Saturday, February 26, 2011

So How much Haste do I need? - Resto Druid Haste Break Points

I have blogged about this before, but having read on people's blogs and MMO champion I have found that the numbers aren't quite correct for me because I get an extra buff quite often - Dark Intent.

Dark intent is a Warlock spell that is cast on a target, giving the target an extra 3% haste, lasting for half an hour.  When the target or the warlock gets crits with dots/hots then the other gets 3% extra dmg/healing which stacks up to 3 times lasting for 7 seconds.

So I have been looking at the tables and basically this is what I had been aiming for with the 5% haste buff from Boomkins

With 5% buff
Haste              Extra ticks
0                    11th tick of LB
256                8th tick of WG
915                5th tick of RJ
1220              12th tick of LB
1423 (11%)   5th tick of RG
2004 (15.6%)9th tick of WG
2440 (19%)   13th tick of LB
3659 (28.6%)14th tick of LB

But what I really should be looking at is this

Without 5% buff
Haste                Extra ticks
640                  11th tick of LB
909                  8th tick of WG
1601                5th tick of RJ
1921 (15%)     12th tick of LB
2135 (16.6%)  5th tick of RG
2744 (21.44%)9th tick of WG
3202 (25%)     13th tick of LB

(BTW restoration druid has a nice post with the numbers all listed nicely)

This is because when you look at your character screen, it only shows you your haste rating but the buffs to your haste aren't added in, but they show as a % after the haste rating.  So with Dark intent and Boomkin buff I should be aiming for 21.44%.  I found that am reaching my 9th tick of WG with my current gear, and that's with a personal haste rating of about 1850 I think.  (I'll edit this when I get back online to check).  So it's a good thing I got that belt from Throne of the 4 winds, because I socketed it with full haste and that's what's pushing me over (as well as using a haste ring).  But if I put my full haste gear on I might be able to achieve that 13th tick of LB (which is rather meh)!  I'll have to play a bit with my gear to figure it out.
So that's pretty awesome for me :) I just have to make sure I'm always getting the DI, and not the shadow priests.  Or the other resto druids...

Edit: OK I just figured out I only need 1573 haste for raiding if I get DI + Boom/SP buff.  Time to reforge a little!

A new member to Bovine Ninjaa

Welcome to our newest member to our 5v5 team!  Shabadu and Xynzelle have been quite chummy, and Shabadu asked us yesterday if we would mind inviting Xynzelle to our 5s team.  I never thought of Xyn as a pvp or arena person, but he has been quite active doing Tol Barad, and has even got a couple of pieces of pvp gear, including some Vicious Gladiator gear.  He seemed quite thrilled with the idea of joining our 5s team.

It turned out that the team was full, so I had to kick someone out.  Ended up kicking Hyad and Epidemais out (though really only needed to boot Hyad since he doesn't play anymore), so if Epi wanted to come back he could.  We had quite a few members on yesterday - me, Sev, Lushnek, Azadelta, Shabadu, Xynzelle and Aioros (though Aio seemed busy).

First 2 games were easy wins.  The first game was a 5 boxer warlock who was the suck, killed him easily.  The second game the other team didn't turn up, so another super easy win.  There was a totally EMBARRASSING loss where there was a team with only 4 players who kicked our asses.  Then there was a win later against a real team so I felt much better after that.

Which brings me to the name of my 5v5 arena team.  It should be changed now that Hyad isn't in it.  Should be Obe Ninja.  Or A Nine Job. BOE Ninja?  Hmm BOE Ninja sounds good!

You would think that with all that cc we would do better?  But hey it's early days yet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recruiting again

Cataclysm enthusiasm died down quite quickly.  Healers and tanks are rapidly leaving our 25s lately, and it feels like we're back to where we were when we started.

So, in an effort to recruit I have been encouraging guildies to go from social to casual raiding.

Mendem has a few healers, none of which are quite yet raid ready.  Mil and Thinto are both interested in raiding/healing and that will boost numbers a bit.  However they also are not geared and I encouraged all of them to at least partake in part time raiding rather than full time raiding.

The problem with that is having content for those sorts of raiders.  One solution is doing BWD for 2 days and BoT for 2 days so that each of the 2 day raiders gets to experience some content.  And then the next week swapping it around so they get to try the other instance.  That might work quite nicely.

Which brings me to the sad point of which healers I am losing.

Cym and Cool are thinking of doing just alt runs, so that takes them out of main healing.  Not sure if Bel will go with them but he may go on his shaman and keep his paladin for raid heals but not sure about that.  Melf is out of action or at least on his way out so I can't really count on him to raid, which leaves me a bit short on the holy priest side.  Bish is holy but his connection is the pits at the moment.

So, Milly coming back would give me one extra druid, and T wants to heal on his priest as disc so that replaces Cym.  So hopefully fingers crossed we can still hit 25s.

