but really he has a hunter, a priest, a druid, a DK and a paladin so I am not sure if he qualifies.  He does have an outdated DK gear thing on his blog though - maybe that counts.

DKs just smash through everything in my arsenal.  They wipe off my Lifeblooms, they put bloody diseases on me that I can't dispel, they put me in iceblocks... chains are not so bad as I can shift out of those... they yank me back when I'm trying to run away... they use that annoying as hell death strike that gives them back a shit ton of health I mean WTF is with that SERIOUSLY!  And don't get me started on Anti-magic shield which lasts too long and can't be stolen and just totally stuffs up my Nature's grasp... GAH!  Hate them hate them hate them.  My worst nightmare?  2 DKs.  Add a shaman to that and I think I would rather be 

Mages however, I do find annoying, but a good mage can be so painful.  However, I spend a lot of time practicing duels against my mage team mate Shaba, so I am reasonably well versed in escaping the sheep/tree/sheep/ROF/counterspell combo (oops did I just give away something?).  And I will always relive my glory moment of me being left in arena against a mage, who was being very cocky about killing me and after 4 minutes or longer of running around and stuff, I killed him.  HIGHLY SATISFYING.  Take that you little blinking evocating frostbolting pipsqueak!  I bet you were pissed off when I cycloned you while evocating!  Ha!  My mage dislike came from one AV I did back in Vanilla, and I had stopped to hit a mage who was hitting me and I was yelled at on the battlefield "Are you STUPID?  What the hell are you doing?  Druids can't beat mages, DERRR, get your ass up to Vann's room."  Ok, so like, yelling at me is going to make me do anything you say faster?  I don't think so.

Which leads me to another sore point in PVP.  Poor sportsmanship.  It drives me nuts when people are rude to me in a BG.  BG talk can be like LFR talk, it's full of finger pointing, hate and ego flexing and blame making.  Telling everyone how crap they are.  Just go away, I don't want to talk to you.  I try to write down every positive experience I get in PVP so that I can remember the nice times to cancel out the times I just want to reach into my screen and slap those egotistical twits until thier poor little buttcheek faces are sore.

And those people in arenas who laugh at you and spit on you.  Why must you do that?  You know I would really like it if someone came after me after a really challenging match and said "That was a great match, well done."  I admit I've done that before, I logged over to the server made a level one alt and told someone that the game we had was a really good game, and it was really satisfying.  OK, so I'm a big fan of the 45 minute arena match (where we WIN of course, but even when we lose it's a good game coz of the challenge) because outlasting and survival is what me and Sev are good at.  But the multitudes of times I have had opposing team make rude signs at me and spit on my corpse and laugh at it... ugh, it just drives me nuts.  I hate rude people.

Ok I think I'm done yanking that chain now.  Ahem.  Geez, I shouldn't post when I've got insomina.

So for those who don't realise, I'm actually doing this post as part of Gnome's challenge, because Ancient wanted me to join her.
Challenge: Find one of my old posts from the 830 odd posts I have written and choose to agree or disagree with it. Compare life during TBC with life pre-MoP. Hate me, go on, hate me – ill love you for it! 

There is one condition, with the exception of the initial link back to my inspirational post, all other links have to go outward and include at least two other people to involve.
Not that I ever have a problem with link love.  I have my weekly blogroll to do that.  But I decided the extra challenge today was to link to some people to whom I have never linked before.  But at least even if I only linked to people who don't really need the link love (Rades and Cynwise) I can say I got that PVP thing off my chest.  Never really found an outlet for it before.

When is your say less important than what others say?

On my usual Tuesday night wind-down when there is no WoW to be had, I usually catch up on my reading, look at some drafts on my blog that need polishing off before publishing, and work on my latest video(s) project - and then lament that I can't get online because I want to film a particular scene... but I digress!  I was taking a break from staring and editing videos and I noticed some new things to read so I went off to read them.

I pause here for a moment because I'm not sure I should mention where I read it or whose blog I read because that person may not want to draw more attention to what happened.  I think I'll just continue writing about it in the "I know this person who...." sense, but if you continue reading and you also read that person you may know exactly who and what I am talking about.

This person took down a post because it offended some readers.   In fact, at the time of writing the post, the author had felt so happy and chuffed about the milestone they had hit that they couldn't help but share.  Well, that's the impression that I got.  I have actually read that post 4 times and the reason I had gone back to that post so many times since it had been published was:
  1. I had written a comment and wanted to see if I got any replies
  2. I had some great feelings when I read that post, and wanted to relive them.  Those feelings were 3 versions of awe:
    Awe - (OMG really that is AMAZING how could you hit 2 million people reading your stuff!)
    Awww...? (as in OMG wow what if that was me, I wish I was that popular!)
    Awww cuuuuute - that dancing pic is so sweet, I felt like the love for his spouse was personified by that picture
  3. I wanted to see how many congratulations he got
I was even so proud to be following and reading this person that I was telling a few of my guildies how amazing it was to hit that many pageviews - since that is like AMAZING, I want to be like that. Cynwise recently hit 1 million and I was like agog about that, but 2 million?? WOW!!! One guildie reassured me that what I write about is totally fine and I don't need to be like that person, what I write is funny and amusing in it's own right.  But I can still be awed right?  Come on, it's me, who gets impressed by crazy cool things, loves discovering new people reading my blog, and being visited by famous bloggers (yes yes I know I need to stop the crazy fanboy shit!!)

So I wonder, what was in that post that could have been taken the wrong way?  For inspiration, I decided to listen to Fleetwood Mac's "Go your own Way" while I write.  Thanks Matty for the Fleetwood Mac revive a few weeks ago.

One of the commenters on that person's blog said that it was still in reader, so I went to my reader and it was still there.  I reread the post and tried to imagine, if I took that post the wrong way, how I would interpret that post.   I suppose that someone who was envious of their success would feel a little bit miffed, and think, what's so good about you?  Perhaps it was the comment about how the author's goal was to amuse someone during a lunch break.  Maybe the offended person didn't get lunch breaks and felt bitter about that.  But I suspect the offending culprit was this:
I like to think I achieve that goal at least a few times a week, and if that’s so, then world peace and a united earth government can’t be far behind. Right?
Clearly, a terrorist bent on destruction took offense to this.  The author, is American after all, and they want to take over the world right?  And have everyone live under a star spangled banner?  A united earth government?  Oh wait, I know who was offended.  It was someone in North Korea.  Because clearly there is no other people in the world for those poor brainwashed and isolated souls about whom I think about every second day since I read that book about life in North Korea and thank my lucky stars I live in a country where there's freedom of speech, freedom to choose, and freedom to write about whatever the hell I want.

