Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things I hate in WoW right now

This is not a rant post about how classes have been nerfed, gear has got lousy stats, raiding is too easy/hard etc.  This post is me venting my frustration at silly WoW things - those silly WoW things that people think "WTF are you doing Navi, talk about massive time wasting!".

These are those things that other achievement junkies and compulsive collectors would understand.

Stupid dragon.  Why do you share a goddamn CD timer with an awesome rare mount dropper?  Why can't people just spam in general if they see Vyragosa instead of killing her for the 15th time while they vent THEIR frustration at not having a Time Lost Proto-Drake spawn?  If it was me, and I had the kill already, I would ask in guild/general if anyone needed the kill, tag, wait a few, then kill it, then wait for respawn.  All this time sitting at a spawn spot or flight path in Storm Peaks - I keep thinking I could be spending my time doing something more productive... like archaeology, fishing... (well, productive is a relative term - I can see a few of you guildies going WHAT YOU CALL THAT PRODUCTIVE??)
And in truth, after the hours I spend sitting here, I'm a little tired of these scenes:

Green Proto Drake
OK, so what I should have done was do Frenzyheart exalted FIRST, and then do Oracles exalted, because then I could just keep getting my Mysterious egg.  But no, I did it the wrong way around, so I did Oracles, Frenzyheart and then had to go back to Oracles again.  What a waste of time.  And I am still buying my eggs.  I've had tons of White and normal Tickbird hatchlings, Cobras, yolks.  At least I have had one proto-drake whelp.  So I'm still buying my eggs. Sigh.

Sea Turtle
So unfair.  I swear that I am one of the more active fishers in the guild.  I have been supplying raid foods in terms of fish for a long time (and currently between me and Belinia we supply the Seafood Magnifique feasts), and I often fish just for the fun of it and it's one of my favourite things to be doing in WoW when I have to be afk a lot (like at work).  I am really glad that they added it to cataclysm fishing nodes as well.  What is UNFAIR is that Lavascale Catfish and Deepsea sagefish don't come from pools so fishing for those is not any good for getting the turtle.  And I do spend time fishing for those things.  So many people have a Sea Turtle in the guild... how can I, first to have Salty, not get this???  It's my last achievement too in fishing... Turtles all the Way Down.

Black Tabby Cat and Azure Whelpling
So I did used to farm for this back in the day, Azure>Tabby since Azshara was so close to Orgrimmar.  Now that the Black tabby is a zone drop from Hillsbrad Foothills and Azure whelpling a zone drop from Winterspring, I decided to finish the zones for their quests.  Was good for rare hunting so I have all the rares screenied from HF but still missing a few from Winterspring.  Anyway, despite killing everything in sight and looting all those ridiculous low level creatures which drop 15c etc still no sign of either pet.  I am so tempted to just buy them off the AH.  A shame I'm already exalted with Timbermaw or at least grinding rep for them in Winterspring would at least give me some chances of Azure Whelpling.  Now I'm just at mindless slaughter in both zones... what a waste of life (mine and those poor NPCs).

Scorched Stone
OK so I am one of those people who does dailies.  I like dailies.  The thing I don't like about dailies is that if it involves killing something, it takes me AGES.  And when I work on limited time and lousy connection, I don't like doing dailies, as I will have high risk of AFK and dying.
So, the Scorched Stone drops 5% of the time from Zen'Vorka's Cache, which you buy with 30 Marks of the World tree.  Which means a day of dailies in Molten Front.
So you can guess how many greens I have gotten out of that POS cache... thank god I'm an enchanter.
I have done ALL my achievements in Molten Front.  But I can't get a bloody Scorched Stone.  RNG I hate you.
Roshii has had two.  Cavendar had one.  And this is from not trying.... bastards.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Majordomo Staghelm down on 10 man

Well we had a poor turnout tonight, with only 2 tanks on so we had to make one 10 man group, which was a rather stacked group for progression.  So I was looking forward to seeing Majordomo again.

Baleroc, Alysrazor went down cleanly for once!

So our first Majordomo attempt we wiped at 4% and then our next attempt we had some bad fire circles and wiped early!  And then the next attempt we killed him.

Poor Hwired  had a headache and had to AFK to spew... and eventually left raid because he wasn't feeling well.  Poor Hwired.  At least that was on Ragnaros... so he got the Staghelm kill.

