Friday, May 6, 2016

Navispam - Checking out @Kittie2kat's Garrison

I know Kitt thru Marie, as they play together in game. I've met Kitt a few times at various Sydney Twitter meetups - usually over pancakes - and she was kind enough to let me come visit her in her garrison. And it was the first time I had been in an Alliance garrison!

She came to pick me up and we flew to her garrison.

So pretty, the Alliance garry! Now I know what people are talking about when they say the Alliance garrison is so pretty. I feel like the horde one was built by the three little pigs!

Heh, well gnomes make cute selfies I suppose. And the funniest poses.

Kitt brought out her huge collection of toys for us to gander at. LOL it was an entertaining 10 minutes as she kept producing toy after toy!

Since Kitt lives in Sydney, thought I should try to catch up with her more. There are a few of us around who are free on Mondays for catchups (some of us have kids in tow). Thanks Kitt for letting me visit your garrison!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Minipost: Happy People and Sad People

Blizzcon Blizzcon Blizzcon....

It's just so exciting thinking about it, and people who are going for their first time are excited about it. I'm going for my 2nd time and excited about it, and even those going for their 8th time or so are still excited about it.

I am super pleased because Neri had been wanting to go and it looks like she and Disco are going to go. I was strongly encouraging her and off she went and got her plane ticket and she was so happy that it made me happy and I got that warm fuzzy feeling in the chest. You know that feeling. Like you made a difference? It's a nice feeling. Neri and I have been friends for ages and I'm happy to help her make that big decision - Blizzcon is not chump change when coming from Australia!

Then I was a bit sad when I logged on to WoW.

There are a lot of pet battlers in the guild. One of them loves to be helpful, and has constantly offered me help. I however, am a little bit proud and don't like accepting help when I can do it myself. I reluctantly handed over pets for him to level for me, but I really don't care about having all my pets levelled and being the person with the top pet battle score on the server. I just like to collect my pets.

And though he's a bit eccentric at times, I've always put up with him in good grace. Sure he can be nagging and overbearing like an old man sometimes (one time, he said to me that he would come up to me, shake my hand but not speak to me because he was so disappointed in me that I was not living up to my full pet potential), but I just take it in stride and tease him back, saying he's a big meany and big nag. Unfortunately, in the last time when he was nagging me, I said in guild chat that I hate him coz he's so mean to me, and he took it to heart and removed me from btag and left the guild.

I didn't want that to happen, and I didn't want to upset anyone. I'm actually a nice person! However, I can't help it that I give as good as I get, that I'm a blunt as a 100 year old axe and am very direct in all things that I say. Brutally honest, is how Aza describes me (tactless is the word Sev prefers), and of course, I treat people the same way they treat me (for the most part). I sent an apology, for offending him, and that's the best I can do really.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Twitching and Podcasting - things I'd not realised as a Blogger

I really enjoy writing. The good thing about writing is that there is the opportunity to correct what I've typed, if I make a mistake. Blog posts especially, about sensitive topics, often need re-reading and re-proofing before I hit the publish button, as I want to make sure I don't say anything offensive or that can upset people.

I had always viewed podcasters as people who were good speakers. I use so many ums and ahs, and I tend to speak tangentially a lot as something new catches my thoughts.  My mouth flies along at the breakneck speed at which I speak. I have a tendency to mumble and repeat myself, things that would not make a good podcaster. In game, I like speaking to people with the written word, in whispers, and it's funny that people like Neuro, who is a podcaster, loathes talking to me in typing, but would much rather speak to me on Discord. Kyxyn is the same. I am often a reluctant participant on the speaking part, because I often mumble to myself, I forget to push to talk, and I am also talking to other people around me as well as to the person on Discord so it can be a rather disjointed conversation on voice chat. I do agree that it is a more efficient method of communication!

