Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Cataclysm wish list - pre raid

List time again!

It's actually rather difficult because I have been doing a lot of dungeons with Lushnek and he wants the same loot I want.  It annoys me that they take the spirit stuff.  Why can't these damn dps take the bloody hit stuff.  If only hit rating gave non dps some kind of buff then it would be easy to share all the loot.

Now in general I am going for anything with spirit on it.  I love spirit.  My next stat is haste, then crit then mastery.  I do lots of tank healing in heroics so I think mastery is important.

So here is what I want to get:

Cluster of Stars -  2200 Justice points (got! It was the first thing I got with my justice points actually)

Quicksilver Amulet - H Blackrock Caverns (got 3/1!)

Spaulders of the Endless Plains - Dragonmaw clan - Honoured (got these - but I want the one below)
Mantle of Bestilled winds - H Vortex pinnacle

Robes of Forgetfulness - 2200 Justice points (got)
Vest of the Curious Visitor - H Deadmines (I have this but I would rather have the JP one)

Solar Wind Cloak - H Halls of Origination (I have the normal version)

Oasis bracers - Lost City (I wouldn't mind the normal one either if I don't have the Heroic one. What is it with all this spi/mastery stuff! More Spi/Haste please!  Apparently doesn't drop much - the normal ones drop in heroic a lot from trash)

Deep Delving Gloves - H Stonecore (I have Tier now! yay for Tol Barad)

Withered Dream Belt - Exalted Dragonmaw (Got! 24/12)

Leggings of Clutching Roots - Revered Earthen Ring (Got!)

Decapod Slippers - H Throne of Tides
Though I actually have a BOE drop from a rare spawn that Aza gave me which is exactly the same Tarvus's Poison Scarred Boots

Band of Life Energy - H Halls of Origination
Ring of Frozen Rain - H Vortex Pinnacle
Veneficial band - H Lost City (I have the normal version)
Kibble - H Blackrock Cavern (Got)

Tear of Blood - H Stonecore
Sea Star - H Throne of Tides (Got on Xmas day)

Weapons 1H
Scepter of Power - H Halls of Origination (I have the normal version)

Apple-Bent Bough - 950 Justice points (I have this)

Weapons 2H
Soul Releaser - H Halls of Origination (Got!)

Getting my head around Cata druid healing

I think I've finally gotten the hang of it.

After having oom issues all the time (which basically made me rethink my whole healing strategy), I have finally figured out what I need to do.  And then I read some blogs and found out that I should be healing like that anyway!

Bad habit #1: Throwing rejuvs around
Can't do that anymore.  The mana cost on it is ridiculous.  I now only have it rolling on the tank if his health is about 80%.  And throw it on a few dps who start to get below 50%.

Bad habit #2: Regrowth on regrowth
Another expensive spell.  Did have some benefit in LK but now is just stupid.  I think of it now more as a direct heal which has a hot which can be swiftmended.  I only use it on tank.

Good habit #1: Nourish is back in
I used to use nourish a lot when I had hots on, and then it became longer cast time and I thought bleh.  But now it's good again, I am going to have to stack more haste to get it how I like it though.  Now I like Nourish and I do try to time it so it refreshes my LB stacks

Good habit #2: Letting LB bloom
Now that I'm getting the hang of tree, I throw LB everywhere on everyone during those damage phases and let it bloom if i can, otherwise I stack them all up and let them bloom when I pop out.  I have to remember to let it bloom on the tank when his health is getting down and just refresh it when his health is high.

New habit #1: Watching for Clearcast/OOC
I really keep an eye on it now.  As soon as it's up I either throw a HT on the tank (so at least I can refresh my LB) or if he's ok then I put a regrowth on one of the dps. Unless of course I'm in tree form and they have a LB on them then I nourish them.  But it procs so often I'm glad I can get lots of free spell casts.

New habit #2: Innervate early
This OOM business is bugging me big time so I innervate early so maybe I can have an innervate towards the end... though to date no fight has been that long that I could innervate again.

Cataclysm is out!

My Collector's Edition arrived yesterday and it took us one day to hit 81.  Though the first level is really easy to get, the next few levels require 6 times the xp to get.

The number of people doing quests is just phenomenal!  Just like LK or BC really, people going after the same mobs, being annoying etc.

All in all it would probably take me a week to get to 85.  At least.

Heroics - happy and sad

The other day we just managed to get our gear score right for heroics - Hyad was holding us back, he was resisting buying gear to upgrade his item level.  Anyway, we managed to get together and so we thought ok, heroics here we go.

Now I never expected it to be easy.  I was looking forward to the challenge.  But it was really tough, but I was doing lots of group healing too.  It's the group healing that kills you because you just can't get enough heals on the tank.

So.. we did a random and ended up Lost City of Tol'vir.

The first two bosses went ok-ish.  Had a few wipes but nothing too bad.  But the next boss which was the Prophet who does the shadow form/phase thing, was totally killing me.  I was OOM all the time and we were dying in the shadow phase because I couldn't heal through the shadow damage.  We wiped continuously on that until respawns came up and we decided to call it quits.