Tanks - Hwired, Fueghan
DPS - Lushnek, Azadelta, Xynzelle, Roshii, Moopie
Heals - Belinia, Shnaptim, Navimie

So W/H/S Tier token drops again... and lucky Moo gets it!  And the Healing axe dropped so the pallies were happy (grats Belinia!) and then I got Jaws of Defeat so yay me!  I think I will use it on those heavy aoe fights - I don't really like those on use trinkets much.

So we got our first look at Ragnaros which was exciting, but of course most of us hadn't read up because we weren't expecting to be DOING Ragnaros...

Which means I should be watching it tonight before raid.  At least the first 30% wasn't too bad...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Healing Baleroc (10 man) - 3 different strats for different healer types

I know lots of people say Baleroc is easy, but not every healer finds it so (non paladins!).  It can take a healer from their comfort zone and put them into a different role where the raid really depends on you, and it can be stressful, as it is not the normal way that a raid will depend on you, doing healing in a different way than you are used to.

So, having had healers stress out, underperform, get angry and all sorts of things on this fight, I am just going to outline a few different ways that we have done it on 10 man that may be able to help you - whether you have a perfect group or a non ideal group.

Basic fight outline

Baleroc will do more and more damage as the fight goes on, and to compensate for this, the tanks get more and more health (from Blaze of Glory).  To keep up with these huge health and damage increases, healers will get healing buffs by building stacks of Vital Spark, which you get from healing dps who stand next to a crystal with debuffs of Torment building up.

Vital Spark - This is the buff you get from healing tormented people (looks like a mote of fire).  Has numbers which go UP as you heal the tormented people.  For each 3 stacks of torment that your heal target has, you get 1 of Vital Spark.  So if your target has 12 torment, you will get 4 vital spark.

Vital Flame - This is the buff it switches to when you start healing the tanks (whoever has Blaze of Glory - and this buff looks like a Primal Fire) and lasts for 15 seconds (so you can't build any more Vital Spark until this goes away)

Torment - This is the debuff you get from being closest to the crystal.  It turns into Tormented once you step away.  Healers stay the hell away from the crystal or you will get this and then Tormented which stuffs up your healing BIG time!

Tormented - This debuff is what you get after Torment drops off and lasts for 40 seconds.  Once you get this you can't tank the crystal again or you will go splat!

3 strong healers (eg 3 paladins)
One way that worked for us was a rotation (ie 3 group rotation) so healer 1 heals tank first, then calls swap then healer 2 goes, etc.  The beginning was always a bit heavy so we got two healers on the tanks first and then call a switch at about 20 seconds so that the other healer who was healing the crystal person would switch over.  Hopefully it wouldn't be while the crystal person was at high stacks or they would go splat from lack of heals.

Note that when I say strong healer I mean a fast stack builder :)

1 strong healer, 2 not so strong healers
This was healed as a 2 group rotation - with the paladin as 1 group and the other 2 as another group.  That worked quite well.  Make sure you start with the 2 healers on the tanks while the other healer quickly grabs some stacks.

3 not so strong healers
The two stronger healers were put on swaps, with the weaker healer put on healing the crystal person full time, and switching to tanks if they needed topping up.  This worked quite well.  The crystal person could get a lot of stacks that way and their healing would look uber.  This way also made sure the dps didn't die.  Because there was no pressure to build stacks for the crystal person they could just heal the crystal tank and then switch to tank whenever they felt like it and then go back to the crystal once the tank was topped up without worrying they still had the vital flame buff on and should be healing the tank and wouldn't be getting any stacks of vital spark.  I think this is also a good method when you have dps that seem to drop quicker when tanking the crystal eg. mages, rogues as they will live longer with the extra heals.

Obviously my favourite people to heal tanking crystals are the warlocks with their soul link and demon armour, and shadow priests with dispersion.  Druids are not too bad with barkskin.  But warriors, rogues and mages.... iceblock does nothing, and I don't think you can cloak the debuff off if you stuff up your rotation.

Resto Druid healing tips:
  • I start with 3 LBs on Decimation tank and try to keep them up for the whole fight.
  • I have 3/3 Nature's Bounty so when I am crystal healing I put a rejuv on each tank and also on the crystal target, and nourish spam the crystal target, and Regrowth when I have OOC proc, and swiftmend for when they have high stacks
  • Jasyla recommends Tree form and spamming regrowth to get stacks, so if you want to start with that to get your stacks up that's fine, don't forget to innervate after!
  • It's OK to throw some hots on the crystal target to keep them alive when you're healing tanks!
  • Stack haste if you can for this fight!  Make your warlocks give you DI.
I tend to let the pallies and disc priests do the tank swapping and I just do crystals and switch to tanks if they are dropping low, then go back to crystals.

