Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why I should have done my Guardian weapon before!

I got my fourth golden trait and the amount of AP to put into the healing weapon for a measly extra 1% increase in healing seems ridiculous, so I thought I would put my AP into something else. LIke my Scythe of Elune! Or... finish off my guardian weapon.

Firstly, I'll tell you know I am a lousy bear. I couldn't do the trials as bear, I had to do them as boomkin and resto because I was overwhelmed! I could use the excuse of being on my Surface Pro on 4g as the reason why I was so lame, but it probably has more to do with me not being a very good player.

However, I wish I'd done it before because it showed me what happened to Ursoc!

First we have to go find Ursol, Ursoc's brother, and then we go into the Emerald Dream to find Ursoc.

And we recover a whole bunch of things, then do trials to test our Bear-worthiness, adn then Lea Stonepaw says let's go find the Claws of Ursoc in the Emerald Dream! However, when we get there, there are nightmare forces assaulting Ursoc.

We fend them off but there are even more coming!

But there are wards protecting the claws, and Lea has to cast a complex spell to take down the barriers, except just as she does so, disaster strikes...

Lea Stonepaw: It is finished!
Spirit of Ursoc yells: Hold Guardian, I feel a great chill deep in my spirit....
Shade of Xavius yells: Foolish Bear! You've fallen for my trap!

Xavius traps me and Lea in thorns, stunning and immobilising us.  Oh no!

Spirit of Ursoc yells: What is this sorcery!? When I get free, I'll tear out your throat, Xavius!
Shade of Xavius yells: No, Ursoc. When next you bare your fangs, it will be at my command!

LOL, you can see I did a real bang up job healing Mylune. She was annoying me anyway.
And so, Xavius takes Ursoc. And that is how Ursoc came to be in the Emerald Nightmare. One of Xavius' minions takes the claws and I fight him for it - that was the easy part - and now the Claws are MINE!

So now I am have my Claws of Ursoc! With Kyxyn dropping Sunday raids next year, perhaps it's a good time for me to try my hand at tanking! And since I am now on 7200% artifact knowledge gain, one of the big AP items will unlock tons of talents!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mythic plus and my Moonkin hidden appearance

I've been running Dark Heart Thicket when able to try to get the hidden appearance item for moonkin to drop off Archdruid Glaidalis. Every time I do DHT I get a kick out of it because he "talks" to me so much.

"I sense a powerful druid among you. You dare to challenge my authority?!"

And when we have two druids we often wonder who is he going to speak to today! I always feel chuffed when he picks me!

"You are blessed with great restorative powers, druid, but I will rip you all apart in the end!"

There was one time last week when I was pugging it on heroic and there was another druid there (a moonkin), and he was also trying to get the hidden appearance and we both missed out. To get the hidden appearance you have to get a drop from Glaidalis - Pure Drop of Shaladrassil's sap - and combine it with Seed of Solar Fire (which you buy from the Dreamweaver's Emissary when you are exalted) to make The Sunbloom. You can loot it in other specs if you have the weapon, fortunately, because I have no desire to do mythics as moonkin!

"Your power burns... How have you twisted the Scythe of Elune to obey your will?"

I had been bummed because I thought that you could only get the drop when you do heroic or regular mythic, and you can only do mythic once a week. However, you can also get it in Mythic plus! I didn't know this or I would have done more DHT in mythic plus!

Last night we were doing Darkheart Thicket +9 (excitement! our group's first +9!) and at the end Sars said to me "Navi what's that thing?"
"What thing?" I replied.
"You got a different loot, is that a quest?"
I looked and squealed in delight. It was the Pure drop of Shaladrassil's sap!

I went back to Dreamgrove to look at my new appearance - did you know you can't use the item when shapeshifted, so I had to drop moonkin form to be in humanoid and THEN use it - and it's a fiery scythe. Looks kinda cool!

Yay! That's three hidden appearances! I guess I'd better get my ass in gear and get that bear weapon....

Monday, December 5, 2016

Silly broken world quests!