Onward to Twitch. Now I thought Twitch was just for people to watch you - like some kind of Big Brother or Kardashian reality TV show thing where people could just see you playing a game and I thought that must be incredibly boring. I had never really thought that it was a way for people to interact with you, which is kinda cool! I don't really follow any Twitch streams and I had only made one so that my guildies could see what we were up to in raid. I thought it was odd that people were on webcams so people could see them - because I couldn't imagine doing that! I am already private enough that pictures of the real Navi are few and far between (and like guarded treasures!), and if I thought it was bad enough for people to be listening to my umms ahhs and farting on voice chat, imagine what it would be like as they watched me playing - I can't even pick my nose or make cranky faces without the whole internet seeing! But I think that if the Twitcher is interacting with people following their stream, chatting to them or even playing with them, that is kinda cool, it's also really engaging and it's no wonder that people keep coming back for more.

Then I thought for a bit - maybe I could start a small podcast. Would anyone listen? Does it really matter if anyone listened or not? The only thing that bugs me about podcasts is how LONG they are. I like listening but I kinda lose it after 30 minutes. If I had to do a podcast, I would make a short one. 20 minutes would be ideal! However, there are so many podcasts out there, why would anyone listen to one I would make?

Anyway, I am not sure what prompted that crazy idea, and it might be just an adventurous thought. After all, it's not like I don't have enough to do working full time, looking after 2 kids, raiding 4 nights a week, looking after chickens and my vegetable garden AND maintaining all my poor neglected blogs... where do I have time to do anything else??

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chasing Battleground Achievements

Crooked is good incentive for me to do battleground PvP achievements. I have to admit I have been enjoying boomkin PvP even though I am not particularly good at it.

The best thing about it is that I can actually work on some achievements! It helps to kill stuff if I want flags returned and stuff, and on a side not I can also get some bloody coins. I didn't realise that it was a 100% drop rate for bloody coins with an honourable kill in a BG (I thought it was a chance) and so every time I get a coin I get so excited. I even tell Crooked about it, who is well on his way to having 2500 bloody coins so he probably just smiles indulgently whilst I gush effusively about it.

Last night I got an accidental achievement, not realising I didn't have it already.

I've been enjoying playing with Splatzor in PvP. Warriors are good value, especially when the rest of us are casters, EXCEPT that he kept stealing all the flag returns! I was frantically clicking the ground where the flag carrier fell but he somehow beat it to me every time! I did manage to get ONE return (and I was healing that time!) and that was only because Splatz didn't know the flag had been taken.

At the moment I've been working on Isle of Conquest. I must have done a lot of it back in the day because I have a number of achievements from there, and only have two left to go - disarming bombs and winning 100 games. I'm having difficulty trying to disarm bombs (and apparently you can do it from the other side of the gate) but I will make a more concerted effort. It's interesting, the strategy to win that game. For Horde, it seems to work best if we ignore middle, rush hangar and get people to kill glaives. Everyone dropping into the keep from the zeppelin and running bombs seems to work really well, and it only seems to muck up when the Alliance keep is well defended. As long as a few stay behind to defend our keep then it seems to work well.

In Battle of Gilneas I only have one more achievement to do, and that's kill 10 people at each flag. I actually find that very difficult! I wonder if we go around in a group of 5 trying to kill everyone, perhaps I will have more success with that. I often get caught up trying to do the actual objectives of the game and miss out on those killing spree opportunities.

Alterac Valley has TONS of achievements that I need done, and it's a shame because I am sure that some of my work in Vanilla would have counted for those achievements.

I need a few more wins in Temple of Kotmogu before I can stop queuing for Temple. Nearly there! We actually had quite a good run of Temple last night with us holding 4 orbs - the disc priest from the first game was absolutely outstanding heals, and I am a bit bummed I didn't get to whisper them to compliment them on their healing.

In Eye of the Storm I need to kill 5 flag carriers. Well that's going to be horrible without a DK to grab them.

But I am pleased that tonight I managed to get my Warsong Gulch rep to max and get two achievements for that!

So on my non raid days I need to do more battleground achievements. So if you see me just standing around in my garrison - nag me to go do some battlegrounds!