So good luck for your Baleroc attempt!  I hope this post helped someone, it was nice to get it off my chest ;)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Highlights of the week from my Blogroll #6

What a great post.  It's nice to know that there are other crazy people out there who troll the AH looking at pets, mounts etc.  And what a great blog!  Reached this blog from reading Glow's Branches (I swear I keep finding new posts in Glow's that I hadn't read before).  Check out his Poseidus it is just so awesome.  I know I would be excited as hell if I had one.  Another blog added to my blogroll!

Red Cow Rise - Day 10: WoW Crew

Red is doing Saz's screenshot challenge now and her pics are really great!  She had 2 in particular that I really liked - and this is the one I liked the best.  Having all your friends on your AQ mounts in all their different colours was a really cool idea.  Makes me want to make a pic like that too!  The other great pic was a balloon one against a sun.  I am not sure where that's from, I'll have to ask her.

Revive and Rejuvenate - Get the Look Part 2 - Other Leather Sets
and Get the Look Part 3 - PVP Sets

Great Transmog posts again from Ang, I love how she has put all the time and effort in to give the rest of us who don't have model viewer an idea of what to Transmogrify our gear into.  My only bugbear is that everything seems to look good on Worgens and Nightelves, I kinda wish she had done them all as Tauren females :P but maybe I should stop being lazy and do some model viewing!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lady Sylvanas and the Forsaken quest line - Silverpine Forest

*** Don't read ahead if you don't want to know ***

I completed the Silverpine Forest Quests and Hillsbrand Foothills Quests today, and I really enjoyed the storyline!  Of course since I am a huge fan of Sylvanas (see my previous post on Inspiring Imagery) it probably made it that much more enjoyable, and of course I got to do the quest with the line:

Garrosh Hellscream: "What difference is there between you and the Lich King now?"
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: "Isn't it obvious, Warchief?  I serve the Horde."
Garrosh Hellscream: "Watch your clever mouth, bitch."

I especially like the part in the quest line where I was riding with my heroine, and she had a little heart to heart with me, about what happened to her.

The Gilneas part of the quest chain added a lot.  I didn't realise that Worgen could not be raised as undead, and that made the little quests all that more interesting.  Lord Vincent Godfrey, from Gilneas, hated the Worgen so he committed suicide when his king, Genn Graymane revealed himself to be a Worgen and Godrey's attempts to destroy him are foiled by alliance players.  As part of a quest, I go there with one of the Val'kyr and we take his body to be brought back to undeath as a Forsaken.

However, you could see that Godfrey was not like the others, he arose with his own agenda, and was burning for revenge.  One quest takes you to Pyrewood Village, where he burns the previous Gilnean settlement's inn, chapel and town hall, and a separate quest in the same area, was to look for cowering forsaken.  When you find them, they are shot by Godfrey for being cowards.  A bit harsh I thought.  But little did I see what was coming.

We kidnap Lorna Crowley, the daughter of Lord Darius Crowley, who is the leader of the Gilneas Liberation Front and use her as a bargaining chip for the withdrawal and surrender of Worgen forces from the Gilneas Liberation Front.  Lorna has not got the worgen curse, and is thus susceptible to being ressurected as Forsaken, and Sylvanas uses this as leverage to gain Crowley's surrender.

Crowley retreats, and Lorna is released, and Godfrey turns on Sylvanas and shoots and kills her!  (Talk about an epic shot, 34361 K damage!).  He runs away screaming that Lordaeron will be his!

The coward then retreats with his followers to Shadowfang Keep, where he is the last boss.  Sylvanas is ressurected by her 3 Val'kyr (Agatha, Arthura and Daschla) at the cost of their own existence.  She reveals that in death, there is nothing but darkness, and is certain that the Val'kyr are the future for the Forsaken.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our first kills in Firelands 25 man! - Examining the heals

I missed this much wanted event as I had a meeting at work till late, but I was excited to hear that they killed 2 bosses in Firelands!
Of course, my main interest is how my healers were doing, and I am very pleased to see that we got a new shaman healer, and that my two priests were doing extremely well.