Have I offended you?  Oh, I'm sorry.  You can stop reading now if you're offended.  Because this is my blog and I can write whatever I like if I feel like it.  Navi likes to rant when she has the creative urge to.

I'm actually too busy giggling now at the thought of Kim Jong-un posting comments on the author's blog that I've lost track of what I was going to write next.

Focus.  Ahem.

Him deleting that post reminded me of another time when another blog buddy took down a post, that I thought was written hastily when they were upset, over a misunderstanding.  There were some things in the post that they wanted to say still, but I remember giving advice to them ways on rewording it so that they didn't come across wrong.  The rewrite of the post was much better and less ranty, and I think conveyed the feeling that the person wanted to get across much better, but more focus on the writing and feeling and less focus on the rant.  It was a good result and I went back to read it just now to see if it still evoked the same feelings I had when I first read it.  And... yep.  It did.

I wish the author would put that post back up.  Maybe with some rewording, because I don't think that it was anything to be ashamed about.  Maybe take out the bit that was offensive to some people and remove the comments of those who were offended.  But it may be hard to do that now with the follow up post that was written after it was taken down.  I suppose one thing they could do was wait a while and put it back up, but really, that would only satisfy me, and not really the author, so I shouldn't wish for things just because I want them.  I think I am just sad because the feelings of aww I got from reading that post will no longer be had because that post is no longer there.  And everyone who knows me, knows how I get a kick out of emotions from stuff people post.

Offense is in the eye of the beholder, they say.  But, so is Beauty.

So in the memory of the lost post, I will quote these lyrics from Metallica's Eye of the Beholder.

Rant over.  Thanks for reading to the end.

PS:  OK I thought I'd try posting what I wrote just now into I write like and see if it still comes up the same.  Yep.  I still write like Cory Doctorow.  But you know what else is really REALLY cool?  I put the whole deleted post into the analyzer too see what that came up like and guess what?  Also comes up like Cory Doctorow (normally that person writes like William Gibson, or even.. GOSH.. Stephanie Meyer - oh I bet he won't be happy to hear that!!).  So that explains why I liked that post so much.  Oh my, I'm all chuffed again!  Stop it, Navi, the fanboy is getting too much...  :D /minisqueeee!

PPS: Oh my, I think I just discovered why the post was removed!  Amazing what one finds on one's blogroll ><

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aza's hawt plate

Aza's paladin is so pretty. He said this isn't slut plate, but I think it does look rather nice.  Blood elf girls always look good in sexy mog sets :)  And I do love that headband :)  So for a plate mog, this is pretty sweet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Guildie Guest Spot Voe - Resto Shamans for Dummies - Chapter 1: Intro

Voe joined our guild during 4.2 (Firelands) and hasn't looked back since.  Love him or hate him, you can't miss the fact he's an excellent healer, and I asked him to put together for me a little how-to for the budding resto shaman.

Chapter 1: Intro
A Voe perspective

Let’s get this straight, a shaman isn’t the first class I’ve healed with. I have been around since the vanilla days. Back at level 60 when I PvPed on my priest as shadow and healed 40 mans in shadow spec. Back at lvl 70 on a holy paladin when flash of light spam was cool. Back at lvl 80 once again on my paladin healing away at whatever end content I could step foot in.

Now in Cataclysm after quite a bit of away time from the game I decided to level my shaman, not so much to dps but to heal. I hadn’t healed on a shaman before, I liked the idea of having totems, bloodlust, raid healing ability as well as solo tank healing if needed. When thinking about making a comeback I sat down long and hard and thought should I step out of my comfort zone, and roll a tank class... But Voe prevailed.

Furthermore, I knew joining the end game raiding again as a badly geared dps class I would find it hard to fit in anywhere, and as usual everyone needs healers. It’s been the case since vanilla. So with a chance from Fue and a few raids in bad gear, I think my ability to heal with a class that was “nerfed” really opened a few eyes. Now being one of the pillar healers within Frostwolves I’m going to jump into some depth about the shaman. A few pointers on how I heal, how I look at fights, what I look for during encounters. Really everything I do whilst we pound our heads against new bosses.

So let's begin.

Healing isn’t something a person does without the love, the passion and the challenge knowing that without you in the raid people WOULD be dead. To me healing is the best aspect of the game. You get to sit and see the entire fight, the screen is open for you to see every mechanic, every individual person doing their role.

More importantly you can see exactly what other healers are doing right or wrong. I think out loud which tends to shit a few raiders within the guild, but i do believe with my thoughts out loud do help others who aren’t as forth coming and really rely on things being yelled out so they don’t get hit by the fire wall, don’t over heal a target with too many stacks, know when to stack, when to spread and when to pop cds. I have always had the ability to talk, not just in WoW but in all aspects of my everyday life, so by doing this in game I had hoped it brings out the best in players.

All things being said I try my best to not come across as a know it all dick that steps on peoples roles, I believe I have improved in my time with frostwolves with my “foot in mouth syndrome”.

Healing As A Shaman

Forget whatever you have been told about shamans. To me, out of all the classes i have healed with they’re the most fun. You have quite a bit of utility and heal for EVERY situation. I don’t just press 3 buttons for a fight. I use the following buttons on my keyboard

1. Riptide
2. Healing Wave
3. Greater Healing Wave/NS
4. Chain Heal
Q. Unleash Elements
E. Earth Shield
X.Drop totems
`. Cleanse Spirit
V. Healing Surge
C. Ghost Wolf
F. Healing Rain
G. Wind Shear
R. Totemic Recall
T. Spirit Walkers Grace
Z. Blood Fury (Orc Racial)
H. Water Shield/Earthliving Wep

My H key is macroed so that I can hit it twice and cast them one after another. I am not a clicker,I use my keyboard to cast all my spells, the only use my mouse is to scroll over targets to heal, dispell etc. Natures Swiftness is macroed to Y Key for that quick heal on someone.

The best advice I can give you is, keep riptide up on 3 targets at once, general rule of thumb is main tank off tank and another melee, as they tend to take the most damage. In doing this not only will you keep hots on those targets you also have a chance to proc Earth Living Hot on the target as well as Ancestral Awakening/Healing which reduces damage taken by 10% and increases the targets HP. This to me was one of the best buffs given to a resto shaman, furthermore everytime you crit heal with Water Shield up you regen a certain amount of mana depending on what spell you crit with. Which is why you should always keep it on. NO questions asked.

I don’t care what people say about mana tide, I try to use it as many times as I can throughout a fight, I can usually get about 3-5 mana tides off depending on what fight. In saying this I rarely have mana issues because of this, just use it when you feel necessary, always try to have it up in “oh Shit” moments especially with the T13 two piece which decreases the cost of healing spells for 25 seconds after you use it (this is amazing).