Hyad after that told me he hated it and didn't want to do that again.  Of course seemed to imply that I need better gear... but I know that, I'd do heaps better with better gear.  But it wasn't all my fault.  I'm sure if the dps stood in decent spots and did better dps it would be a shorter encounter too.  We had Hyad, me, Sev, Lushnek and Xynzelle.  All bar Sev were just new to heroics.

The next day we decided to try heroics again but this time we took Aza and Moopie and Sev decided not to go because he was doing guild PVP.  And we did Lost city again and we did much better that time.  I even got some gear, a new chest (which was not my ideal choice).

Then we did Deadmines and boy that's a long instance but it's quite funny!  I liked the cookie eating thing, I stuffed up that achievement but I'm sure if I do it again I'll get it right.  I managed to score a relic out of it as well.  Though none of the two items I got had any spirit on it... damn shame.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slowly getting to 85

I level so slowly.  Though of course I haven't been playing except at night and with Hyad and HK since we're all questing together.  Hopefully will be 85 by the end of the weekend.  Might get 3/4 of the way to 84 tonight if servers don't go down.

Haven't upgraded much yet, a few blues.  I noticed the heroics drop blues now instead of purples, and that seems quite cool.  Back to the good old days of working for your epics.

Enchanting is a bitch to level.  So is tailoring.  I can't wait till I can get my enchanting about 500 so I can DE stuff.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10man)

We got our Bloodbathed Frostbound Vanquishers!

We ended up doing the burn method.  We tried it the first time, and Cymre wasn't in dps mode, she was healing and dpsing and we couldn't get it, we were 1 million off.  Then we decided to try it properly after a long while of doing it the old fashioned way and failing.  So I DPS'd and she healed and Hyad died.  Then Coolidge decided to switch to his shaman just for blood lust and see how that went, and I healed and Cymre dps'd.  And we got it.  So everyone was super grateful to Coolidge for that.

Though in my own mind, I think we could have tried it without his shaman.  We never tried it so we never did find out if we could have done it or not.  Yay Frostwolves!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Resto druid blog trolling

Ok looking for healing gear and tips so I've been off trolling resto druid blogs again...

Restokin has a nice list and I quite like the one from Treebound too.

ICC 10 man achievements Part 4

Cymre and Coolidge joined us today and so we did a few achievements for them and you would not believe how easy Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion was!  We got it in one go.  The oozes died pretty easily.

Then we did Heroic Festergut... which we died quite a few times because I was told to go outside and I hadn't done that before and so I was too close to Cymre one time (she ran close to me!!!) and we got the vomitting and then I think I died or the tank died.  Then we also got hit with slime so our cast times were super slow and that killed the tank on tank swap as well.  But we finally got it, with Cymre in melee and me and Bel doing the outside.  So Hyad and Lushnek got their Heroic: The Plagueworks.

So we did Portal Jockey for Cym and Coolidge and then we're on Sindragosa, which is my last achievement for the drake.  Lushnek and Sevril still need Once Bitten, Twice Shy so we'll be on normal Blood Queen tonight if we get Sindy down.

Thraso was pretty cool about everything, he chatted to me about the achievement and how to do it, and I said we're going to try a burn method.  He didn't think that was going to work, but my friend Cavendar on Alliance Proudmore assures me it can be done however he does it with a shaman and since we have no hunter or shaman we have no bloodlust which makes it just that much harder.  I think our melee needs to tone it down for the first phase a little though.  Being the only healer, constantly having the debuff means healing can get tricky at times.  Phase 1 can be as slow as we need, so no hurry there.  Some off heals could help during phase 1 when I get a high stack, but we can tune that.  He does say luck plays a part a little, depending on who gets ice blocked, but he assures me its worth a try, as thats how they've done it.

So close to my drake... I can almost taste it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ICC 10 man achievements Part 3 + Naxx 10 achievements

On Monday night we did LK and one shotted Been Waiting a Long Time For this, even with both tanks dying (Thraso died first, then Hyad, but Thraso got battle res'd), and then we had to do phase 3 with one tank.  I died too in phase 3...

It wasn't too bad actually, waiting all that time for Necrotic plague to stack up.  Just long in phase 1.

We then went to Naxx afterwards and did the weekly which was Rasuvious, and then we did And they would all go down together and Shocking! for Hyad and Bel and Shady.  I was a nub and didn't make the jump...  But at least I didn't die!!!  Interestingly for the 4 horseman one, everyone went to the back and did it.  Last time we did it in all the 4 corners, having it in 2 corners made it so much easier.

This week Thraso wants to come along again, but since Coolidge and Cymre want to come we'll probably have to do a lot of the achievements all over again.  Really that's only Full house, I'm on a boat and Portal Jockey.  Hyad and HK still need to do Heroic Rotface and Heroic Festergut so we'll be doing that (which is easy).