Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting that Predator Title

I saw Euphyley writing about the Predator title and I really wanted it, so I told Tacky, Crooked and Dan about how she said to get it.

To get the title you have to kill Xemirkol, a rare in Tanaan that's in a different phase. Euphyley said that you need to complete these things to be able to get to him:
Picture from Euphyley.  I was a bit excited and FORGOT to take a pic! What is with me lately and forgetting to take pics?
Xemirkol has a really long respawn time (18+ hours), but people on Wowhead said that it reliable spawns after a reset.  Another bummy thing is that he is a tagged mob not a shared one, so once someone tags it, if you're not in a group with them, you won't get credit.  The only way to get to him is to use the Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal - some people had said stand close to the area and using the Hunter's Seeking Crystal works as well.

I missed when servers came back up on Wednesday morning (3 hours earlier than what I thought!) and it wasn't up then.  Xemirkol is found at that dot in the map pictured above.

Tacky went to the spot after raid and used his crystal and shouted on Ventrilo that he was at the rare! I yelled for an invite... maybe 4 times and was getting panicky when I wasn't getting invited.  I flew to the spot (yay for flying!) and I actually used my Hunter's Seeking Crystal.  Dan and Kyxyn were in the raid group and used their Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal but unfortunately got ported to some other rare.

Whilst we were there someone else arrived and started hitting on the rare, which was a shame, as it turned grey for us. Everyone was sad, and then we thought we'd let him die, but I recognised the name - he was a tauren warrior from Lotion, the top guild on the server - and he probably wasn't going to die any time soon and would likely be able to solo it.  So I whispered him if I could invite him to party and I sent him an invite.  He joined the raid, and I hit Xemirkol and he went from grey to red so I said in vent that I had invited him to party so hit the rare.  Crooked hit it, but Tacky didn't - he didn't hear me about hitting the mob, and when Xemirkol died, Crooked and I got the achievement.  I felt bad that Tacky didn't get it, and that the others missed out too.  Hopefully I can help them get it.

Yeah... that's a lousy pic. Whoops.

Everyone talks about not getting punted off the platform so I rapidly placed myself with my back against a wall hoping I wouldn't fall off. All the agro was on the warrior anyway, so Xemirkol wasn't hitting me.  Apparently he has a few abilities (Shadow Crash, Shadow Zone, Mind Blast, Carrion Blast) and 2.617million health.  I didn't see all these, but if you're planning to solo him, make sure you're dodging and interrupting stuff.

It would be awesome to be a mail wearer so I could wear that predator mail hat!  Here is a pic of me wearing it in Mogit.  It would be cool to look like this and have the Predator title.

And here I am showing off my cool new title.  Cows are not very impressive predators, but a green fire kitty is a much more impressive one!  Good luck with your title and send me links of your cool title pics!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Patch 6.2.2 - We can fly we can fly we can fly

I heard that people said that flying was "underwhelming" on the PTR.  Pfft.

I can fly from my Shipyard to my garrison.  You may not think that's very important but it is for me! Those extra seconds make a lot of difference.

Doing my Tanaan Pet battles is heaps easier now.  I used to be lazy and only do the circuit around Throne of Kiljaeden, Fel Forge and the Hellfire Citadel.  Now I can do all of them.

Some of these new rares that popped up I only know how to get to by flying.  There is one inside Hellfire Citadel, Fel Overseer Mudlump, that I have no idea how you get inside the citadel to do.  A goblin hunter I was with said it can be done by the back of the citadel with some creative jumping from his goblin ability... but that doesn't help the rest of us.  The new rares are out towards the east of Tanaan, so there aren't many flight paths out there.  Also the new rares in Nagrand are in Highmaul so flying helped me there too.  The respawn timer on them was SUPER fast. I'm sure it was faster than half an hour on one of them at least.

Unfortunately, no toys or pets for me today, perhaps next time! Though I did pick up a Spike-Toed Booterang - that might be useful for annoying people who are flying which sounds great for PvP. Wonder if I can use it in Ashran?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guildleader chores - The cost of responsibility as an officer/guild leader

We have had a guild website for ages - the problem is nobody updates it.  I have to pay for it and it lapsed recently, but the officers realised that there was nowhere that people could head to for current information about the guild. I thought about it and perhaps I should find one of those free ones.

It made me wonder if people realised how much it costs to actually run a guild.  Other than the time investment that you put into things (which isn't really that much - because I would be playing that much anyway or chatting incessantly in game).

The website cost me over $100 a year (yes yes I know, I picked a lousy plan it had all this DNS stuff on it which I don't really need), and Ventrilo also costs a little over $100 a year.  I also have Mumble as a backup and that costs $120 a year.

I'm not asking for monetary donations.  Of all people, I would probably be close to the last to be concerned with being strapped for cash.  Besides, I think it's all for a good cause, and I am happy to pay for it which is probably why it's a good thing that I am the guild leader.  But the website thing... I'm not really sure if I want to pay for that.  Nobody is using it but we really need somewhere to put guild info especially regarding things like raids, looting systems, and BoEs.  We have a Facebook group but not everyone is on facebook.

I could just make a free wordpress page that will just have the guild information on it. Or a google page.  That would be easy.

Honestly, like I haven't got enough to do without trying to make a guild page as well. I have this blog to do (well, I should be posting more, it's not very daily, but REALLY, there aren't that many people reading my random ramblings, let's face it), and my other blog has been sorely neglected - there are so many more pop culture references and I've been a bit lazy about adding them.

Lately, I have turned my eye to more crafty projects.  I was thinking of making a blanket for myself, and I saw this one on deviant art by Ninjakazz and I thought, hey I can do that! It's a crocheted blanket and I thought I could even make it double sided (and put alliance on the other side... though that seems rather distasteful to me).

It's the first day of spring and there won't be much use for a blanket soon, but the rate at which I churn out blog posts may be a reflection of how fast my knitting/crochet skills go, so if I start now, I might have a blanket in time for next year's winter.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Terrororising helpless Tushui for a few points

Hk and I had gotten our Alliance pandas to 91 and so the lambs were brought to slaughter.

Kyxyn, Crooked, myself and Tyefoods started killing Hk's alliance panda but the 2 minute rez timer was painful.  A helpful alliance priest offered to rez HK for us and refused payment, so I  have to think of something nice to do for that person later as a thank you.  They stood around rezzing for at least an hour!  That did take hours and hours of farming off for all of us, which was nice.

Tye and I got our panda kills and then we weren't able to help with the kill count anymore, so I switched to my panda so at least there were 2 to kill.  The priest just kept chain rezzing me and HK and so it wasn't much longer before Kyxyn was done as well.

Time to hand in and though I cheated my way to the achievement, at least now I can head and kill some worgen (and then after that, some humans).  At least I do see those around in Ashran.

Terror of the Tushui sounds much nicer then Huojin's Fall (which is the alliance version of the title). But I do admit, that I do like the title that alliance get from killing Tauren, "the Butcher".