Yuda was off to a shaky start when he first came but he seems to have settled into his role and is doing fantastic amounts of healing and shielding now that he knows the fights.  And Bish did some great healing on Beth'tilac as holy (poor Bish, he been feeling a bit bleh being bottom of the charts as holy but he seemed to have renewed his vigor - pun intended hehe).  It almost makes me feel that the poor little druid is no longer needed!  Almost /grin but not quite. :P

And we have a new resto shaman it seems, Voe.  I did try to talk to him yesterday, but he was ignoring me.  Oh well, when I get there tonight I'll introduce myself again.  He also demonstrated some good skills, considering his gear.

So here are my healers on Beth'tilac:

All doing reasonably, nobody is doing too abysmally :)  Not the cleanest of fights since both tanks died at like 4-5% and so it was just burned down with only a few left standing at the end.

They did it with 2 pallys heading up, pally and shaman on drone tank, and holy priest, disc priest and shaman on raid.

Bish got Smoldering Censer of Purity - grats!!!  I like that staff.

So now looking at my healers on Shannox:

Ok, now seriously, DK's need a nerf.  WTF.  My best healer is the tank!

Yuda was top heals - I have to say that is surprising for this fight as it's not one of the fights I would have thought he would top with heals and absorbs (Chimaeron is the typical one I expect to see).  They had 2 healers on Riplimb tank, but could probably get away with one, 3 healers on Shannox tank and the other 2 on raid.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More news on Void Storage

Blizz has released some info on upcoming Void Storage which is worth a read if you are planning to use this feature (pics from Blizzard's WoW blog).

Basically it's going to look like this:

And the prices for depositing and withdrawing stuff haven't been set yet.  Now another thing they were going to add was a searchable bag feature which is something I really need (if you have ever seen my bags you know what I'm talking about).

I read a few of the comments on that article and people are saying it's better value to make a bank alt to store the items rather than using Void Storage.  I think that they are missing the point - this is for all that Soulbound stuff that you don't want to destroy or DE that you CAN'T send to bank alts.  You don't go putting your gathering mats or volatiles or whatever in there.  It's for those awesome soulbound items like Rainbow Generator and Nifty Stopwatch that you don't use anymore can't bear to throw away.

I don't mind losing enchants and gems on the items you put in there.  After all, you're not using them anymore are you?  It's just for looks and fun right?

Boy I can't wait to get it so I can get rid of all my tabards.

I just had a look in my bank and bags, and it actually doesn't look that bad!  Could clear a bag or two with void storage :)

Rules of Raid Looting - #1 Don't hit DE

Last Monday, one of the 10 man groups got Alysrazor down, and much to the excitement of our resto shaman, Craterflame Spaulders dropped.  Unfortunately the raid leader forgot to turn on Master Loot, so he asked everyone to pass so that Targetme could pick up his loot.


Beldarien was busy chatting to his GF and wasn't thinking... he hit DE.  And since everyone passed, he got a very nice maelstrom crystal.


A ticket was submitted, but the GM said that sharded items cannot be restored.  Oh well.  Next time turn on ML... or hit need... or don't hit DE!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lost City of Tol'vir Achievements - Headed South, Kill it with Fire!, Acrocalypse Now

Belinia, Barkhoof and Beauti were kind enough to help me do Headed South, and we had Lushnek with us.  They did it with Azadelta and Xyn the other day in a method I think works very well - here is their method.

The basic strategy was 2 healers, a tank and 2 dps.

DPS is on the boss the whole time, whittling his shield away to 10%. (when his shield is up he takes 90% less damage).  The tank picks up the large adds (Servant of Siamat) and gets them down to about 10%., you can ignore the little adds (Minion of Siamat).  However the little adds leave behind green swirly storms on the ground so get out of those.  And there were LOTS of those!

Once the boss is down to 10%, bunch up and kill the adds and then burn the boss.  It is a slow method (it took us 9 minutes and 20 seconds to do this boss) but it was very safe and I didn't go OOM.  I even helped with DPS though it's a bit depressing to see yourself doing hits that go for 120 or so.  Getting blown around after the 3rd add dies can be bad if someone gets punted off, but so far nobody has been punted off.  And as far as I am aware he doesn't have an enrage timer so feel free to take as long as you want!

