Wednesday raiding - Woo! Frostwolves has cleared MSV!

How exciting!  The team cleared it in 2 hours, with our first full Mogu'shan Vaults clear!   They had Fue and Raked tanking, Bish,Voe and Bladewind healing, and Roshii, Souglyy, Sabrehawk, Azadelta and Fallnapart DPSing.  Wooo!  Grats guys!

Man I wish I could have been there!  But since I'm away tomorrow, it wouldn't be fair to take a raid spot.  But gosh, I am still missing an Elegon kill and inside that makes me feel kind of gimp.  Totally irrational, but sometimes you can't help but feel you're the weak link - like every time we did heroic boat in Dragon Soul, whenever I was there, we couldn't kill it.  That was depressing.

At least they got their dogs achievement today woot!  Anyway, Aza got Tier gloves!!  That would have made him happy :) Details of the night are a little sketchy but it seems that the mood overall was jubilant.

From what I can gather, it was a pretty smooth run, and I hope they have a good rest of the week!  Perhaps I can catch up on my PvP this week since I was lazy last week.


  1. Cant use them yet, but i am VERY happy to finally get something. Wish u were there Navi <3

    - Aza

    1. Wish I was there too! I just want to kill Elegon ONCE - there's nothing I need from it so I'm happy for anyone else to go for the valour - but I would like to see it die!

  2. Woot~ Grats frosties!

  3. Theres nothing weak about your heals navi :), grats to us.


    1. Yay you guys! Would have loved to be there to feel the excitement of killing it as a guild!

  4. Bish dpsed mostly. He only healed last boss :)
    Was a good run none the less wewt



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