Healing Alysrazor normal - (10 man Druid POV) + some lore

Alysra, of the Emerald dragonflight, was guarding Fandral Staghelm under the orders of Ysera.  In the quest Return to Alysra, you find out that the Twilight Hammer was trying to free him.  Alysra suggests moving him through the Emerald Dream, and we deliver him to her in Through the Dream for transport to Moonglade.  However, she turned Fandral over to the Twilight Hammer, and when confronted, was slain in the quest The Fallen Guardian.  Leyara and some Druids of the Flame appeared, and burn Alysra's corpse with magic, turning her into the Firehawk Alysrazor, a minion of Fandral, ready for us to face in Firelands!
Alysrazor: "Reborn in Flame!"
The fight starts with some trash (see earlier posts on Alysrazor Trash), and then you see Staghelm come out, root us all and then fly away, summoning Alysrazor.  If you wipe, you start the fight again by activating the lone feather in the middle... so don't be tempted to touch it if you're not ready to start.

I'm going to borrow some of Wowpedia's information here (I love Alysrazor's quotes!).

We do Alysrazor with 2 tanks, 3 healers.  One healer per tank and the other running between the two to help with tanks or top up dps who miss their interrupts on the druids, or stand in fire.  If done correctly, there will be no raid damage, and you could probably 2 heal it, but 3 allows for those few mistakes that inevitably happen.

So here's what you need to do as a healer for this fight:

Phase 1: Let the unbelievers perish in fire!
  • She does an initial firestorm, which does a fair bit of raid damage, but easy to heal up so make sure everyone is bunched up, and NOT having their back facing a flame wall because the knockback into a flame wall = splat. The damage persists for 10 seconds so just keep healing until it's over.
  • Stay out of the middle, Blazing Claw hurts.  Alysrazor will fly through the middle every now and then, moulting feathers as she goes.
  • When the feathers are there, go grab only ONE feather.  Sometimes you can double click it and get two feathers out of one feather (you can see it on the little feather bar at the bottom - having 3 feathers makes you fly).  Having a feather not only makes you run a bit faster, but you can cast while moving.  One DPS will be flying so make sure they get their 3 feathers first.  The healers on the tanks are the biggest priority for feathers, if you're the runaround person, hold back till they get thei
  • Watch out for those brush fires, they move ever so slow but do cause some damage
  • An egg will fall to the middle from which Hatchlings come.  Don't be the closest person to these because they agro the closest person.  Tanks have to tank them and take them to eat worms when they chuck a Tantrum (which is when they start to hit the tank REALLY hard so get ready to do some big healing when their Tantruming).  And don't stand in front of them as they have a nast cleave attack which will take your health down to 50%.
  • Worms pop out of the ground and spray lava in a slow anticlockwise circle.  That fire will kill you so don't get hit by it.  I find it easiest to stand at the back of the worm and move around with it while I'm healing a tank.
  • Heal heavily and don't worry too much about mana because you will get all your mana back in Phase 3.
  • If interrupts on the Druids of the Flame go OK you won't have to heal the dps on them.  But once they get one Fieroblast off, they start casting them faster and faster and it also puts a dot on the person who was hit.  You may have to go heal the dps interrupters then.  If you can dispel get rid of the dot.
Phase 2: I will burn you from the sky!
There are more cyclone paths than this but you get the idea!
  • Hope that the DPS have gotten down the druids and the Hatchlings because that will be crap to heal while you're running!
  • Cyclones will spawn from the middle and move outward.  Don't stand in the middle because you will die when they spawn, and don't stand too far out (like against the wall) as you will instantly die.  These cyclones come outwards from the centre and then follow a circular path.  There are layers of cyclones and each layer the cyclone is going the opposite direction.  The easiest way to do this is to follow one cyclone, then as one passes in the adjacent circle, you can swing around backwards and follow that one (because the one you follow will eventually catch up to you as it goes faster than you).  I throw out heals as I run to try to top up anyone who gets clipped by a cyclone (or is retarded at them - like I used to be!) because you will still have your feather so you can cast while running.  Obviously the problem is if they run out of your LOS, so for me I just throw rejuvenations out.
  • The phase ends when the cyclones despawn.
Phase 3: Burn!
  • Alysrazor falls down to the middle, and healers must DPS her to get their mana back.
  • Blazing talon claw shapers land and start to give molten power back to Alysrazor.  Tanks jobs are to interrupt them.
  • Try to bunch up in the designated spot for the phase change.  You want to be far away from the tanks when Phase 4 comes.
Phase 4: Reborn in Flame!
  • Alysrazor is back at 50 Molten power now, and the tanks will be tanking her and taking big damage from Blazing Claw, which is a cone attack (hence why you don't want to be anywhere near there).  The tanks will taunt off each other so Blazing Claw doesn't stack too much.
  • Alysrazor is casting Blazing Buffet while she is burning herself back to 100 Molten Power, which deals 10k dmg every second.  Once she reaches 100 Molten Power she takes off again after doing another big fire damage burst of about 50k and then flies off leaving a bunch of feathers where she used to be.
  • Keep your AOE heals for the group and keep the tanks up.  I keep LBs and spam HT on the tanks while keeping WG and Efflorescence/SM for the raid.  And I do a tranq after the 50K damage burst, which usually gets everyone back up to almost full.

So then it's just rinse, wash and repeat.  Usually goes down by the second Phase 4 or just after for us.  You just hope that the person doing the flying and DPSing Alysrazor is good at dodging damage because they can't really get any heals up there!