We also did Acrocalypse now for Lushnek.  This is where you have to kill 20 crocolisks within 10 seconds.  Basically one dps was mounted kiting as many of the crocolisks as possible and counting how many we had, then once we had 20 bring them to the boss and AOE them down.  Everyone except me and the tank were mounted.  I did this before and boy was the healing crazy - I think everyone being mounted helps because they don't take much damage because they are riding away from crocs when they have scent on them.  I did pick up some crocolisks when I had the scent on me but as long as I get to the tank it was OK.  Even with 2 DPS we got it down easily.

Kill it with Fire! is done during the sprit phase.  The phoenix leaves flame lines around, and a random person is selected creating a soul fragment which moves towards the Harbinger of Flame, which buffs its damage.  If you get the soul fragment to go through a flame path then it is transformed into a burning soul.  Do this 3 times and the achievement is done!  Just make sure the tank is far away enough from everyone else so you have time to get it down, and try to put a flame patch between you and the tank to make it easier.

So good luck to you in getting your Volcanic Drake!

Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #5

It's Transmogrification fever time!  I think quite a few bloggers out there are getting into Transmog fever.

Revive and Rejuvenate: Get the Look: Part 1 - Tiers

Ang has put together pics of all the Tier so you can choose which Tier you want to Transmogrify to.  Best thing is Ang used Tauren pics so it's easy to look at.  I've decided to go for Tier 6, that's the most tribal looking set there is.  Looking forward to her next post, wonder if it will be weapons?

Kirina's Closet - Bank Alts and Transmogrification in 4.3

Kirina has been a bit quiet lately, so it's good to see a post from her.  She has put up some great tips for dressing your Bank Alt, and makes me wish I didn't vendor my Black Ice (though being 85 BOP probably not so useful I think)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Glory of the Raider (25 man)

Late last night after joining a late night Hyjal/Sunwell run for Transmog gear, I asked my friends if I could get Shocking! done.  As long as it didn't take too long I think everyone was happy.

Massive guild spam!  Not only did I get my 2 achievements, but everyone else got an achievement of some sort as well.  Shocking (25 man), Subtraction (25 man), The Construct Quarter (25 Man).  Of course they got Make Quick Werk of Him (25 man) earlier as well.  We did make one mistake and had to wipe, but it was easy with less people.  We spread out and came together if it so happened that the people near us were the same polarity.

All made possible by Belinia, Barkhoof, Beauti, Moopie, Azadelta, Lushnek, Roshii, and Sevros!

Vyragosa (and the Time-Lost Proto-Drake)

Vyragosa is the last Rare that I need for my Frostbitten achievement.  However, I have yet to see her alive.  I have seen only seen her dead.

The main problem for Vyragosa seekers like me is that she shares a spawn timer with the highly desired Time-Lost Proto Drake, in fact I have seen it written in many places that "Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a rare spawn of Vyragosa" making TLPD a rare spawn of a rare spawn.  Is that rare enough for you?  TLPD has a 100% chance to drop Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

A number of sources say that the spawn time for Vyragosa is between 6 hours and 24 hours.  So I should pop in every hour looking for a spawn I guess!  Geez, if that doesn't hike up my /played I don't know what will!

Draewind has a great page about Vyragosa and TLPD.  If you look at the spawn paths on Wowhead and with NPCScan it looks like a windy mess, but Drae has actually made a nice map with paths, directions and spawn points.

NPCScan path of TLPD/Vyragosa

Wowhead spawn points map

Drae's map with paths and spawn points (triangles) - every path except green one is anticlockwise
They both are not hard to kill, but they are hard to pull.  They are too high off the ground to be shot at or cast at, so either you have to grab them mid air and then fall slowly or agro them by flying into them and then going to somewhere you can dismount to fight. 

There is only one person in the guild I know of who has TLPD - Roshii.  Here he is on that elusive mount.

Boring bit ensuing - don't read on, it's just for my records!
21/8, 0753 - logged in to find Vyra dead in front of me near Valkyrion.  How annoying!  I logged in at 5 and 6 am and looked after kids at 7.  Crap.
29/8, 0707 - didn't spawn at my camp spot near Valkyrion so I flew around and found Vyra dead on yellow flight path just cresting the hill.
2/9, 1500 - Aio gives me :( when I login.  He says that he just killed Vyra 2 hours ago... I was just logging off then!  Crap!  But grats Aio!
11/9, 0923 - logged in flew a little bit and BANG, Vyragosa thing pops up... excitement.... only to find she was dead again
19/9, 1400 - SHE IS MINE!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ayelena's achievements

I know I work hard at my achievements but I think Ayelena works harder (or is more lucky?  I think he works harder coz you can't always be lucky!)