I Really only use the following totems depending on who is the raid and what buffs are needed

Earth: Strength of Earth or Stoneskin Armour
Flame: Flametongue
Water: Healing Stream totem/Mana tide when its up
Air: Wrath of Air, Windfury or Spirit Link Totem

Our situational spells are (SLT)Spirit Link Totem and (SWG)Spirit Walkers Grace, both these spells are good in their own right although i think SLT should be buffed to last about 10-12 seconds, just IMO.  And with the T13 4 set bonus SWG is awesome it increases haste and also lets you move while you cast healing spells this is great once again for situational times during all boss fights. For example
running to get your crystal in Ultraxion, you can heal while running to get the crystal and heal while running back.

I think I have covered most spells you would use as a resto shaman I'll share with you my main rotation to give you an idea of when i use spells etc.

I use Riptide on CD, this is always on 3 targets unless I'm being lazy, always use Unleash Elements on people not only is this a cheap heal it also makes your next heal 30% bigger! The other benefit of using Riptide is it makes the next two healing waves/greater healing waves 30% less cast time and increases their crit chance, this buff is also given whenever you chain heal. This should be kept up as
much as you can which you will achieve by keeping Riptide up on 3 targets. Healing Wave and Chain heal are the shamans AOE beast heals, chain heal is mana efficient, Healing rain isn’t... In saying this if used well you can conserve a lot of mana, I see a big rookie mistake with some shamans using healing rain when it isn’t needed, when a chain heal would have sufficed.

Only pop Healing Rain when raid damaged is crazy spastic, holy shit everyone is taking so much damage, heal them now... Which funnily enough seems to be most heroic fights LoL?

I don’t want to bore you with every situation as a resto shaman and what healing you need to do and when because everyone heals differently, but as mentioned above use the spells when they’re needed keep HoTs up on the main damage takers then just use whatever heals the situation needs. I use all the buttons I have mentioned above, although healing surge rapes your mana is a great quick heal to get people up, as well as greater healing wave works well with Natures Swiftness (next heal is instant) incase someone almost dies.

In an overall summary of what I have talked about, Shamans are amazing to heal with. They bring utility, raid balance, raid buffs with totems and bloodlust as well as the versatility of having off specs to dps if needed. (Although i never get to do that much these days. Not to sure why :P)

Shamans are easy to heal with once you have grasped the finer detail of their spells and when to and not to use differing spells. If this gets an ok review I'll be more than happy to jump into serious depth as to what specs to use, what stats to have etc. For now this is a quick intro into my world as healing as a resto shaman.


Reunited - A world of warcraft video

Shaba and Enna gifted me with a piece of music, and I thought it was so lovely I had to do something with it, so I made a WoW video out of it.  So here it is!  It's called Reunited - a story of 2 lovers, separated and then reunited in death/undeath.


Thanks to Enna/Beauti, Gley/Beasti, and Serayl(Sevros) for allowing me to direct them.  And a special thanks to Cymre who came on her alliance toon to slaughter Serayl for me, and Shab for the moral support!

Ironavie - Chapter 2 - 13 is an unlucky number

Ironavie sobbed as she hearthed in shame.

"It just wasn't meant to be, Ironavie," said Guvan, the Priest trainer, with a regretful look on his face.  "Your journey is over."

"No, NO," cried Ironavie vehemently, wiping the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand.  "I was liking this challenge.  I can't believe it's finished just like that."

A soft voice whispered in her head.  "You should just continue on this character with the old Ironman challenge - the one where it was OK to die.  Less stress that way."  Ferricat's gentle voice was a gentle purr, reassuring, comforting.  "I hope it wasn't because I distracted you whilst talking..."

"No, it wasn't," Ironavie reassured Ferricat.  "I was happy to hear from you.  I was excited to be able to chat to you!"

"What happened anyway?"

"Oh, I was trying to kill High Chief Bristlelimb, and I ended up pulling a second mob, and I was trying to get range on it and backed into another mob - too many mobs.  I was thought I was ok and then suddenly my health was 20 and I forgot to use my Gift of the Naaru..."  Ironavie sniffled.  "Oh well."

So poor Ironavie got 5 hours of playtime and only got to level 13.  I have to admire that person who made it to 81 already!
Playing a pure DPS class... my god.  I forgot that I couldn't heal myself, well not much!  It really is so different, when before I could heal myself and run away, and I got carried away because I could actually kill things relatively quickly as a DPS, that I forgot that the tradeoff for that would be poor survivability.

So what should Ironavie do now?  Delete?  Start over?  Continue on in the old Ironman fashion with just levelling in whites and greys?  Before anyone says anything - no I am not going to level her like a normal alt because I don't do normal.  So I guess it boils down to Delete, Start over or Continue.  I look forward to hearing what people think! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ironnavie Chapter 1 - Level 1 to 10

Oh dear.  The Draenei crash landed here and altered the native flora and fauna!  Never fear!  My trusty Moth and I will do these quests and do our best to right what wrong we've done with our unplanned visit to this world.  I just hope that none of these enemies I'm fighting our wielding a [Bug Spray] or else my Moth is a goner.  I can't help but pat my beautiful blonde hair before I set off on tiptoes on my hooves (hooftoes? tiphoofs?) running off to go kill some poor creatures.

Wow, it's been a while since I played a hunter.  Since when do I start with a pet?  And, what is this focus bar?  Damn, I did like mana because there are pots for that but there are no pots for focus!  And oh, we don't have to buy ammo anymore?  Wheeee!

Looking at these red crystals leaching bad energy into the water brings back a famous Woody line from Toy Story:
"Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!"

Ah, but there is tragedy not only in what's around us but within our circle too.  Here we mourn the dead.  I kneel in respect and sadness for those of my race who have fallen.

Some silly things I noticed around here.  There are some normal Owlkin, and some mutated Owlkin.  Isn't it funny that the NORMAL ones look like Tauren Moonkin, and the Mutated ones look like Troll Moonkin?

I got my first achievement from following a Furlborg Totem.  I jumped off a cliff and got "Going Down?", though it did feel like I was cheating because I had special wings at the time!  This quest chain has a hell of a lot of running and swimming.

Oh, and I found another NPC named after a famous person.  Odesyus (Odysseus) named after the Greek hero who wandered the sea for 10 years before he came home to Ithaca.

After finding a traitor, and heading up north to kill some ravagers, I made it to Level 10.  Yay!  Only 75 more to go.  I bet they won't be as easy as those first 10.

Introducing Ironavie

It's so hard to open my eyes.  Oh my, it's bright.  The sky is so... pink?