Early this week there was some stuff up with Kirin Tor Emissary - apparently people were not getting credit for completion of quests. So they did something to it so you autocompleted it when you logged in. However, my issue is that I couldn't see any Kirin Tor world quests on the map, I just happened to walk on top of them and they popped up.

Now those weren't the only world quests that went awry.

I have not been able to see PvP quests for a few days now. I can see them when I log into the mobile app, but when I get into game they're not there! We did an active search for them last Friday, walking to the areas where they normally are and got a few to pop up, but it's still not working today. Not an issue for those who didn't do much PvP but I still am trying to get my prestiges thank you! So I log off from game, open the mobile app to find the world quests, write it down then log back in. Such a nuisance!

Speaking of Kirin Tor quests, I've noticed you either like them or hate them. I did have difficulty with those bubble ones that were relatively new a week or two ago - where you have to do jump boosts to get to bubbles and then get thrown in the air - but now that I've got the hang of it, I quite like them. The maze ones and the ley lines ones are always relatively low stress and easy, but they have a new clam shell/barrel watching one which can be a bit of a doozy! I actually just random clicked that one and somehow it completed!

Oh and there was that world boss that people couldn't get to trigger in Val'sharah. It was near the Emerald Nightmare somewhere. I bet there are many people who killed that boss multiple times but could not get the world quest to register!

Hopefully after maintenance on Tuesday the quests will be fixed. Fingers crossed!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Raiding - Yay Odyn down!

The debate between mythic EN and heroic ToV is still valid - there isn't much good loot from there, and it's more like a filler raid whilst everyone waits for Nighthold. But, it's new, and we can do it on heroic and we can go with our merry band of 15-25 Frostwolves (numbers depending!) and get some work done!

We had some good progress on it last week, at least we SAW Phase 3 once! We were struggling when we first did it because soaking of the shield wasn't happening, people weren't spread out, we were going OOM.. and we had a number of people not doing mechanics which made it harder for everyone.

A number of people have felt that ToV is not worth doing so they have decided (and I encouraged) them to not attend the raids rather than do stuff which makes them unhappy or bored. So ToV attendance has ranged between 15-20 and it's actually not too bad. However, we seem to have a surplus of healers... again. Where were all those guys on Sunday?? Only 2 main healers turned up for Sunday raid and it was bloody stressful!

Wednesday we did normal ToV irst and we struggled a lot on Helya. I was feeling rather dubious about trying to do heroic ToV after the crappy Helya normal, but we went ahead and did it, regardless. And it was actually very good! We got to Phase 3 consistently and towards the end of the night we had a wipe where it was the best we had ever done and people were feeling more like we can do this.

So on Thursday we had a slightly different makeup - this time Amayeti was there, and Ward, one of our new players, was not. Duck wasn't there this time, but we had Eurie instead. And Ram was here whereas he had to drop in the last few attempts on Wednesday.

Forcing Ram to DPS made him a bit sad and he did die a bit, but it's difficult going from heals to DPS. Our first attempt of the night went really well and then the subsequent attempts seemed to regress. We had 2 attempts where we died from the adds not being killed fast enough (which causes a wipe) and then we had a small discussion on it and that was solved. We were doing better with avoiding having any shields being thrown out by Hyrja on Wednesday, whereas on Thursday a shield will still get thrown out (if you DPS her down fast enough she won't have time to cast a shield). Healer cooldowns were good, and we used them quite regularly.

In the kill attempt, everything was going really well. We had most people up but we often had issues with people positioning their cyclones (and themselves) poorly because they were getting hit with the consecrated ground - I was often one of those guilty of it. I am surprised there is no DBM warning screaming at me saying I'm standing in bad!

Anyway, I was getting excited, only a couple % to go and most people were still up and I had a last minute tranq because I was SO out of mana and it carried us through till the kill. Woo!

What a crappy picture. It's hard to get a good angle when Odyn is so big. And I should have removed that marker!

Then we had a crack at Guarm, which seemed a lot more doable than Odyn. Just need to make sure nobody dies early because it felt like a DPS check!

Grats Frostwolves!!

Edit: I noticed there was a nerf to Odyn! I wonder if that was active yesterday?