He started doing Bloody Rare and Frostbitten and got it done within a week!  In fact he managed to complete them on the same day, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon.  It was cool because for a while me and Ayelena were grouping up to do a couple of rares but after a while we didn't have the same ones anymore.  I even gave him my number so I could call him early in the morning if I saw a rare he didn't have (which I did once - Dirkee - and he called me for Loque).  Ayel is nice like that.

Yesterday he also got Old Ironjaw.  And I remember he had all the Argent Tournament mounts and pets before I did, and he had his Molten Front ones done before me also.  And he also had a lot of reputation stuff done also!

So I'd better watch my back... number one spot in achievements is not safe with Ayelena and Azadelta around. Sneaky warlocks!

Transmogrification - sending excitement through the guild

A number of people are excited about the Transmogrification coming in Patch 4.3.  You can read about it here.  Basically you can make your current armour look like old armour but keep the same stats.  It will cost you some gold though, and there are restrictions.
  • Plate can only look like plate, cloth like cloth etc
  • You can only do it on items that have stats ( so no fun hats/weapons/offhands)
  • Weapons have to be the same type (ie you can't make your dagger use the graphic of a mace etc) EXCEPT for guns/bow/crossbows
  • You have to have the item you want to copy in your inventory
A huge shame really, because I would really like to have the Rogue T3 (you can't get that anymore) as my heal gear.  Hmm, so which of these Tier gear do I want to look like?  I was thinking T2 (I have always loved the moose look) but T6 has a nice tribal feel to it which is very Tauren.

Picture from WoWWiki

I am wondering if I can wear Rogue sets?  I'm not even sure I can hand the tokens in for them to be honest! (Edit: I have been informed that I can't.  Boo!)

Picture from WoWWiki
Aza and Roshii were off looking at sets and farming the items.  Now I've caught Transmogrification fever.  This sort of things adds little cute niceties to the game, and perhaps maybe it will bring back some of the nostalgic fun to some of the players who are getting tired of the game.  I think that it will be most exciting for players who are long term players wanting to do some of the old raids in their old gear (for those "Good old days" feelings).  Not sure what newer players will think of this.

(Celebrity) Chef Epidemais

Epidemais has stopped playing for months now because he wants to focus on cooking.  So he's been doing lots of cooking, trying out new recipes and basically preparing for something BIG.

So I said to Fue yesterday, Epi's not coming back is he?  I dare you to demote him to inactive.  So he did and we screamed anarchy!  So fearing retribution, Fue put him back to Co-GM.

See?  Fue does have a sense of humour after all :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The nice people you meet on WoW

"No person in the world ever lost anything by being nice to me."  - Lillie Langtry

I shouldn't say that it amazes me sometimes that people can be really nice in game because there are lots of nice people in the world, but I had a really pleasant encounter today.
I was at work, and doing TB peninsula dailies, and I had to afk suddenly, so I stealthed on the road (probably not the smartest thing to do) and went about my business.
When I came back I was unstealthed.  Now how did that happen?  And there was a mage standing next to me.  When I shifted form, he waved at me.  I waved back, wondering what he wanted.  Was it someone I knew?  He didn't say anything.  So I asked him in a whisper "Did you want help with your dailies?"
He said "I just saved you :) There were 3 mobs beating on you and you were like 10k health and I took care of them.  I even bandaged you after but it didn't do much.  There was an Alliance guy standing here watching you die."
Wow.  I was amazed, and I checked my combat log.  I was being beat up!  I thanked him profusely, and thought what could I give him?  I looked in my bags, nothing much there, but.. ah a Jug of Bourbon.  I gave him that as a thanks.  After that he was helping me do my dailies, chatting away.  Pleasant fellow, young though, from the way he spoke.
So we talked about WoW things like pets and mounts, and then I asked him about raiding and his guild.  He showed his age to me when he said "Oh, can I ask you one last question?  Do you like JB?"

JB?  Is that like JB HiFi? I asked him.

"Justin Bieber" he replied.  Ah ok, I thought. I'm showing my age.  "No, I don't really like him sorry."  And then he was like my friend for life, I was totally awesome, he said, and I listened to him telling me how crappy it was that JB was discovered on Youtube and made famous that way.