My fluttering eyes snapped wide open.  Pink sky.  Wreckage.  What on earth has happened here?  I look around and my jaw drops as I catch sight of my hands.  I turn them over in front of myself incredulously.  Blue-black skin.  Smooth. No fur.  My hand goes to my head - the horns are still there but my hair is different.  I put my hand to my muzzle - and find a flatter, more human face.  I look behind and I still have a tail, and hooves.  But boy is my ass big compared to my shoulders.  I sigh in resignation.  I've been reborn - as an alliance Draenei.

It came back to me.  I was being entered into the WoW Ironman competition.  And the rules were:

  1. Only White or Grey gear. No Heirlooms of any kind.
  2. No transfer of gear, items, or money from any other character (yours or others).
  3. No gear enhancements, including gems, enchanting, and reforging. Class abilities are allowed (eg. Rogue poisons, Shaman imbues).
  4. No specialization, talent points, or glyphs. No pet talent points.
  5. No professions or secondary skills, except for First Aid.
  6. No potions, flasks, or elixirs except for required quest items.
  7. No food buffs or other external buffs (including buffs from items and other players).
  8. No groups or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped.
  9. No dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, or arenas.
  10. No guilds, except for level 1 guilds created specifically for the Ironman Challenge.
  11. No Refer-A-Friend.
  12. No addons which assist in combat and/or leveling (eg. leveling guides, Ovale).
  13. THE BIG ONE: No deaths. Character death for any reason disqualifies the character

The following are allowed:
  • All class abilities, racials, and personal buffs.
  • All mounts, bags, and non-combat pets.
  • All quests, including holiday events and dailies (unless prohibited by some other rule, eg. Fishing and Cooking dailies).
Now why would I, of all people be in this challenge?  Everyone knows Navi has no alts, hates levelling alts.  So why would she be in this one, which is even worse than levelling an alt, it's grinding your way the slow way to 85.  And the only way I would level an alt, I said once, was to do it with someone, in a group, and do it faster.

So what happened?  Why the change of pace?

It might have been the whole challenge of it.  It's different to level an alt this way.  And by the light, Navi is always contrary.  Trying to be different, to stand out.  Also, there is no pressure to level.  The problem with levelling with someone is that they're chomping at the bit to get going whilst you're still dawdling away on your main doing dailies.  And when I get left behind, I feel miserable and don't want to play anymore.

But, and this probably makes me the most concerned, is that I am jumping on the bandwagon.  Is it just wanting to get into the whole community event of it?  Giving me something else to write about - geez, it's not like I don't already have enough things to write about.  Sometimes I think this blog should be called The Twice-Daily Frostwolf.  Of course, a lot of that is ramble, but I love rambling.  It's my blog, after all.

But perhaps it's a good escape.  I think it's good for that 10 minute WoW time that we busy people have sometimes.  I can log on, do a few quests, log off.  And yes, I could do that with a proper alt, but there is always that pressure to level.  With this Ironman challenge, I don't want to be taking risks, I want to do it the slow scenic way... or I'll go splat.

So why did I choose:
  • Being Alliance - the quests are new, and I can see some of the Alliance perspective of Cataclysm
  • A Draenei - Because I wanted something sexy (so I chose a female) and I like having a tail.  And the racial would be helpful for this challenge (Gift of the Naaru)
  • A Hunter - I thought I would have the least chance of dying.  Pet classes would be good for this, and feign death would be a good way to avoid dying.
  • Zangarmarsh server - honestly, it was because Tome of the Ancient was there.  I was so excited after meeting Glow, that I thought that I could meet up in game with another of my blog buddies.  And, nobody else I know is there, so I will happily not have to worry about catching up or playing with anyone on that server.
So, here I am.  My name is Ironavie, and I have one life to live, here as a Draenei on Zangarmarsh server, and I'll be sharing that life with all of you, each painful step of the way!
Wait, wait! I think I feel like telling a story!  No, no, I'll wait till next week.
Thank God, RealId is only a /r away!  Though friends can't help you with levelling, they can help you live through the boredom of running from place to place.

Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll February 26, 2012

The best read of this week was from Big Bear Butt again - boy can that man write.  This time he wrote WoW is like a... which is a rather unassuming title for such an awesome read.  BBB voiced what I felt about WoW but had never even thought to say - I can't even write it, you have to go read it, what I would summarise about it would not do the article justice.  I love WoW, and I never get sick or bored in it, yet people always ask me why I'm still playing it, why am I not sick of it.  BBB wrote that WoW is like a relationship, a commitment, like a marriage.  And how he is still in love with it, and discovering new things about it even after all these years.  Much like he does with his wife.  And though new shiny things come (ie new games) he may go and look, but it's WoW he comes home to.  And I started thinking how that translates into real life.  People who are attracted by the latest new thing, the latest shiny - do you think that reflects their real life commitments and relationships too?  Does that mean that the sign of a good partner can be told from their WoW habits?  I mean, that is an extrapolation from what he originally wrote about, but when I look at it that way, who are the people in the game that I feel closest to?  It is the ones who love the game, who are fascinated by every aspect of it, who are still in love with it after years.  Probably because I can identify with that feeling, but it just makes you think, and I love those articles which make you think.

Tzufit as usual stuns me with her great and insightful posts - and this week she did a whole series of Cataclysm grading papers.  The Resto Druid one is the one I was most interested in reading, and she has it here.  It is such a good read, all resto druids should have a look at it and take a walk down memory lane (because I found that my Cata memory seems to be short!) and see if they agree or disagree with what Tzu has to say about the whole thing.

Juvenate has done a nice little summary of MoP talents with choices for resto druids, in his post Thoughts on the Updated MoP talent calculator.  It's got pictures, I like pictures.

Last but not least, there are three of my blog buddies that inspired me to do the unthinkable - Effraeti, Tome of the Ancient and Euphyley.  Reading their adventures (Ironeffy, Ironsteve and Ferricat) made me start the Ironman competition, and I will have small stories about my little Ironavie later in the week. Everyone who knows me knows I hate alts, and I hate levelling, so why am I doing this?  You can read why when I make my post later :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How 25 man raids are going the way of the 40 man raids

It seems to be a common theme for a lot of guilds - unable to attract good recruits, or even any recruits.  The lucky ones who pick up the stray person who left from a raiding guild to forge out on their own - be it for personal reasons or returning to the game or change of raid time - are fortunate, I guess.  But I was reading what Beru wrote about Exploring the Continued Vitality of 25 man raiding, and thought about why things changed.

She postulated a few things:
  • Did the introduction of 10 man guilds kill the 25 man guild?
  • Did making the gear from 10 and 25 the same kill 25 man raiding?
I have to admit, that both of those things did kill the 25 man raid.  But the interesting thing for me and my guild is, that going from 25 man raiding to 10 man raiding has actually increased our progress.  And the reason is because now everybody has to pull their weight, and it's easier to see where mistakes are made.

