Saturday, May 2, 2015

Minipost - I didn't know you could share a transmog item!

We did a normal Blackhand on Thursday and The Black Hand dropped - naturally a lot of people rolled for the transmog item.  There were a few people who were sad that they didn't get the item.

Madcow/Moopie was the lucky roller of 99.

He then offered it to us to transmog. I, the skeptic, said that you can't transfer that stuff to transmog because it's bound to you. Yes, raid items can be passed around for 2 hours, but not if you transmog them.  I know that when you use a BoE for transmog it gets bound, so I assumed something similar would happen.

I was mistaken.

Rag and I both took the Black Hand from Madcow and transmogged our own weapons and then passed it back. Hm.  I wonder if that was working as intended.

Fortunately for me, everyone could meet up in my garrison because I have a transmog vendor there. So it saved time passing it around.

Well, there you go, something new that I didn't know!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Raiding - New people to soak up some lootz

After my deliberations yesterday, the decision was made and we went with Grimm on his priest and I mainswitched him, making his priest his main and his druid his alt. I think he was happy with that, and inside, I was happy too. Kyjenn and Arelion had both said to me that they didn’t think it was a problem, especially if somebody volunteered and if it was an alt that had to be brought, loot was still main over alts. I think I was just worrying too much about what could happen and how the system could be abused and not having enough faith in the goodwill of people.

So we had our three “new” people – Brahski, Grimmhot (why would he call his toon that!) and Crusnik (another one of Yuuda’s friend from his old guild) and we changed things up a bit – we started off in the Black Forge (Hans and Franz, Flamebender Ka’graz and Kromog), then moved to Slagworks (Oregorger, Gruul, Blast Furnace) and then did Beastlord.

That did mean that Kyjenn died on Hans and Franz – twice – and we had to one tank it for the last 10%. Not the cleanest kill in the world, but it was nice having a few people around to pick up all the loot that we normally disenchant. Flamebender went fine, as did Kromog (though my healing for Kromog was bloody awful – I think I was distracted trying to call out cooldowns that I wasn’t healing properly). Also not really sure how a disc priest works, for those sorts of situations so I have no idea when or how often you can use spirit shell or how many people you can get with it before things hit.
Brahski was happy because he picked up two tier pieces, one of which was heroic warforged with a socket, and I told him that his luck had now run out.

Then on to Gruul and he also upgraded his crappy blue weapon, and I could see some difference with having a disc priest around – heals for me in general were smaller because people took less damage despite me doing the same things I normally do.

I hate doing Oregorger and though I expected people to die, nobody died. We then went on to do Blast Furnace which I was actually rather hesitant about, especially bringing undergeared people to the raid, but though we wiped the first time (DPS was a bit low on the left side so we swapped Crooked to the left and put Brahski on the right) it went just about perfectly the 2nd time and we got a nice clean kill that wasn’t too horrible to heal – I really do think Grimm’s disc priest smoothed out the whole thing a lot! That and we were playing with a lot of healers! Koda, myself, Bish, Grimm and Kaillynn were healing – that’s a lot of heals.

Yuuda said it was my turn to DPS tomorrow and he heal Blackhand, and the whole raid groaned and said they would rather NOT have me DPS because my damage output is truly abysmal.
Confidence building, right? :D We’ll see how we go – It’s only Thogar and then Maidens. I am not sure what we are going to do about Blackhand but you never know who will turn up to raid tomorrow.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New pets

My poor pet collection has been sorely neglected but it has been bulked up significantly in the past week or two with some gifts, as well as me doing avid fishing to get my Nat Pagle coins.

In raid the other week, Yuuda was cooking and he got a Lil Leftovers! I yelled grats to him and expressed my envy and he promptly gave me the little pet.  Awww! I thanked him profusely and admired it for a little bit before we went on with our Blackhand attempts.

After raid, I was cooking in my garrison and I got my own Lil Leftovers, which I passed on to McTacky.  He seemed rather thrilled to receive the scary little blob with its half digested drumstick.

