Thursday raiding - Frostwolves Rock the Boat!

Finally!  Frostwolves duplicated our Warmaster kill after what feels like weeks!  There were a number of factors perhaps that contributed to this:
  • Voe said I was the weak link.  This thought was also echoed in my mind, though I was present for the first kill! (I was at a meeting)
  • Falln had good net and didn't DC
  • 20% nerf this week
  • sheer bloody luck again
Anyway, Protector tier helm dropped AGAIN so yay to Souglyy on her new hat!  And nobody wanted Visage of the Destroyer so I think Lushnek took it offspec.   I would have taken it for looks I think, and MAYBE given it a try, but I'm not sure if that would have been a good thing, but I wasn't there so I didn't have that choice.  I'm just glad it wasn't DE'd.

The raid nearly didn't happen because Voe had late basketball and got home at 9pm, so I called him to see if he could get on.  The raid had already disbanded but everyone was managed to be rustled up so thank goodness it went ahead!

Having not been there I can't relay any funny things that happened.  I think everyone was just glad that we can now work on spine for a few days.  Umm, yay....


  1. I can't stress this enough, you are NOT the weak link!
    It was great to get him down again, finally! But we did have alot of shocking attempts, fire took over the whole boat and it blew up a few times. I tend to agree with your last 3 factors.
    The only funny thing I remember from last night, is that Voe "tried" to sing lol, wasn't very good lol.

    Souglyy (Baha)

  2. My singing was pure passion baha ):

    And navi. You are not the weak link by any means! You are an amazing healer so stop taking my jokes seriously ;p

    You need to remember, I still want you to be my sugar mamma one day cutie pie.

    Love yah lots my navi!!!

    VOeie xoxo

  3. Awww <3 thanks guys :)
    Voe - you said you don't joke!!!

  4. I joke about your shit healing. As for wanting you to be my sugar mama. I wouldnt lie about that (;


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