Lissanna also wrote about Why two raid sizes are worse than one.  She proposes the idea of 15 man raids - which is larger than a 10 man but to me, is not really that much different!  Because she says, with the dying 25 man raiding scene, Blizzard will not want to continue to make content for that level anymore - especially since raid finder seems to work well now as the larger raid group.

Image from's interview with Tom Chilton

Let's look at the 40 man raid for example.  Back in Vanilla, you could get away with being a bad healer or a bad DPS because most of the time there are other people there to pull you through the content.  But there weren't that many 40 man guilds out there, because there just weren't that many people.  So Blizzard decided that 40 mans were no longer viable and decided to cut it to 25 mans.
No more 40-man-raids, because 10 and 25 players raids still feel epic. “What we realized is: it’s not really the number of players that makes it epic, it’s the quality of the content and what you do with this content and what you do, to make players be part of this content.”
- Tom Chilton
So many 40 man guilds collapsed as people scattered around trying to find somewhere to fit in, and there were divisions because if you did have a 40 man guild and you started 25 man raiding, what did those other 15 people do?  Obviously they went somewhere else.  So then was the age of 25 mans, and it was rare to find a casual 25 man raiding guild.

Then came the change to 10 mans.  This was to allow the smaller guilds to participate in raiding whereas before they had to form some kind of guild alliance or pug their way into a 25 man raid.  But they made the loot of 10 man less than that of 25s to compensate, to still reward the 25 mans the extra effort and coordination that it took to get that boss down.  In my opinion those were the golden day sof 25 mans.  The days of Ulduar and ToC.

Then they changed 10 man loot to be the same as 25 man loot.  I agree with Beru, that was the 25 man killer.  Why would you want to do 25s and wait for people to get on when you could quickly grab 10 people and do the same thing?  And of course, those people who were better players and wanted to only play with the better playres - those people  could splinter off in their 10 mans and even form a new guild with those elite 10 and progress - maybe even faster than a 25 man.  And of course, then all these 10 man guilds began to pop up and pull away even more raiders, so that you have lots of little groups of guilds with 5-9 people in them who raid, and each of those as well as the 25 man guilds is trying to grab that new player.  There are so many more guilds now, and all those players are "raiding" which means they aren't out there in a bigger guild boosting the big guild raiding numbers.

There will always be natural decay.  People find other things to do, get jobs, have children/families, get bored of the game.  When these players leave, those holes can be hard to fill.  People are looking for people with the raid experience and DPS/HPS/TPS (Tank Pretty Sweet) that is similar to that which was lost.  And when you're at the high end, you're not going to find many of those.

So what happens to those 25 man guilds who can't recruit to keep their numbers up?  They turn into a guild of 2 10 mans.  And then the few who get left out are reserves and stop turning up?  And then those who want to go to do 25 man... go to another guild.  You can see how a guild dies from these sorts of things.

So how can you stop these things happening to your guild?

To be honest, I'm not sure if you can.  It really depends on the core, the foundation of your guild.  A group of people who are together to raid, to achieve that kill, at any cost, will do really well if they all work on the same mentality.  But with a few no shows, and raiding collapsing, people get frustrated and want to find somewhere that looks more appealing.

Baby boomer vs Gen Y

This kind of behaviour can actually mimic real life.  Think of being in a raiding guild like working in a job.  You're new, you work your way up the ladder in the workplace, and when you get to where you like you can stay and perhaps put in years of service to the company that offered you all the training.  That's a typical baby boomer mentality, or so they say.  Or, you can be more like a Gen Y - who comes in, brilliant and smart, stays for a while, and then sees a newer, better opportunity somewhere else, and leaves after a year or two.  It seems to me, that being in a guild is a bit like company loyalty.  This place trained me, gave me opportunities, and I want the opportunity to give back and share what I've learned and help the company.  I'm no baby boomer, but I'm no Gen Y-er either.  But what I am trying to get across is that if you have a guild full of Gen Ys, you're going to end up in trouble sooner or later, as they come and go, and the leadership changes that can go with it as people move in and out of the guild.  If you are in a guild that has a foundation of baby boomers, who have been there a long time, who have commitment and loyalty, then you will find that your guild will survive, and may even succeed, if there is the core who remain true to the foundation on which the guild was laid.

Of course, that means you have to be HAPPY in the guild you are in.  If you're not happy, then it's never going to work.  As an officer in a guild, how do you make sure your players are happy?
  1. Involve guildies in decision making - people who feel like they are a valued member don't like having decisions made about them.  This may mean putting polls up in guild forums, offering a couple of options if a change is coming, but it allows everyone to have their say.
  2. Keep them informed - nobody likes to be a mushroom
  3. If you are an officer, act responsibly - don't have rules for officers/yourself and different rules for everyone else
  4. Outline rules of raiding and guild conduct clearly before people first join - it will save them disappointment and anguish later and also avoid misunderstandings, especially with things like raid loot
  5. Trim the weeds - every now and then someone will make the guild a miserable place for everyone.  These people need to be removed, but it should be a joint officer decision, and not the decision of one person as it could just be a personality clash
  6. Make sure everyone knows they are valued and are treated that way - everybody should be respected.  Sure some people may not be as good a player or as reliable as others, but they bring other positive things to the guild - maybe they farm mats, or they are there as backups, or they are good at morale boosting.  Rather than focussing on the negative, try to look at the positive aspects of a person.  If everyone feels like a valued member of the guild then they are less likely to leave.
I wish everyone the best with their guild through these difficult times.  It is sad for me to see some of these long standing guilds collapsing, and I hope that my guild continues to survive for at least a while to come.

New Rares this week

I have no luck seeing Terborus, but with guildies like Falln and Belinia, at least I have some extra eyes to catch those rare screen shots for me.  Thank you Falln for this pic!

Trigore hangs out in Wailing Caverns, and Sev summoned me there whilst he was fishing for deviate fish.

And thanks to Nabe for snapping this, though I thought I had this one, but clearly I don't...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday raiding - working on heroic Zon'ozz

It's always hard to write about something when you're not there.  I have to rely on what I see and hear from the other raid.  But, it sounded like they were making some great progress, and then as the night wore on, people got tired and made mistakes.

From what I could tell, they hit enrage timer.  They were getting the phases down, but they had a bit of health to get down still.  But it sounds like it was a really really good night.  I'm not sure what their final % was down to but I heard rumours of somewhere between 10-25%.  People were getting frustrated at the end because of the silly mistakes and I whispered Hwired to do a /soothe in case he was having a tanty.  But he said he wasn't the one getting mad, it was the OTHER two getting cranky.