Handy having a mage, he ported us back to TB to hand in our quests and then we went back to Org where I saw a trade chat person asking for an enchant.  So I sent them a tell, and asked them to meet me, and when that person arrived, I realised he was the same guild as the young fellow I'd been chatting with.  The two of them waved to each other and started talking, and my new friend started telling the story of how he saved me.  I told my new friend that next time he can have free enchants (ie no tip), he can just look me up, and his friend too.

So that was yesterday.  Earlier in the week when I was trying to camp Vyragosa in Storm Peaks, there was a horde Priest on his mount at my camping spot.  I sent a whisper "Are you after TLPD? Seen Vyragosa this morning?  If you do can you give me a yell?  I'm not interested in competing with you for TLPD, but I would like to kill Vyragosa."

After a few exchanges, this priest told me that actually he was camping TLPD for his daughter.  He was two boxing, and he was on his son's character, camping for Aeonaxx in Deepholm.  He had both those mounts already on his own character, and since he was up at night he might as well camp while watching Anime.  Wow, what a great parent.  He was in a high level guild, but he didn't raid, his kids did all the raiding.  So I asked him how old his kids were, after all, that guild wasn't the kind of guild that took kids.  His kids were early 20s!  And he was in his 50s.  So he chatted to me a little about spawn times and what time I could best catch Vyragosa, and which direction she usually came from, and he told me he had the best luck at that spot where he was, camping TLPD.

So, it was a pleasant change to meeting total strangers in WoW who were friendly, almost up to the point of being cute.  Reminded me of that girl I met while in Twilight Highlands.  She was friendly too after she tried to ninja my mob I was taking a picture of (well she didn't see me, to be fair).

So just a nice reminder to everyone, be nice and people will be nice to you!

More new recruits

Well we had 3 new recruits last few days.

Yuda - who is a workmate of mine, was in the guild before on his mage, came over to raid with us as a disc priest.  Not sure if his wife will come, but we could use her hunter :)

Freepie - Not Freepee, it's PIE as Moo so often says.  Resto shaman with a couple of blue pieces (gulp) but seemed quite eager to show his stuff.

Maleaetus - Combat rogue.  Was talking to him a lot last night about joining the guild, he seemed young and quite eager.  I mentioned that we had an awesome rogue already - Roshii - and so he armoried him and was impressed with his weapons and gear.  However I didn't realise that he started talking to Roshii so much so that Roshii was freaking out about who the hell this person spamming him was.  When I told him it was a new recruit, he was a bit surprised.  But I told Roshii that there will only be one uber rogue /wink.

Let's hope they stay a while this time!  Welcome to our new recruits!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trash mobs in Firelands - Rhyolith, Alysrazor and Baleroc

Well now that we have done a few more bosses I can make a few more comments about trash pulls.

Rhyolith trash is a gauntlet.  Easiest thing to do is get on your bike and run all the way up following the tank and hope he picks up all the Fire elementals before they start taking someone else out.  And they are like the fire elementals in MC - they start multiplying if you don't kill them quickly!  So AOE them all down.  Then you've got Kaz the Everburning - who is a wuss and runs away and hides when you approach him.  Healing with the volcanoes popping up all over the place is annoying, not much else you can do except just heal through it.  And run your adds to the tank!

Alysrazor trash is the fun one.  Try not to run in all together or the Monstrosties make you all go splat.  The dps who are going to ride the Monstrosities should ride in ASAP and jump up while the tank picks up the druids casters and once mounted, start shooting egg piles (Don't shoot the hatchlings in the raid coz you kill friendlies as well!).  To mount you have to aim at their back, where you would ordinarily be riding it (the things are huge, and you don't get the mounting icon to click unless you put it near the top of the bird).  Kill the casters, aoe down the little hatchlings and then you can start taking out the Monstrosities.  In fact you can have fun and shoot each other's monstrosities for a while to make it easier.