Then Sars gave me a Land Shark, which was a Nat Pagle coin pet, and I gave my one away and kept his.

My Shark was photobombed by this annoying Frostwall rat.

Then I used my coins to get the Seal Calf, which I don't find particularly attractive, so the poor thing will probably remain unnamed.

Then I had some lovely donations from guildies who felt sorry for me.  Thanks Buggers and Jazeel!\

Now I really need to stop being lazy and get my Raiding with Leashes III done.  Just a few more to go and I can have my own little Christmas ornament Naaru dream pet!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Raiding - Chronicles of a Blackhand failer

I shouldn't really be writing about this, because talking about how bad a player I can be will make the eyes roll of those who may be perusing my blog (especially people like my friend CTwin or even Balkoth) and I may get a whole heap of advice about things that I'm already doing, which is all very well meaning, except trying to execute it is the part that requires... more skill, for a lack of a better word!

So Monday was Blackhand night again.  And it really felt struggly as we tried to get through phase 1... again. Healing it with 3 druids and a paladin seemed good in theory with 2 Aspect of the Foxes and a Hand of Protection, but people were still dying.  Some of that was bombs, some of that was no getting behind piles, some of that was healing not going great, and I felt like my tranq on the second demo even with a HoP was very uninspiring. So I tried dropping Dream of Cenarius and tranq'ing with Heart of the Wild and the numbers were more impressive IF I remembered to activate it before I started to tranq.  I was so busy trying to position myself behind a pile before I started to tranq so that I wouldn't get shot whilst tranqing that I kept forgetting - it's not like I normally use it in raiding, it's something I PvP with.  And of course I kept forgetting what the buff of Aspect of the Fox looked like so I could even move with it if I wanted to but I DIDN'T! Why don't I use weak auras or something?? What if what if what if!

It probably took me 40-50 goes to figure out I should be standing behind a rubble pile to cast tranquility because I seem to get marked for death a lot when I am doing tranq or I am standing in just the wrong spot so that I get shot by it because everyone has run behind me with it. Ultra has since been calling for people to use the far away ones rather than the melee ones to hide behind which is really helpful to me.

We tried switching up heals a bit and the combination that seemed to work best was 2 paladins 2 druids. I had noticed that most people kill it with 3 healers for our number but I guess while we're learning we need to do it with 4.

Of course, that meant Yuuda was going boomkin so that meant I had to stop sucking on the knockback in second phase and get knocked up and heal.  So I tried really hard to stop missing it and managed to get up most times though often I was a little bit off and thus on the wrong side. The next thing is trying to rejuv everyone first before I get thrown up and then getting them all rejuv'd again before I jump back down.  I hadn't quite figured that out until Yuuda explained it to me (as I wasn't sure when I needed to come back).  Which meant no more Moment of Clarity and back to Germination.

Healing still seems so heavy in that phase.  And of course in our last attempt for the night, we were about to get knocked up and I stepped in a bomb and killed the tank and the group being thrown up. GOOD ONE NAVI.  But on the plus side, I have got my raiding viagra and I'm getting UP every time now!

I have considered if we need a disc priest, because that would be so helpful.  Grimm has offered to bring his priest, as that is his main but I forced him to play druid because I didn't want any more healers. In hindsight I will probably kick myself for that.  But then, it will go against what I said about switching to other toons for fights, or leaving those out who may not be up to the fight.  It's something I said we would not do.  It's Thok all over again, struggling to make the healing and DPS work exactly right.  It feels impossible at the moment, but I really want to make it work because it will be oh that much more satisfying if we do it!

Unfortunately it would be like Aza said when we were doing Thok - it's as if Navi would drag down the whole guild by forcing them to use what we have in stead of what we could use with an alt/2nd toon.  It's so hard to stick to your principles when you want a kill - but once we cross that line we will do it again and again, until all that matters is the kill, and not about playing for fun with the toons we have.  What's fun about wiping over and over, I hear you ask? It isn't fun, that is true, but if and when we do succeed, it will be great and all the more satisfying.

IF we get there, that is.