Me, on the other hand, since we weren't raiding, was instead shopping the auction house for nice Transmog gear, and then off to do some battlegrounds with Barkhoof, Sev and Shaba, and had some pretty sweet wins.  We started with a slow win in AV, then an AB.  Then there was a Twin peaks and the bear there said he'd flag carry.  That was a decent game but I was a bit worried (and so was Sev) because the bear was spending a lot of time on the battlefield instead of running towards the flag room.  So the bear capped first.  Then Sev got the flag next and was running back with Shaba and another druid healer, and I thought oh well, I'll go help on the field and heal the dps.  Sev yelled at me because his healer was getting killed and I ran back to help him but he capped and so I headed out to pick up the flag.  I grabbed it and a rogue was chasing me but I managed to get up to the bridge.  Sev called out to me to be cautious, but the bear was waiting for me and I passed the flag over and he picked it up about half a second before the rogue appeared and started trying to hit us.  That was a lucky pass!  So 3 cap and easy win.

There was one BG we had to go without Sev, because the queue was bugged, and Shaba told us to all leave queue and Sev (as usual) didn't read chat and when we left the queue popped for him and he entered.  He did win that BG though, so it was good.  However, the rest of us queued and got Battle for Gilneas, which I usually like anyway.

That battle started out well.  It was amusing that we had 3 mages, 3 paladins, 3 druids and one DK.  I said to my friends "I hope that DK gives us Path of Frost" which he did.  Awesome.  Because I always like to rush to waterworks and try to intercept alliance as they try to get to the flag.  So we had a battle there, I capped the flag and stayed to guard it.  Everyone ran away and headed over to Lighthouse.  I was stealthed, and then I was sapped and the rogue started capping flag.  I called out the inc and trinketed out and hit the rogue and he absolutely THRASHED me.  I felt like I was wearing paper!  The DK, Upinyagrillz from Barthilas said in BG chat "Coming to help" and as I died, I saw the rogue go over to the flag and start capping and thought crap, I lost my base.  But the DK arrived and steamrolled the rogue and when I got back I whispered a thanks to him and he politely said back "No worries" and then Barkhoof (who was now on Arc) said that LH was in trouble, and the DK ran off to go help LH, which had been uncapped by Alliance.  I watched as the other 3 players at LH died and the within 30 seconds, the DK had somehow defended Lighthouse.  Wow.  I whispered the DK and said "Wow, you're amazing, nice defence!" and he whispered back ":) you don't get to Warlord without learning a few things."  So that was pretty impressive.  (You get the title Warlord if you complete the Warlord achievement).  So a nice 3 cap win in Gilneas.

After a few more games Barkhoof had to go so we did some Arena.  Oh my we had some awful arenas.  The priest, mage, lock team where much better with their LOS and hiding than we were, and ended up having all of us lured out intot he open and they hardly took any damage.  There was a couple of satisfying wins - we did come across a triple plate (pally/warrior/DK) which we killed but the next time we came across them we died.  Bleh.

So, Sunday!  More PVP!  If I can drag Sev away from Star Wars, that is.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday raiding - Not given the opportunity to strut our stuff...

Bladewind was not raiding last night so it was just me and Gutsy main spec with Lushnek offspec.  Faithless came and joined us and was so quiet and shy - I told her not to worry, I would make sure she was OK!  Fue insisted we do all normals but we begged to do Morchok heroic, because we wanted to try 1 healing Porkchop's side.  I tried it twice, and I did better the first time, and horrible the second time.  I lost Falln and then I lost Barkhoof.  It was bleh.  So I said to get Gutsy to try it, since he had lightwell to help boost him up, and he did well too, his goes were better than mine, but with the time pressure thing, we couldn't do it, because Fue said we had to clear Dragon Soul tonight.  So we switched to normal and ended up doing everything else on normal.  Faith even whispered me asking me if it was her fault we were not getting Morchok and I reassured her that it was a healing thing, not anything to do with her.

We did the green and red step of Taste the Rainbow and that leaves most of us with just Purple and yellow left, so if we do another normal Yor'sahj we can do that.  But I was so hoping Purple and Yellow would come up last night as well as green and red, but we weren't that lucky.  We 3 healed that because green and red is a bit ouch.

Sidetrack: OH MY GOD, I googled "Taste the Rainbow" and I got this nice friendly Skittles ad, but Urban Dictionary came up with THIS:
  1. When a straight person has a homosexual experience
  2. The act of putting skittles into some unlikely body part for the purpose of feeding another
  3. To have sex or sexual activity of people with various races

I had to stop after that.  Each one after is just a variation on the ones above...  and here I was thinking there was nice simple happy G-rated definition!  That's the problem with urban dictionary, every word seems to involve sex or fetish behaviour.

Back to topic. Ahem.

We should have 2 healed Hagara too but I forgot and told Lush to stay resto.  We tried the achievement again but failed again, but we've decided we will try to crack at it every week.  Faith was worried she would stuff it up, but the arc is really long for the hand holding, so we will try to have everyone bunched up at the crystal next week.

So the second half we 2 healed except for Madness.  For once, neither me nor Gutsy died at Warmaster Blackhorn (but poor Faith did - but that's understandable, she hasn't done it as much as we have).  We tried the achievement for that again, but I just spoke to my friend who has done it and you have to stop EVERY single barrage, not just the big ones.  So I'll have to tell everyone that for next week.  Doing Spine with 2 healers was very doable, and nobody died which was great.  It was nice and clean, and I had no mana at the end but that just means I healed a lot.  Gosh, it was really noticeable though with the tendril debuff on (mindblank atm what it's called), health just DOES NOT go up, and I don't think Gutsy heals to get it off like I try to.  Oh, and for Madness we did something different - we had Nozdormu being assaulted first for part of the step for Chromatic Champion.

I got an offspec ring for my feral spec and off offspec Tier shoulders for my non existent boomkin spec.  The Tier chest dropped and I was trying to decide if I wanted that for main or offspec (since my offspec is 378 and my main is 391) and decided that I would rather take it offspec since it dropped of Ultraxion and it was likely that the heroic version would drop next time when we do heroic anyway, and I would rather upgrade to that.  But Barkhoof took it instead, so that was all good.  Faith was chuffed because not only did she get Destroyer's End, she also walked away with Bracers of the Banished and Rath'rak, the Poisonous Mind as well.  I hope next time we can take Ayelena for his achievement and Deathwing kill, if a spare spot comes up.

