Saturday, March 28, 2015

Raiding - Kyjenn's tanking has improved!

On Wednesday, Snowcaller was having issues with his computer, so it was a big decision - get Kyjenn to tank again or get Antpugga to tank?  Aimei and Kyjenn like tanking together, so we decided that Kyjenn/Xyn was going to tank, so we warned the raid.

"I've doubled guild repairs for tonight, because Kyjenn is tanking!" I yelled.
Kyjenn was making fun of himself, the good sport he is. I was dreading Gruul, but happy to be raiding anyway.  He'd tanked 5 bosses on normal on his druid so on his paladin I'm sure it would have been no dramas.

Beastlord went down easily, and Thogar did too.  I was a little bit worried because we had some issues on normal, but it was fine.  Hans and Frans, had a few issues (Kyjenn freely admitted he doesn't quite understand that fight as a tank) so we wiped once I think, and then Flamebender had a wipe too but I hate that boss anyway.  Kromog had a number of issues and I truly played like a twit that night and died lots UGH.  But we killed it in the end, and ended the night wiping on our only attempt on Gruul because we were rushing (server restart at 11pm).

Snowcaller was back on Thursday, and we knocked over Gruul, Oregorger and had a number of goes on Iron Maidens.  I decided to have a little bit of fun on the first boat.

I was busy constructing my N (I ended up taking 2 stacks of the corrupted blood stuffing around) and Snowcaller/Exray said "Navi, WHAT are you doing?"

"Writing my name," I said, innocently.

"Looks like a Z to me," said Hwired.  I suppose it does.  But from my PoV it's an N.

We actually got it down a little differently by pushing the bosses before the third boat and then burning them.  It worked well, and we lusted just before the boat and pushed one below 20% (I THINK it was Marak) and then started that crappy turrent LOL turret phase.  We got it in the end, and it didn't seem as hard as previous times.  I still died though.  Navi, the doofus.

Got a new belt and got my 4 piece (though I'm not sure how useful it is) this week, so I'm trying that out a bit - practicing doing 2 Healing Touches before I get a 25% decrease in cost of a Wild Growth doesn't seem like great healing to me, but it has its moments, I guess!

Then we had one go on Blast Furnace and got pretty much to the same spot we had last time.  Hopefully it will go down on Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hey you Gronn! You can't see me with this skull on!

In Earthshaker Gorge in Nagrand there is a skeleton with two Goblins next to it, having a chat. Between them there is a small skull which you can click on.

Goblin Archaeologist says: I'm telling you it's going to work, just trust me!
Goblin Excavator says: I can't even see out of this thing... how's the plan supposed to work if we can't see where we're going?
Goblin Archaeologist says: Just follow the sound of the money you'll make when we sell off all these bones!
Goblin Excavator says: So all we gotta do now is wait until they go to sleep and then scram with the bones?
Goblin Archaeologist says: Right... hey you feel something crawling around in your skull?
Goblin Excavator says: Only a sense of regret for letting you talk me into this...
Goblin Archaeologist says: The disguise is working! Those dumb gronn don't even know we're here!
If you click on the Hollowed Skull, you will have a skull on your head, and Hyade, Aimei and I went and clicked on it as we finished our last steps of the treasure quest Gutrek's Cleaver: The Spirit Forge.

Outside the Spirit Forge
It looks pretty funny and cute when it's on! The other perk of putting this on your head is that the Gronn in the canyon all become neutral and won't attack you!  It only lasts until you leave the canyon, but you can just go click on it again if you need to.  Great for archaeology in the area or when you're looking for Highmaul relics from caches.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Turrents - Laugh or cry, this typo is here to stay

If I said "turrent" to you, you could probably guess that I was actually referring to "turret" which in WoW we're usually talking about a mounted gun that's shooting at you and killing you. I had to dig around on Wowhead to find some pics.