Baleroc trash consists of 2 packs of 2 Flame Archons and 2 Molten Flamefathers (in 10 man).  Fortunately you can pull them separately.  So you pull the Flame guys and make sure they're not facing the raid or you you'll have a good Horde BBQ going.  We use two tanks for this, and have them a little bit apart so everyone doesn't get that whirlwind and then burn them down. They can't be CC'd and if you wipe while doing and you kill one, it will be up again when you come back.  But hey at least they give rep!  Molten Flamefathers make volcanoes which spawn little elementals which blow up knocking you all over the damn place.  Usually one of the melee will take care of the volcano while the others kill the little elementals.  I like Baleroc trash, because of the rep!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Alysrazor down on 10 man

Well, with Thraso leaving the guild on Friday after having a disagreement with guildies, we were left a tank short on Monday and we had 21 people but only 3 tanks and 5 healers.  So we took a really high dps and heal group which was great and hit up Alysrazor, and our first attempt got her to 4% which was REALLY encouraging!  Then the next few attempts were bad because I had some lousy net which dropped me to 1k latency and I died twice.  I was going to drop after that but I turned off hubby's computer and restarted wow and turned of Skada (why that would affect latency I don't know, I know it used to affect my FPS sometimes) and then we tried it again.  We finally got it on a really good attempt which Fue said was a bit of an anticlimax because she died in the air.  I'm sure Sev was pretty pleased though since he was up there killing her.

Tanks: Fueghan, Hwired
DPS: Lushnek, Sevros, Moopie, Xynzelle, Roshii
Healers: Navimie, Belinia, Shnaptim

Roshii got Alysra's Razor... am I the only one who thinks that's a really silly name?

I'll make a post for guildies later about how to heal it if you're 3 healing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #4

Ok some of these are not from my blogroll but I found these pages when I linked other pages from these blogs.

Ironyca has a fantastic post about secret cata places, and somebody apparently copied her page and posted it on some forums in  Her post was unique, and I can appreciate her being furious about that!  Now I have to admit I was a bit anxious before because I did use some pics from Windsoar's Nefarian fight and I did credit them at the bottom of the post I did, but Windsoar wanted me to host the strat pics on my site, and then I got worried that I had illegally copied her post.  Ironyca said in her post that the plaguariser didn't credit her, hosted her pics on his own site but essentially it was a copy word for word of her original post.  Which was very stressful for her!  So this is just a reminder for me mostly that if I look at stuff on someone else's site I should always ask permission first before I use it, and write my own thing about it.  Gosh, I feel like I'm at school.

Beru was thinking about how much spirit does she really need, and she has quite a detailed look into spirit and whether we still need it, with the changes to regen and the increase to intellect.  Now a reminder to myself that most of the commentors (in fact maybe all of them) are high end raiders, not lower end ones like myself, so it may not necessarily apply to me, but it still makes for good reading and something worth thinking about.  Because if they don't need spirit for those huge mana intensive heroic fights, then maybe I don't for my non heroic ones.

OK there is really only one thing here that I have to talk about and it is about the caster boots that I want made, because Glow has them, and he said that the graphic for them SUCKS.  For me it doesn't matter so much because I'm a Tauren and all you see are our hooves, but look at this (pic directly linked from Glow's site)!  Makes me glad I'm not a Nightelf.  Hippy feet = ugly and totally not battle clothes :P

My god those toes. WTF! Worst look ever in 5 years of WoW imo.

Whispering Forest - Cataclysm secret spots

Enna summoned me to this place in Tirisfal the other day to see this amazing event, but unfortunately I missed it as I was at work and had to pack up!  She said here is a faerie circle and sprite darters which sing a song every 6 hours and animals in the forest come to listen!  And to turn my music on, as you will also hear a different music that is not heard anywhere else.

She sent me a link to her screenies, which made me want to go there and see it for myself.

So instead of rare hunting in Northrend this morning I was camping the spot in Tirisfal glades to see these Fey-drunk Darters sing.

I got there at 0610 server and 7 Darters were out already.  But it wasn't until 0640 that they all flew to the faerie circle.

So I had the music on and it did indeed change to a hauntingly beautiful music.

And even the deer came to listen, they were standing around looking at the faerie circle.

When it was done the Darters despawned and the deer walked away.

The visual part lasted about 2-3 minutes, but the music went on a little longer than that.  It was well worth the wait and I think everyone should go watch it!

I took a short video of it so you can see what it is like.  It's only 20 seconds long but you get the idea!

I did some research afterwards and apparently there are all sorts of Cataclysm secret spots.  Ironyca has a great post about the Cataclysm secret places.  Check it out, because I sure as hell want to go check it out now (and support her post with comments because that post was a victim of blog plagiarism)!  Oh and Boomchicken Syrco also has a post on it with some great pics (one of the bear which I couldn't find when I was out there).