The other group will get Bladewind on Thursday so maybe they will have a good shot at Zon'ozz and then they can do Ultraxion and see how nice and clean it is with a paladin healer.  Though as long as they don't start whinging about needing him all the time then I think we can live for one week without our star holy pally.  Fue said that they should have Bladewind this week as their raiding is going to be rather iffy the next few weeks as Belinia will be leaving for Sydney shortly for his holiday.  And so they will be down a tank and have to take a substitute dps for a while until it's settled.  I wonder if Moo will tank for them.  Falln tanked for us when we needed him to.  Most fights don't need 2 tanks anyway except Heroic Ultraxion and Heroic Morchok anyway, so they could still do heroic Yor'shaj.  

Gutsy says he's going away for a week too sometime (not sure when) so that will halt our heroic progression as well but we'll worry about that when it happens.  Worst comes to worst, we can have one heroic group and one normal group filled with reserves and casuals with mix up between the two, or even just one heroic group while the rest of us have a break and do... PVP, rest, relax, make videos etc.

More Hawt Plate

Hawt plate... slut plate... I can't decide which term I think is more amusing.

I've turned into a voyeur.  I feel like someone from Cleo or Cosmo magazine going around taking pictures of fashion on the street!  Everywhere I look I seem to see items of clothing which look really interesting.  And now that I started staring at what other people are wearing, I've seen so many interesting sets!  This guild on my server, The Fallen, seems to be full of fashionistas.

I like this super hero look

I admit I really do like this holy pally look.  I wonder what it would be like on a Tauren.

I was trying to get Leahe with her plate gear but her guildies wanted to be in the pic too.
Their guild must think I'm some kind of psycho.  I've kept their names in the pics so I can actually look at their gear on armory, because I'm not one of those people who looks at gear and goes "Oh, you're using So-and-so Leggings!" (Though I do admit, I did recognise the Witch bead cloth chest on one of those skimpy BE females).  And the guy in the Haliscan asked me if I liked his gear... but I said that's not transmog gear because Haliscan stuff is white!  Wait... I'm starting to know what gear is what... OMG stop wasting BRAIN SPACE Navi!

There is one thing I would like to see, well, sortof want to see.  It's actually one of those things where you can't help but look even though it's so painful to watch - like watching American Pie the movie, where he does such stupid painful things to himself and it's so stupid, but I can't help but keep watching.  OK, oops sidetracked a little, but the thing I want to see is a MALE in slut plate.  I will keep my eye out for that.

So watch out Dath'remar!  Voyeur Navimie is on the prowl looking at YOUR Transmog sets!

Face to Face with the 2 bloggers from Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Gnomeageddon's thing made me do something I hadn't done before - and that was log onto another server where I had a low level alt already to talk to another blogger.

Voros tweeted me a few days ago, after I'd made a comment to Gnomeageddon about being Aussie, to say he and Glow were both Aussie. It took me a little while to realise that not only were he and Glow BOTH Aussie, and BOTH blogging, they were BOTH in the same guild!  So when Glow made a stray comment to me that she had no horde toons on Dath, I thought I'd go see if they were there on Saurfang.

I logged in a few times at night, and /who Labyrinth and nobody would be online.  Then tonight, when I logged on, there was one person online and I asked them if Glow had been on.  She had logged, he said.  So I was getting on Twitter to tell Cymre something, and I saw Glow had tweeted about her sexy new Blazing Drake.  So I tweeted her back:

So I got to meet Glow and Voros!  I was fan struck!  Glow of course looks just like her pictures, and I think that the whole T13 looks heaps nicer on a night elf than on a tauren.  Voros seemed amused that Glow was famous, and I wonder why it is that males seem to take such nice pics (well, Fannon is the only other one I'm thinking of really).  So being the dork that I am I had to take a pic with them.

Even Roshii came along to see what I was up to.  He was astounded.  "You actually talk to other bloggers in game?"  That comment reminded me of this conversation he had with his mother that made me laugh so hard:

Roshii: "I'm meeting up with some of my friends from the game."
Roshii's Mum: "Oh, but they're not real people are they?  They're just computer people?" 
Roshii:  "No, mum, they're real people.  Real people play the game."
Roshii's Mum: "How do you meet computer people when they're in the computer?  You mean you talk to them in the computer?"
Roshii:  "No, people play these other people in game, and I'm going to go catch up with them."
Roshii's Mum:  "I don't understand how you can meet people who aren't real."
Roshii:  /sigh "Never mind, mum!"

So he came along to see who I was talking about.  And I said Glow is the one with that awesome Baleroc strat that we used, that was recommended to me by my friend Cavendar (who was also in game at the time and I said to him "OMG guess who I'm talking to, I'm talking to GLOW whose Baleroc strat you made me read").  So I chatted to them for a little while and then it was rather late so we all said farewell, and they both said they would say hi on Dath.

Why does everyone have to be alliance?  I'll never get to try and play with bloggers in some sort of fun raid/twitterland thing since I'm the opposing faction...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12293 Fish caught, 16263 other things caught

And just when I least expected it...

I was flying back through Twilight Highlands and fishing along the coast, and ooh there were 3 pools near a boat.  So I landed on the boat and started to fish.  And when I clicked it there was a blue item with my fish, and I didn't quite get what it was until the achievement went off.


So after 16263 fish caught and other things, I got my Turtle mount.  Though really, only 12293 of those fish count because they were fished from pools and you can only catch the turtle from pools.

I am a master Fishercow at last.  Now I can fish for Lavascales and not feel like I'm wasting time since I should be fishing pools to get that turtle.

Love is in the Air - video

Well I decided to make a video of the "Love is in the Air" World Event, 2012.  Mostly just the dailies and not the achievements (since I had done it in previous years).  I put it to the appropriate John Paul Young song to match the whole theme.  I have to say that doing dailies looks rather lonely!  The main reason I decided to make this video was because I thought it was really cool how the faction leaders bowed and curtseyed to you when you gave them Charm bracelets.  And the problem is that you can't capture someone else doing it, only you can see it.

So, relive the daily grind of Love is in the Air, 2012!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger you bugger, and other dumb things I did today

I noticed recently that Blogger changed their word verification thing and of course I don't notice it on my own blog but I certainly notice it on other's.  In fact it's gotten so bad lately that I have been tempted not to leave comments because I can't get the words right.

So I decided that I might be losing comments that way, and so I've decided to brave the spam and take out the word verification thing.  So hopefully my friends can comment more easily now.