Achievements in 5v5 Arenas!

No raiding yesterday, and I was late, so fortunately managed to fit our arena games in.  Did some 2s with Sev while Aza did 2s with Lushnek, and since Shabadu was on thought... hey let's squeeze in some 5s.

Milestone for the season for us, with our first 5v5 win (yay!), AND Shabadu got Last Man Standing achievement, which totally made my day.  I'll never get that achievement as a healer, but I was super excited for Shab, and I even whispered him later to say how awesome I thought that was and he said his heart was still racing :)

So we got 2 wins, killing the same team (Us vs DK, Warr, Pally, Mage, Priest - I think).

Had a good game on 2s as well, fortunately for me and Sev that the warrior/pally combo didn't seem to be talking to each other because I got Sev to drag the warrior away from his healer and the pally didn't follow and so I cc'd the pally when he finally emerged from behind the pillar and the warrior died.  Got some good points out of them too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More disasters striking in cities where Guildies live

Another earthquake rocked Christchurch again, only 5-6 months after the 7.something one that hit last year.  Last year nobody died.  This time there was a lot more devastation and injury and loss of life.

Vaakis is out there.  I remember him showing pictures of his dojo after the quake, and I can't seem to find them on the website.  He said he was slowly rebuilding it, but after this quake I wonder what it's like now.  I hope he hasn't been injured, or even worse, killed.  Guess we won't be seeing him online any time soon, though he hadn't really been on that much lately anyway.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Council down!

Yesterday I had a horrible day raiding (we didn't have enough for 25 so we did 2 10s) and my group couldn't get past Throne, but the other group 1 shotted Council!

We did get close to it on Sunday though on 25 man.  If only that 1 dps hadn't been offline we woulda had it...

I have to admit though we were a bit low on dps (we had 4 healers) and two hadn't done it before so that wasn't great and multiple wipes later we had some dc's and called it.

So who was in the Council kililng group?

Tanks: Epidemais, Manbull
Healers: Beldarien, Shaimster, Biship
DPS: Lushnek, Xynzelle, Faithless, Azadelta, Twinkjr

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Atramedes down!

I logged on late to find people asking me to heal for Atramedes - one of the off night raid nights to practice on a new boss.

We started off a little shaky, people getting hit by sonic breath a lot and getting full sound, and rogues not hitting the gongs at the right times to save people.

But with everyone carefully avoiding sound things we managed to do it!  I found running through the middle quite good to avoid people with the sonic breath.

Tanks: Coolidge, Moopie
DPS: Lushnek, Azadelta, Faithless, Shadevar, Twinkjr
Healers: Navimie, Beldarien, Cymre

Good raid week in BWD

Wow we did well this week. In 2 days we managed to get down 5 bosses in BWD, 2 of which we hadn't done on 25 before.  And we only had a few attempts on Chimaeron and it wasn't that bad!

And we were lucky this week, 2 of the leather shoulders dropped so I got one.  And the bracers dropped this week from Chimaeron!  Tout won them, gave them to me but I gave them to HK.  They'll drop again.

And the awesome healing trinket dropped from Maloriak, and Melfina got it.

So what did we do different?

Maloriak is quite straightforward.   There isn't much to comment about healing there.

Chimaeron is a little bit trickier.  In 10 man with just 2 to watch it wasn't so bad.  But in 25 there are 4 to watch, and quite a few people were below 10k for more than 4 seconds and then died to Massacre.  I actually did quite well on the kill fight, considering how crappy I was doing before.  I was doing tank heals and not healing raid but on the kill attempts I had put rejuv on myself and Lushnek and the tank (as Lush was dying every time he got hit with caustic slime and then massacre) and he did much better, and so did my healing.  With 2 healers lagging we did not too badly I thought.  The problem with phase 2 is that people weren't kiting I think and then were getting killed off one by one too quickly.


Healers: Navimie, Beldarien, Shaimster, Melfina, Cymre, Shnaptim (left for kill), Biship, Targetme

I can't remember who else was there!!!

Chimaeron down on 10 man!

Last night we were 3 short for a 25man so we decided to split up into 2 teams and tackle Maloriak and Chimaeron.

My team consisted of:
Tanks: Moopie, Fueghan
Healers: Navimie, Melfina, Shnaptim
DPS: Xynzelle, Sevros, Shadevar, Shabadu, Gobbii

And the other team was:
Tanks: Coolidge, Epidemais
Healers: Cymre, Targetme, Beldarien
DPS: Lushnek, Ayelena, Mazlakk, Azadelta, Faithless(?)

Anyway we started a bit earlier than the other team and they got Maloriak down faster than we did.  It was a bit disheartening but then we seemd to do really well on Chimaeron, after quite a few wipes and stuff ups.  The other group didn't get it down, but I'm sure we'll get it on 25 man this week.  I got some offspec pants.