This pic is of the turrets in Iron Maidens, courtesy of Ashleah at The Misty Teahouse.
I've been laughing for the last few weeks because Hwired, who always has such an amusing way with words, says "Turrents" when we're doing Iron Maidens. It's not his only word salad. Hwired also likes saying "shaman" as "Shar-maaaarn" (whereas we either say it as shar-men or shay-men") with a drawl on the "man" part of the word.  It puts the officers in hysterics (Hwired is also responsible for mixing up our agility melee - WW Nok and Enh shaman Sars and calling them "Sock") and fortunately he is good natured about it or he'd be a crybaby as we adopt his ridiculous words as gospel.  It may not be so ridiculous, or perhaps it's a DK thing, because our other DK, Duckalot, also yells out "turrents".

Una and Luxy are grammatically correct people (Luxy and Mctacky went around capitalising all my names in the guild notes because I had them all starting with lower case), and so I would whisper TURRENT to Una to get her fired up. I said that I was going to start saying "DETURRENCE" to the hunters and see if anyone noticed my grammatical error.

But turrent is not a new typo.  In fact, people have been saying it wrong for ages.

If you go to Urban dictionary (always an amusing sources of definitions) you will find this:
"A common misspelling of the word "turret," usually made by people with a fourth-grade education." 
"A prominent typo of "turrets" in many games, particularly Infantry."
I was talking to a friend on battlenet, whom I have always admired for his verboseness and masterful use of the English language, and even he said "turrent" (when talking about Iron Maidens) which put me into gales of laughter, even after he corrected himself in the next tell. He was sad because one typo and I'll be teasing him about it for 50 years... talk about an exaggeration.  I will only tease him about it for 5 years.  But, as you can see, it's a common mistake and it makes you wonder if the mistake is repeated often enough, how long will it be before the word becomes a real word. Or maybe these words are neologisms, or "newly coined words/terms/phrases".

Examples of words used in game that are neologisms or sniglets (words which should be in the dictionary) include:

  • selfie
  • every texting abbreviation eg. LMAO, LOL, ROFL, OMG
  • noob, newb or newbie
  • griefer
  • unlike (which in the dictionary refers to something being dissimilar "that is so unlike him to do that", but in the days of social media it means that you remove a post/tweet/picture from being liked or removing the thumbs up that you gave it)
So what do you think - turrent, should it be adopted as a an alternative word for turret or should we continue correcting people?  Or do you think that continued misuse of it will make it into a real word?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Raiding - Having a Blast in the Furnace

I tried watching Method's kill of Blast Furnace but I could not understand what was going on, and went back to watching Fat Boss.  However, we had a whole night on Blast Furnace and unfortunately it wasn't a great start.

Hwired was explaining the fight and he talked for so long that I was worried that Falln had fallen asleep.  I swear the explanation boss can be more demoralising than the 20th wipe sometimes.

Then Hwired did something weird and reset his UI and then could not figure out his buttons for a good few minutes.  In the end he dropped from the raid and we had a few goes without him.

I was on the left side this time, and at least now I had the hang of it, running with my bomb to the heat regulator and away when I had the other debuff that drops a pool on the ground.  Madcow complained about someone who had dropped their pool in melee, but didn't realise that it was he that dropped it there....

Mana felt better for me on the left side than on the right, and my healing was good when I was on the left.  On the final attempt, Koda disconnected so I ran over to her side to heal and ran back after she got back online.

We made good progress through the night.  Once the sides were down and the heat regulators were disabled we started stacking up and killing... something.  I was busy healing and running away with my Volatile Fire to know what we were killing, and all I knew was that if I was fixated, I had to run to the raid target mob to get it killed.

On our final pull for the night we managed to get to the Heart of the Mountain phase and we hadn't quite figured out that we start from one corner of the furnace and move to the other side, but at least we got to see it, and so I think everyone was really happy that we got that far.  We hadn't even discussed it during the explanation boss!

So this week is going to be an exciting week. We might even get Blast Furnace down!  Hopefully with Kaillynn here for Iron Maidens we can have more variety with healing and have more HoPs so we don't have to sacrifice people for that bloody Penetrating shot phase!