Another thing bugging me is the pingbacks.  I noticed in Wordpress that there are all these cool pingbacks to posts, where people linking to your post shows up at the bottom of your post.  I really would like to see that on my blog.  But when I ticked the little box that says show pingbacks, I don't get anything.  I worked out that it's because I am using a custom template, and if I had the standard templte, you would be able to see the pingbacks.  There are even instructions on how to insert the html stuff to put in there, but it's too hard for me, and I can't find the places it says you have to put it... The solution would be to revert to a standard template.  Ugh.  I guess I could see if that works.  But I'm reluctant to do anything drastic because I am happy with the way the blog looks now.  If it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

And my dumb thing for the day.  Hwired and Roshii were telling me I should make money.  I don't make money with the AH, I do dailies and quests and raid and all my money seems to keep me quite comfortable.  It's not a lot, but it's not little either.  So they told me to try selling enchants and stuff, which I don't like doing because I'm a bit of a hoarder, and I keep everything "just in case".  So I thought I'd venture out and sell a Power Torrent enchant.  Which sold.  So that was nice.  Roshii said he made money selling his epic gems, the ones he doesn't need.  Ok, I thought, I can do that.  So I got my Elven Peridot which I got the other day and put it on the AH.

I looked in my mailbox and it had sold.  Yay!  So I went to collect it... hm, the price that it sold for was... missing a 0.  Navi, you noob.  I think I just sold an epic gem for 100g instead of 1000g.  Doh.  Well, the good thing is that the gem cost my nothing anyway, so it's not like I LOST money.  And more gems will come.  But boy do I feel silly.  The person who bought my gem must think what a bargain!  What an idiot selling it for so little - maybe they're a gold farmer.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday raiding - Slayers of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

I think this was the funniest thing of the night.  Going back and polishing off a whole heap of achievements was enough to give me, as Moo calls it, Nerd Chubby.  Well, the fact that I'm a girl makes that a rather odd achievement on it's own, but I was very happy.  How can you not love achievements?  You get such a feeling of.. achievement :)  Anyway, I'll get to that cool title later.  I'll start from the beginning.

We started the night off by killing Cho'gall.  I forgot I wanted to take a picture of him but we kept engaging him so I forgot, while I was busy eating.  So Heroic: Cho'gall was done, and we got Heroic: Cho'gall Guild Run as well.  We had a really messy kill with people on 100 corruption and stuff and basically burning the boss down.  Nabe fell through the floor with Cho'gall and silly old me didn't know that down that hole was Sinestra.  Bish was up in spirit again.  He seems to be really good at doing that for kills.

Nabe tried to rez us from down the hole but it was too far away.  So we all have to jump in this hole to go see Sinestra.

And boy does she look awesome.  I was super excited to see her.  She is amazing looking.  And all those eggs around here look really cool too!  You can see the dragonkin babies inside the eggs wriggling around.

Look at those scratch marks on Sinestra!  Looks like she and ol' Deathwing were having some mighty rough sexy times. Rawwwwrrr!

Yeah we just had one go at trying to do it.  Just winging it.  Ouch.  Whelps.  I think you'd have to read to figure out what's going on there first.

So back to Blackwing Descent.  Had a few goes at Heroic Omnotron but thought, it's getting late, might as well try to get the other achievements first since they're easy.  So we did Heroic: Atramedes and Heroic: Maloriak.  Maloriak we had to hold back DPS because it was going to cause a wipe and after a few goes we did get it, it wasn't too bad in the end.  Same old story of me pulling agro on adds again, even Hwired mentioned it.  Chimaeron was good, and a lot of the others got the achievement Full of Sound and Fury.  I had it from before... can't remember when.  But you have to love the Shakespeare reference (from Macbeth: "It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing")

So when you kill Heroic Maloriak you get this cool buff for 30 minutes, which gives you that funny title.  I love it, I logged out with it so I can still look at it for a while.  And you can see the buff in this picture too.

Ooh I saw a Slut Plate!

I saw my first Slut plate today, and boy did it look hot.   No wonder these boys like to dress their girls in it.  I guess it gives them an excuse to play Barbie dolls.

Sunday raiding - Life on the other side

I got on a bit late on Sunday, as we had a small(ish) get together for my daughter's 4th birthday.  Which usually means adults have a dinner party and kids get a cake at the end.  But it was a late bedtime for the kids which meant I got on late.

So I logged in close to 9 and found none of my raid team was around except Lushnek, which didn't surprise me since Fue wanted to do LFR for just me and the thought of that was cringeworthy to me.  I can do LFR myself!  I didn't want people to do it with me!  But he wanted to do the everyone roll on it thing, which I felt was not very fair to the other people, but apparently everyone does it.  Anyway, I was a bit skeptical, but I asked Lushnek if he would go with me.

And it was true.  Everyone rolled on everything they could and offered to trade it for other items they wanted.  Which makes sense in terms of the way the LFR economy goes, but man that was annoying.  So, did I roll on everything?  Yes, I did.  If everyone was doing it, then why not?

But I did restrain myself from rolling on things I had much better of, like boots, and shoulders.  Lushnek rolled on them, and another feral druid asked him for it, as it would be a huge upgrade for him.  He asked if I needed it first, which I didn't, and then he passed it over.  Then that guy won the gloves which is what I really wanted!  And I selfishly thought, oh I wish we'd kept that item till the end so we had something to trade (though we would have given it over anyway).  I ended up getting Tier legs anyway, so that was still a non wasted trip.  No cool trinkets dropped, but I was happy to now have a feral 2 piece T13.  I did want to get the leatherworking legs made and I even had the mats ready (Bladeshadow Leggings) except I was missing 2 Essence of Destruction (guild bank only had 6).  I guess lucky I didn't make it then... but now what do I do with all those pristine hides? I did bum them off Lushnek after all...

So I bought the Valor gloves and hoped that it was enough for some movement upwards on the DPS meter for Ultraxion this week.

The other group was doing BOT/BWD and I was more than a little envious when I saw all the guild spam achievements go by... Heroic: Magmaw... The Only Escape... Heroic: Halfus Wyrmbreaker...

Voe seemed to not want to be there.  I don't think he likes achievements.  It might be because there is no loot involved as a reward, it's like a hollow victory to him.  So he asked me if I would like to replace him... and oh yes I did!  Can't let Aza get too far ahead of me in achievements!

So I got to sneak in and was there for Heroic: Valiona and Theralion, and then we did Elementium Monstrosity and got Elementary.

Yes I was the only nub who died on that attempt.  I can see everyone saying I'm the weak link of the team.

This was a crappy messy attempt that if you had done normally would be a wipe.  DPS on adds was uncontrolled, dispelling things which weren't supposed to be dispelled... even Hwired was like "What the hell are you guys doing?"  I did no dispelling, but I tried to churn out some heals at the end, and I admit I forgot to dispel after we didn't need the buffs/debuffs anymore...

I was talking to Beauti today, who said though it's nice to have me there, it's not the same as having Voe there.   Healing is harder, spirit link makes a big difference.  But maybe it's just getting having to get used to my type of healing.  It's been a while, after all.

Tonight it's Cho'gall.  I'd better go read up.